Are Robots Taking Over Casinos?

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BetMGM Jun 27, 2023, 4:46 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the center of attention across the globe at the moment, with huge implications for many jobs. As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways humans interact with each other and entertain themselves. If you play online casino games, you’ll no doubt have encountered virtual and augmented reality or some of the ways new technologies are being implemented into online casino table games to enhance player experience.

It’s only natural to assume that technology will continue to have an impact on the online casino industry, but how could this affect the live casino industry? Could casino robots become the norm? Are robots taking over casinos? 

Robots Are Already in Use in Casinos

Casinos all over the world have to be innovative in order to stay ahead of the competition and to continually improve customers’ casino experience. If you play at a casino online, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed your online experience has become more personalized over the years, thanks to improved technology. But it may be a bit more difficult to notice this in a land-based casino environment.

Of course, robots in the casino industry aren’t the physical walking, talking robots serving drinks to customers brought to mind by sci-fi media, but rather small robotic innovations that improve efficiency in the casino.

Learn more about the roles that robots already play in the live casino industry.

Free Drink Monitoring

It’s not unusual to see cocktail waitresses or waiters walking around a casino floor and taking note of who should get a free drink. However, it’s not a perfect system, with the staff unable to exactly monitor how much each player spends during their time on the floor.

Some casinos have introduced robotics into this process. They set a predetermined betting amount for each player to spend before they’re offered a free drink. The robotic system sets off a blinking light once a player has bet this amount, which means that a member of the waiting staff can take over a free drink. While it may not seem like a big role, it does make it a lot easier for on-floor staff.

Self-Service Bars

Many people choose to play online slots, online roulette and other games at home since it’s more convenient and because one of the most inconvenient and frustrating experiences at a live casino can be the time spent waiting for drinks at the bar. 

Bartending bottlenecks are common on busy nights in casinos, with servers waiting for a long time before the bar staff fill their orders. This means that the customers are also waiting longer for their drinks.

Some casinos have introduced self-service towers where on-floor staff can pour their own drinks as long as they aren’t complicated orders. This means that they no longer have to wait for the bar staff to serve them simple orders such as beer, which makes the whole process more efficient.

Comp Monitoring

Different comps are awarded to players according to different factors, such as game speed, betting size, house edge and so on. This is normally determined by a pit boss, who rates players and matches them up with the comp value they think players deserve. These calculations can be pretty inaccurate, though — it could be that the pit boss only watches a few wagers, players change their behavior from wager to wager, while others yet put down bigger wagers even when they know they’re being watched.

RFID technology has been introduced to better monitor this system and track rewards for players. This machine element means that casinos can track players’ betting habits more effectively and give them the comps that are best suited.

Future Job Roles for Robots

There are a few jobs in the live casino industry that are primed for bots to take over in the future.

Dealing Cards

Are robots the croupiers of the future? It’s unlikely that they’ll ever replace croupiers and dealers completely. That said, robots could very well become card dealers while croupiers are more involved in the social aspect of the game. For instance, robots can accurately and efficiently deal cards in a way no human would be able to.

Food Preparation

While you may not think of food as an integral part of the casino experience, many casinos have very successful food service as part of their offerings. Robots aren’t going to be cooking up a five-course meal soon, but they’re likely to become more involved in the more mundane aspects of food preparation, such as peeling, chopping and cleaning up.

Most Work Will Remain Human With Robot Sidekicks

There’s understandable concern about the rate at which technology is evolving and the impact this could have on jobs in the casino industry. While the use of innovative tech is plain to see if you play at an online casino with real money, it’s unlikely that the casino industry as a whole will be taken over by robots any time soon or in the future.

Most people go to live casinos for the social aspect of the experience; you would lose this if the use of robots became too prevalent. A great example of this need for socialization can be seen in games such as online blackjack live dealer games or live dealer poker. Although these are online, virtual games, players still enjoy the human element of having a real dealer. 

So, while technology might be moving at an unprecedented rate, it’s unlikely that you’ll soon be served by a fully-fledged robot at a casino. However, you should expect to have a more efficient and improved gaming experience thanks to the small robotic mechanisms that will be implemented in casinos in the coming years.

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