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When you walk into any room or building, the design is sure to either draw you in or pull you away from the space. This also applies to casinos. You may have realized that casinos around the world have a relatively similar aesthetic and feel, and that is not accidental. The same can be said for online casino games, as the user interface has to be designed in a certain way to draw players in and ensure that it is easy to navigate and allow players to access things such as online slots.

So, it is clear that the design aspect of casinos is multi-faceted and not as clear-cut as some people might initially think. Not only are there aesthetic considerations, but the functionality and use of the space are equally important. At the end of it all, a casino is a space dedicated to gaming, fun, networking and overall enjoyment, therefore, this must come through in both the interior and exterior design. The overall aim is to keep players engaged and in the casino as much as possible. Get it wrong and guests won’t be tempted to explore all there is to offer, so you could even say that the design can either make or break a casino.

Key casino design elements

Bright lights

Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas will probably tell you that one of the first things that grab your attention and somewhat convince you to try your luck and play casino games are the bright lights. For many, the glittering bright lights are just a glimpse of the excitement within – which is sure to pull you into the casino. 

Patterned flooring

One design element that you can’t overlook is the patterned flooring. Of course, these are no regular patterns. On the contrary, the complicated patterns that casinos use are intentional. The complexity of the patterns and the bright colors can be a pleasing distraction, one that will encourage visitors to linger just a bit longer and enjoy some of the best casino games.

Narrow walkways

What’s the one way to make people stay in a place for a really long time? Make them feel at home. That’s exactly what casinos hope to achieve through narrow walkways and intimate or cozy spaces. It’s also a way to make players feel comfortable and not as overwhelmed as they may be in a vast open space.

No clocks on walls

Another interesting design element is the lack of clocks. If you’re familiar with live dealer casino games, you may have noticed that you probably didn’t keep track of time during your games as there are no clocks on the wall. This is not by mistake. We’ve all heard it said that time flies when you’re having fun – which is why casinos avoid having players checking clocks, so that they ultimately spend as much time enjoying themselves as possible.

Arrangement of slot machines

Let’s look at another interior design element, namely the slot machines. In casinos, they are arranged in a seemingly disorganized manner – or so you think. Having slot machines at random places means that people in the casino have a better chance of bumping into them pretty much anywhere and potentially trying their luck too.

Online casinos

What about online casinos, you may ask? The basis remains the same – to keep you active and playing. Whether you’re accessing an online casino in the USA or any other part of the world, you’ll most likely be drawn in by the bright lights as you would when playing any of the popular casino table games, provided that the site is user-friendly.

Casino design elements that often go unnoticed

Convenience is key

Casinos are seldom standalone buildings. You’ll find that they are usually surrounded by a hotel or lodging, restaurants, ATMs, and basically anything else that you may need. Casinos are designed to offer every convenience so that you have little to no need to leave.

Want to get that power nap in between your games? No problem, just head on upstairs to your room and continue playing again in an hour or so. Need to rejuvenate and grab a bite? No problem, there’s a restaurant just a few steps from the slot machine you’ve been preoccupied with!

Catering to all senses

A very good way to keep people engaged and present is by having elements that cater to all five of our senses. This is something that casinos do really well through design. The bright lights and activity cater to sight, the sound of slot machines and coins cater to hearing, while just about any pleasant smell will likely retain players. The sense of touch is satisfied by all the different materials, textures and elements that can be found at a casino, while taste is accommodated through neighboring dining areas.  

Design inspiration for some of MGM’s famous casinos

MGM casinos and resorts are among some of the most enjoyed in the world, which can partially be attributed to the design and distinct features that most of them have. In addition to continuing to attract players, the design of some MGM casinos spark conversation among those in the know, especially for the manner in which they draw inspiration from notable landmarks and elements.


The fountains at the Bellagio are inspired by a Lake Como resort in Italy. The fountains have gained much attention through features on both the silver and big screen. Designed by Claire Kohn, the fountains at Bellagio are said to add a certain elegance to the casino while inviting players in.

Also, the gardens at the Bellagio are redesigned seasonally, with one display drawing inspiration from the Chinese New Year. The floral displays and extravagant landscaping are so complex that the job has to be undertaken by a vast team of horticulturalists, designers, engineers and electricians.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Another MGM casino that has gained acclaim is the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Its design and aesthetic are Tuscan-inspired, which adds to its distinct look and feel. The inclusion of retail options and even private jets are key drawcards, creating a city-like ambiance and convenience that players appreciate.

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