A Guide to Live-Casino Etiquette

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BetMGM Aug 24, 2022, 8:14 AM
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Live dealer games have become increasingly popular since the world went into lockdown, and while so many new players are taking to live casino tables, we thought it might be a good idea to put together a little refresher about live casino online etiquette. It’s just to make sure everybody has the best online gambling experience possible. 

Like most casino etiquette, live dealer games share many the same basic principles and guidelines, which are there to keep casino games fun and friendly for everyone. Just apply a little common sense, and remember the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Ready for your crash course in live dealer etiquette? Let’s get started.

Know the rules before you sit down

Good live casino etiquette begins before you even get to the table. Few things annoy other players at the table more than being held up by someone asking a lot of basic questions and hindering play because they’re unsure of the rules. 

Suppose you’re new to a game and want to start learning. In that case, it’s best to do so in either a free version of that particular game (often provided by the casino as a tool to help new players learn before they commit real money to a game they don’t understand) or by trying some of the single-player games available at the online casino. Just jumping straight into a live dealer poker game, for example, without any knowledge of poker hands or how the game is played, can cause some other players to become frustrated and will ruin the experience for them as well as yourself. 

So do yourself and the other players a favor, and learn at least the basics of how the game is played before you jump into a live dealer game. Besides simply keeping other players happy, you wouldn’t want them to think you’re a complete amateur, particularly not in a game of live dealer poker, where your reputation at the table can matter quite a bit.

Taking your seat

Deciding which table to take a seat at is actually a bigger deal than you might initially think. Different tables of live dealer games cater to different kinds of players – some might have high stakes and cater more to the high-rollers, while others might be more accommodating of someone on a budget who’s just looking to have a good time. 

Make sure when you take a seat at the table in a live dealer game that you’re there to play, and that your budget is appropriate for that table. Suppose you sit down at a live blackjack game, and your budget doesn’t allow you to play for more than two or three hands. In that case, you might want to find another table better suited to your bankroll, rather than hang around not playing any hands, taking up a seat that another player could fill more effectively.

Be respectful toward the dealer and other players

This shouldn’t take much explaining for most people. Still, unfortunately, some need a bit of a reminder about respect when playing online games: just because they’re not in the same room as the dealer and other players, it doesn’t mean they get to do and say whatever they like to them. 

Live dealers, just like those at the tables in regular casinos, are simply doing their jobs. Whether they’re dealing cards at a live poker table or spinning the wheel for players in live roulette rooms, your wins and losses have nothing to do with the dealer. We understand that sometimes a big loss in any online casino game can be frustrating, particularly when your own money is on the line. But, as any professional poker player or gambler will tell you, that is simply the nature of the game, and you have to just learn to take a bad beat sometimes. 

The same goes for the other players at the table. Now, a little banter and some needling at the table is fine, and all in good fun; it’s just important to know when enough is enough. While you’re in the chat in the live dealer room, try to keep conversation light and civil with the other players, and away from polarizing topics such as politics, religion, or anything that you think might upset someone at the table. 

After all, just like you, the rest of the players at the table are there to have a good time and get the best possible experience out of the live casino game. Just remember to be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat – and you’ll be fine!

Enjoy live dealer games at BetMGM

Now that your etiquette has been brushed up some, why not put your impeccable manners to the test at one of our live dealer rooms at BetMGM, a real online casino? Register with us to get access to some of the best online casino games including live dealer blackjack, poker, roulette, and many more fun and exciting casino games. See you – and your flawless etiquette – at the tables!

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