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When it comes to improving your play in online casino games, there are game-specific strategies and even more general methods, like avoiding drinking, getting enough sleep, and learning to avoid tilting, that can help you improve your play. 

But what if we told you that improving your posture could help you improve your game? It can, but before we get into these postural tips when gaming on various devices, let’s explore why you want to avoid bad posture when you game for short or long periods of time.

Problems caused by poor posture

Whether you enjoy online poker, role-playing adventures in cyberspace, or multiplayer shooters, you’ll always want to be at your best when you start a game. Unfortunately, poor posture can affect your performance when you play in a number of unexpected ways. Here’s how your body position could lead to problems that lower your level of play:

  • Increased levels of fatigue
  • Decreased circulation in your body
  • Pain in the back, shoulders, joints and other parts of the body which are overused
  • Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pain and numbness in the arms) and other conditions where nerves are affected
  • Increased levels of physical and mental stress

While you may love gaming, it’s important to take the necessary steps to avoid triggering these negative effects, as they will undoubtedly impact your level of play when you gamble. 

Ways to improve your posture

If you want to raise your level of play when gambling, particularly when you’re playing skill-based casino table games like blackjack or taking part in a poker tournament, you’ll want to take advantage of these tips to help you improve your posture so you can be in the best mental and physical state to win when you’re playing on any device!

At a desktop or laptop

Many gamers like to play on their desktop or laptop computers, which are designed to be used at a table or desk for long periods of time. However, most people aren’t conscious of how their setups can impact them and their level of play, even when you’re reasonably comfortable sitting at your computer. Here are some ways you can improve your posture while sitting and gaming in front of a computer at a desk or table:

1. Your desk and chair must be at the right height

Whether you’re playing games or working, your desk and chair must be at the right height if you plan to be sitting at it for long hours. A desk is considered the right height when you can sit at it with your arms in an l-shape and parallel to the floor. A chair is considered the right height if you are able to maintain this posture while also placing your feet flat on the floor or at a suitable, slightly upward angle on a footrest. This will help prevent any neck, shoulder, back and leg-related postural problems.

2. Ensure your monitor is at eye level

To ensure your screen is at the correct height, the top of the monitor should be roughly one arm’s length away at eye level. This will help position your neck in the right natural position and reduce the risk of neck and shoulder-related issues.

3. Your keyboard and mouse must be positioned in front of your body

When using your keyboard and mouse, you must ensure they are positioned directly in front of you so that you can easily interact with these devices without putting any unnecessary wear and tear on your body. If your chair and desk are at the right height, this will allow you to place your arms in a natural position so that you work or play for long hours with minimal strain.

4. Your chair must provide sufficient support for your back

Pain is a problem that could arise over time if your chair doesn’t properly support your upper and lower back. Ensure your chair provides the necessary support for your back by default by using a chair that’s got an ergonomic design. If your chair isn’t ergonomic, you may want to consider getting an attachable cushion that you can strap to the chair to provide your back with the necessary support that it needs to prevent or minimize issues in the long term.

On a mobile device

If you’re a gambler who uses a mobile device to play casino games, you might enjoy relaxing and playing from the comfort of your couch or bed. Unfortunately, even though mobile devices are great for gaming, they are primarily designed with short-term use in mind and aren’t great for promoting ergonomic health when you’re gaming on them. However, if you do find that you spend most of your time gaming on your tablet or mobile phone, you can use these tips to improve your posture:

1. Hold your phone or tablet at eye level

As with PC or laptop gaming, you want your screen to be held at eye level. However, it’s even more important when playing on a mobile device because most people tend to spend massive amounts of time with their necks angled downwards. The more a person has their head sloping towards the ground, the greater the force that’s placed on your spine. This increased force can negatively affect your body, particularly your neck and shoulders, and can lead to numerous other complications respiratory and balance issues.

2. Get a console gaming chair

If you’re looking for a solution that exists between lying or sitting on your bed or couch and sitting and playing at your desk, you might want to consider a console gaming chair. These chairs are designed with ergonomic features to support your body while also fitting into a more casual environment such as your bedroom or lounge. Some of these chairs may look like super sleek versions of their office counterparts, while others come in a design without legs and a gently curved base (sort of like a rocking chair)  so you can sit closer to the floor! 

Whatever solution you choose will depend on what you find comfortable and ergonomic and what also fits your budget. However, you should consider one of these specially designed chairs if you take your gaming seriously. Even if you do get one of these chairs, you shouldn’t forget our first tip (to keep your screen at eye level), as this will have the most impact on your body and mind.

Through exercise

Perhaps the most important exercise-related tip is to take breaks and get moving, whether that’s going for a run, simply enjoying a walk in your yard, or even just doing a few stretches. But if you are looking for some more advanced ways to keep your body in tip-top shape, here are a few exercises that you can easily find online guides for that we recommend you try out:

  • High or side planks
  • Stretches against a wall
  • Yoga poses such as Child’s pose, cat-cow pose on the floor or standing, and downward-facing dog
  • Goalpost squeeze
  • Bridges

Enjoy online casino games at BetMGM

With all these great tips on how to improve your posture, you can now play casino games without worrying that you’re sitting incorrectly, allowing your mind to completely focus on the game. And what games we have in store for you! Online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and more are available for you to play at our online casino!

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