8 of the Best Games From 2020

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BetMGM Jan 11, 2021, 4:01 AM
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 Gamers across the world got to enjoy some incredible titles across a multitude of gaming platforms. But which were the best of the best? We take a look at some of the top titles that were released throughout the year.

Console games

The Last of Us Part II

The sequel to the award-winning Last of Us picks up the narrative five years after the original game. The world is still searching for a cure to the deadly virus that turned people into fungus-infected, violent zombies, and tells the continuing tale of two survivors from the first game. 

This action-survival-horror PlayStation 4 game requires the player to sneak and quietly kill their enemies, or face them down in bloody combat, whether they’re infected or people who see you as a threat. This all takes place during a tense, dark, depressing, and even controversial storyline that divided fans of the original title, who either thought it was a masterpiece or a complete mess (everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right?)

Despite the “love it or hate it” narrative, Naughty Dog, the developer of the game, recently walked away with multiple awards for its ambitious PS4 game, including the prestigious Game of the Year trophy. There’s only one way to find out whether you think they were well deserved…

Demon’s Souls

Some of you may be scratching your head, wondering how it is that a PlayStation 3 game made it onto a list of the best games in 2020. With all the awesome games that came out this year, you’d be forgiven for the confusion, but the latest Demon’s Souls is actually a remake of the classic game for Playstation 5. And when we say “remake”, don’t worry: this isn’t just a new lick of paint.

This fresh version of Demon’s Souls retains the franchise’s hard-as-nails formula, which is bound to leave many players pulling their hair out in frustration. But numerous small tweaks, such as the ability to roll in more directions, visible weapon durability, a tool belt, as well as game-engine improvements such as faster loading times, help give the classic a much-needed update.

Mobile games

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Call of Duty: Mobile

While the release of a new Call of Duty game may not be quite the landmark occasion it used to be, these classic first-person shooters are still great experiences, particularly in the multiplayer shooter space, and Call of Duty: Mobile is no exception. Originally released in 2019, this free-to-play mobile shooter game continues to provide new and exciting content that keeps fans on mobile devices coming back for more.

While many gamers may yearn for a mouse and keyboard or twin sticks on their gamepad, Call of Duty: Mobile does an extremely respectable job of making the game work using touchscreen controls. Yes, it’s not quite the same as PC or console versions, but if you’re a mobile gamer who’s looking for the classic Call of Duty formula on your phone, with rapid kills, killstreaks, and amazing run-and-gun gameplay, you can’t go wrong with this game. Add in a 100-player “battle royale” mode, and you’re all set for dozens of hours of exciting military-styled shooting. Let’s get ready to lock and load!

Genshin Impact

For anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch, the first thing they’ll notice about this fantasy action game is that it looks a lot like Nintendo’s masterpiece, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It even borrows some mechanics from the latter, like some of its combat, climbing, and gliding mechanics. But thankfully while this bright and beautiful fantasy game draws inspiration from the Zelda game, it avoids being just a clone.

One of the ways this game differentiates itself is that it’s a party-based game: players form a team of four characters which they can quickly switch between during combat. This allows for many fun and interesting combinations during battles, as each character brings their own unique abilities to your team.

In Genshin Impact, players take their team of powerful characters across the fantastical world of Teyvat to find their lost sibling, all while gathering items, crafting weapons, and facing off against powerful monsters and villains. Are you ready for the adventure?

PC games

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Doom: Eternal

With the 2016 reboot of Doom, a franchise that many players thought was done and dusted, it was clear there was still a lot of life in the old formula of a rock-hard space marine taking on an army of demons. It was an explosive experience that helped revive interest in the game that started it all, and left Doom: Eternal with big shoes to fill. 

Thankfully, the sequel has succeeded in doing that for the most part. Players pick things up not long after the events of the first game, with the Doom Slayer now enjoying his own space fortress from which he battles against the demon invaders, who have successfully managed to invade Earth. Players guide our hero through the same combat loop of the first game, with added mobility in the form of “monkey bars”, extra vertical mobility, and even more crazy weapon add-ons.

While many people think the sequel includes many unnecessary platforming sections, it’s still undoubtedly a game that packs a punch, especially on PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Not many people realize this, but this gaming franchise is almost 40 years old! The first title was released in 1982, which helps add even more weight to the release of the 2020 version, which is not only beautiful but offers an amazingly detailed rendering of the real world.

This version takes the simulation aspect even further than before, pushing the detail on some planes to such a degree that they feel even more like their real-life counterparts. The game also makes use of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform to add incredible levels of detail to its landscape, whether you’re flying over airports, jungles, the ocean, or powerful mountains.

Building upon the community aspect of some of its previous versions, players can add their own content free of charge, or even for sale, giving the game a fresh stream of content from dedicated fans. 

The only thing players might want to be aware of is the game’s rather high hardware requirements. A game this detailed, both from a visual and simulation perspective, requires some beefy computer hardware to run smoothly, but if you’ve got the processing power to render these graphics, you’ll be rewarded with truly stunning, realistic landscapes.

Online casino games

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Hotline 2

NetEnt churns out hit after hit, and while many players enjoyed the original Hotline, players are more likely to have a good time with its sequel, Hotline 2

This follow-up to the 1980s-influenced, buddy-cop drama doesn’t offer players a revolution, so much as an evolution from the previous game. This 5-reel game has 243 ways to win and an RTP (return to player) of 96.05%. If you’re lucky, the free spins offer players up to 1,944 ways to win, with a maximum multiplier of 5,184x your wager if you get really lucky. 

You’ll also have a chance to enjoy the game’s iconic Hotline feature, which is available when you take advantage of the Double Bet and Triple Bet. This will increase the number of Hotline reels from one to three for the Double Bet, and four for the triple bet, while also doubling and tripling your stakes.

Add in expanding wilds and the chance for huge wins when you get free spins, and this sequel undoubtedly surpasses the standard set by its predecessor, so if you were a fan of the original game, you should be pleasantly surprised.

Spartacus Megaways

Spartacus Megaways, an online slot set against a gladiatorial background, offers players the fantastic Megaways system from Big Time Gaming. Players can enjoy up to 1 million (that’s right) paylines as they fight and spin their way towards the max win of 12,500x. This title comes from software developer WMS and features 6 reels, as well as an RTP of 96.32%.

As you’ve no doubt guessed by the title, the game is set in ancient Rome, with a light brown and gold palette that features iconic Roman columns in the interface, as well as symbols such as axes, tigers, gladiator helmets, and a shield and crossbow. 

This game features a unique reel system, which helps it stand out from the competition and makes it one of the most interesting online slots of 2020. The game features a shifting curtain that can cover or reveal more of a reel, affecting the chances players have of taking home the jackpot.

Players who are looking to strike it big can enjoy cascading reels, free spins, expanding Spartacus wilds, and an increasing multiplier. It’s worth a look – and you don’t even have to be wearing sandals and a toga to join in the fun!

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