The Best Soccer Stadiums in the UK

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A rendering of a UK soccer stadium with the seats matching the British flag.
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More than a century before the advent of soccer-themed online casino games, or even online blackjack live dealer games were thought of, soccer gained prominence in the UK. In fact, its origins in England can be traced back as far as the 1800s. Since then, there’ve been changes to the initial set of rules and several associations and tournaments have been introduced. Despite the evolution of the game over the years, its ability to bring people together – be it through live games or soccer-themed online slot machines – has remained constant.  

The UK also boasts several internationally renowned soccer teams, with Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal being some of the most famous. Manchester United is arguably the biggest soccer team in the UK, with millions of social media followers that stay glued to the team member’s every move and interest.  

However, you don’t have to love soccer betting to have a good time watching soccer at the best soccer stadiums. Join us as we take a look at five UK soccer stadiums to enjoy thrilling soccer games at, listed according to their capacity.

London Stadium

Location: London

Opened: 2012

Capacity: 60,000

Historic match to remember: West Ham United vs. Crystal Palace – 14/01/2017

Home to West Ham United FC, London Stadium didn’t initially sit well with soccer fans who were used to watching the team play on their home turf at Boleyn Ground, more commonly known as Upton Park, which has since been demolished. However, the stadium has since grown on many attendees thanks to its re-configurable lower-tier seating which brings fans closer to the soccer action. It has a capacity of 3,600 in the hospitality lounges and executive boxes and improved access with 58 trains leaving from Stratford every hour. 

Emirates Stadium

Location: London

Opened: 2006

Capacity: 60,260

Historic match to remember: Arsenal vs. Barcelona – 16/02/2011

In 2006, Arsenal moved from the aptly named Arsenal Stadium in Highbury to the (at the time) newly constructed Emirates Stadium. As with many other teams, the move to the new location didn’t come without teething problems, including fans not feeling like it was home to Arsenal. As a result, a program was launched in 2009 to add elements to make fans and the team feel truly at home. The “Arsenalisation” of the stadium integrated feedback from fans and stakeholders and resulted in the introduction of several specific features, including white seats in the shape of the club’s cannon, murals and more. This, along with the existing improvements over the Highbury stadium, has seen the stadium become one of the most popular soccer venues in the UK.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Location: London

Opened: 2019

Capacity: 62,850

Historic match to remember: Tottenham vs. Man City – 09/04/2019

The “youngest” stadium on our list, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was embraced by soccer fans from the start, which is a little different from some of the other stadiums we’ve mentioned. Designed from the ground up with acoustics in mind for both soccer and other events, this undoubtedly helps to boost the atmosphere of any game.

Visitors can also enjoy stands that have been positioned with soccer in mind, placing spectators as close to the game as reasonably possible without any alterations needing to be made to the seating. Spectators can enjoy more than 8,000 premium seats, as well as more than 60 private suites. There are a massive 60 eating venues, including Michelin-star restaurants and the Tunnel Club from where you can watch the players dribble, shoot and celebrate their goals.

Old Trafford Stadium

Location: Manchester

Opened: 1910

Capacity: 74,140

Historic match to remember: Manchester United vs. Barcelona – 07/03/1984

The second-largest stadium on our list is also the oldest and is undoubtedly an institution in its own right. Even if you’re not a soccer fan who wants to know all about soccer betting odds, you’ll know about this iconic stadium. Owned and operated by Manchester United, this venue has an incredible history, including being bombed during the Second World War. The stadium has also undergone numerous upgrades over the years, with the last being the 2006 expansion which added 8,000 seats. There are discussions around further upgrades, but these are believed to be in the early stages.

Spectators can enjoy executive suites such as the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand Suite, as well as the Red Cafe, the Manchester United Museum, an impressive trophy room and more.

Wembley Stadium

Location: London

Opened: 2007

Capacity: 90,000

Historic match to remember: Barcelona vs. Manchester United – 28/05/2011 

Wembley Stadium is the biggest soccer stadium in the UK and is technically the second stadium to be built at this location. Its predecessor, also called the Wembley Stadium, originally opened its doors in 1923 and was completely demolished in 2003. When it reopened in 2007, it was – and remains – the largest soccer stadium in the UK and the second-largest stadium in the whole of Europe. It is home to the England national football team.

If you visit this historic venue, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks from 34 bars, food from eight fully-fledged restaurants and 688 food and drink service points. And once you’re seated, you can enjoy a completely unobstructed view from any of the stadium’s 90,000 seats.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.