The Best Eco-Friendly Products for Sustainable Living

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It’s time to start adding more sustainable practices to your everyday life. Living sustainably positively impacts the environment and seeking out eco-friendly products is one of the easy ways to start doing it. According to a 2018 survey by the EPA, the average person in the US produces about 4.9 pounds of waste each day. Of the 40 million tons of plastic waste generated in the US in 2021, only 5% to 6% (approximately two million tons) was recycled. 

Aside from the habit of recycling, there are many other things that you can do to become more eco-savvy, such as supporting eco-friendly brands and playing online casino games instead of burning fuel to drive to a casino.

In this article, we’ll discuss eco-friendly products and how they can all benefit the environment.

How Do Eco-Friendly Products Help the Environment?

You can greatly reduce pollution by using green products. This effect can slowly reverse the deterioration of the environment over the years. Using green products will ultimately preserve the planet and all its inhabitants. Over time, it can prevent the earth from becoming a large dump yard in the future.

Sustainable products can address social issues and improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities. Businesses can also improve their reputation. Here are more benefits of buying environmentally-friendly products.

It Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By using renewable energy, you can reduce your dependence on coal and fossil fuel energy sources.

Save Natural Resources

When you choose to live sustainably, products and services that use recycled materials contribute positively to the environment.

Reduce Waste Sent to Landfill

You can reduce waste by buying reusable and recyclable products.

Definition of an Eco-Friendly Product

These products have a lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle. This includes the raw materials used in the manufacturing, their design, transport to the user, the length of use and their capacity to be recycled.

Sustainable Living Tips

Small changes can seem futile when we’re facing millions of tons of single-use plastic. However, every little bit helps and contributes to making a big difference. Switching to sustainable products can make us better consumers and people; here are some of the best kinds.

1. All-Purpose Spaghetti Scrub

This cookware scrubber works amazingly well. It’s environmentally friendly and made with peach pits. The scrub comprises cotton strips and pulverized dried corn cobs, which gives it coarse noodle-like strands. It’s much less wasteful than throwing away a plastic scrubbing wand every two weeks.

2. Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag

This eco-friendly product is available in various sizes. Now there are no more reasons to use plastic for food storage. The silicone Stasher bags are durable even after countless washes. You can store anything from snacks and cold foods to hot meals.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

There is much debate about whether plastic or reusable shopping bags are better for the environment overall. Plastic bags take far fewer resources to produce but, once discarded, cause a major littering problem since they don’t decompose easily. Cotton shoppers take a lot of resources to produce and need to be reused over 100 times before they reduce the impact of climate change. The best solution? Use the bags you have as many times as possible.

4. Recycled Ocean Plastic Eyewear

Sea2See collects ocean plastic waste, ropes and nets in coordination with fishing communities in Spain. This is how the Italian eyewear is designed. By collecting an average of one tonne of plastic waste every second day, the raw material of the sunglasses is made of selected plastic waste. The remaining waste is then sold to other companies for various uses.

5. Compostable Dog Waste Disposal Bags

Taking your dogs for a walk can result in going through many waste bags each month. You can buy the Onya 100% GMO-free renewable plant-based Dog Waste Disposal Bag Set. It comes with a carry pouch and 30 disposal bags certified as home and industrial compostable.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.