The Best Countries for Casino Tourism

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Land-based casinos remain popular tourist attractions all over the world. Despite a near-infinite selection of casino games that can be played online, such as online slots, live dealer games and casino table games, land-based casinos continue to attract masses of people, primarily because of the social aspect involved.

Because of this, there has been a growth in casino tourism. We’ll discuss why that is the case, as well as which countries you should add to your list if you consider yourself a potential casino tourist.

What Is Casino Tourism?

The term “casino tourism” is quite self-explanatory, as it refers to the pleasure people take in traveling, not only for the purpose of sightseeing but also to visit popular casinos across the globe. Of course, they may try their hand at jackpot slots and other games in the hope of winning big, but visits to casinos aren’t always geared toward winning. It’s reported that the casino tourism industry is growing precisely because it prompts people to get on the road or on a flight to seek out and experience the thrill of a vibrant nightlife in person.  

The very nature of casino environments means that there’s always a buzz, and with people coming from all corners of the world there may well be some of them who haven’t yet obtained sufficient local currency. Fortunately, casinos still use chips instead of cash, not only to accommodate tourists but also for the sake of tradition, aesthetics and security-related reasons – which patrons no doubt appreciate.

What Makes Casinos an Attraction Worth Traveling To?

Gaming travel enthusiasts typically have a bucket list of casino travel destinations, with Las Vegas and Macau being popular top choices. The intensity of activities in areas that are home to some of the greatest casinos in the world remains unrivaled. For many online casino gamblers and players, the chance to experience live dealer casinos and interact with opponents and dealers in these settings is something they’d like to do at least once in their lives. Given this, it‘s evident how casinos could affect tourism positively.

They not only draw crowds to those cities but also introduce travelers to other landmarks and areas of interest en route and in neighboring areas. This leads to growth in the economy of the city, the state’s tourism industry and the economy in general.

Best Countries for Casino Tourism

United States of America

Some call the USA’s Las Vegas the world’s gambling capital and there are several good reasons for this. Known for its captivating nightlife and lights, Vegas casinos are also famous for being the right place to rub shoulders with industry giants and the who’s who of the entertainment and gambling world. In addition, the USA also offers Reno and Atlantic City as potential tourist destinations after a visit to Vegas.

The small state of West Virginia also has a wide selection of gambling establishments. Given its timeless natural beauty, those who love nature and beautiful scenery may well include West Virginia in their itinerary of casino tourism attractions.

The good news is that gambling is legal in the US and, without a doubt, a notable contributor to the country’s economy. However, it remains subject to some restrictions, with land-based restrictions being different from online gambling restrictions.


If you’re headed to Oz, chances are that Star City Casino in Sydney and the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne are already on your itinerary. These two have fast become Australia’s main casino attractions, not only because of gaming but also for the entertainment and leisure opportunities they offer. With its three hotels, entertainment and sports bars in addition to a theater, Melbourne’s Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex has become a social hotspot in the area.

Despite the global popularity of online gambling, it’s not yet permitted in Australia – which is a key factor in the influx of people to land-based casinos.


Monaco is arguably one of the most famous (or is that infamous?) gambling hubs in the world. It caters to both novice and experienced players and both lower-end and higher-end patrons with unlimited gambling budgets. Because of this, Monaco attracts a wide range of different patrons, with its biggest and most popular casino being the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

The shocking news is that by law, locals aren’t allowed inside casinos, nor are they allowed to gamble! Foreign nationals, however, get a free pass.

United Kingdom

Many would immediately assume London to be the undisputed gambling capital of the UK, but the likes of Glasgow, Bournemouth and Cardiff aren’t far behind. Now more than ever, casino tourism is said to be on the rise in London. This is in addition to the city already being a top tourist destination because of its rich cultural and historical heritage. Gambling at regulated and licensed establishments in the UK – and popular cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool – is permitted.

New Zealand

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about gambling in New Zealand is that casinos are taxed on their winnings. This differs from many other countries where the onus is on the player to pay tax on their winnings.


Despite the advent of online gambling, Canada’s land-based casinos remain popular among local and international tourists. Although, it’s difficult to assume you know the gambling laws if you’re visiting because they differ from one province or territory to another. So, although gambling is permitted in the country, make sure you familiarize yourself with the applicable laws and regulations of the province or territory you find yourself in.

Enjoy the Casino Experience From Anywhere in the World

The fascination with land-based casinos is still ongoing. That said, online casinos are proving to be a great alternative, regardless of which part of the world you find yourself in. Open yourself up to a wide selection of both classic and modern online casino games when you register at BetMGM.

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