Great Breweries in Kingston, Ontario

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For decades, Kingston breweries have produced some of the finest craft beers in Ontario, perfecting the art of brewing with an ever-growing catalog of unique, award-winning flavor combinations.

As far back as the 1980s, long before the advent of online casino games and social media, pioneers like the Kingston Brewing Company laid the groundwork for what would become the vibrant brewing culture of today.

At the turn of the century, as a shift from mass-produced commercial beers to local ones began gaining momentum, Kingston beer styles expanded considerably. Today, there are renowned breweries with quality brews found throughout the city and the surrounding area, from downtown and the west end to the east side of the city across the Causeway.

Great breweries in Kingston are easy to find when you know where to look, but there are also hidden gems that produce local favorites. Some make IPAs exclusively while others might focus on stouts or sours. Whether you prefer trendsetting taste sensations or classic local brews, here are the top recommended breweries for the best beers in Kingston.

Kingston Brewing Company

34 Clarence Street

Kingston Brewing Company (KBC) is the oldest brewpub in the Heartland Province; a unique Ontario attraction beloved by locals and visitors alike. The well-established brewing company has been churning out craft beers since 1986, offering a range of pale ales, bitters, stouts, and porters and a rotating selection of seasonal and specialty brews. 

For a taste of history, you can’t go wrong with KBC’s signature, English-style pale ale, Dragon’s Breath Cask Ale. The Regal Lager and Whitetail Cream Ale are crowd favorites, too, but there are many more brews to choose from, and choices depend on seasonal availability.

Be sure to get there early during the summer vacation period, especially if you want to enjoy thirst-quenching pints and pitchers on the pub’s renowned private patio. Then again, you can always buy your favorite brews from the bottle store right next door. As far as the food menu goes, it’s traditional pub fare with a few unique twists. The KBC Royale with Cheese is definitely a highlight — a bacon-topped beef burger with melted cheese and a signature sauce.

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing

1915 County 22 Road, Bath

Situated on a 1,400-acre farm west of Kingston, the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company is an ideal stop-off point between Prince Edward County and the city. Owned by brothers Ivan and Daniel, the renovated, centuries-old barn is for buying and tasting only, and you’ll need to call ahead if you want an exclusive tour. 

The Red Fox Summer Ale and the Crosscut Canadian Ale come highly recommended, with unique ingredients like beetroot and Caraamber malts that set them apart from other brews. There’s character and distinct flavor in every sip, and there’s nothing quite like a “farm-to-table brew.”

As one of the bigger craft breweries in Ontario, MacKinnon beers can be found on tap in several places in Kingston (like Red House, for example.) Once a year, the farm/brewery hosts the popular “Back to the Farm” festival, complete with food trucks and live music. It’s a picturesque location that has made a name for itself in the Ontario brewing scene, offering some of the best beers in Kingston.

Riverhead Brewing Company

631 Fortune Crescent

One of the more recent additions to the expanding list of quality Kingston beer options, Riverhead Brewing Company is already known for its innovative and experimental brews. Its selection of IPAs, sour ales, stouts, and lagers reflect the local climate and time of year, but brewers aren’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to flavor profiles.

Every Riverhead brew is a daring blend of adventurous ingredients, from a tropical IPA with fruity flavor to a “Sour Batch Kid” series of sours. The food selection is equally diverse, with artisanal shareables and specialties like “Brew Pizza” sure to satisfy any appetite. If you’re looking for bright and cheery staff, delicious food, and brave brews, Riverhead is the place to be.

Spearhead Brewing Co.

675 Development Dr

Founded in 2011, Spearhead Brewing opened its brewery to the public in 2018. Since then, it’s become a prime drinking destination for beer lovers, with weekly live music, trivia nights, comedy shows, and more. It’s a vibrant venue with something always going on, making it ideal for groups of friends aiming to enjoy a night out on the town.

Kingston has a thriving nightlife on any day of the week, but you don’t need to head to the best nightclubs to dance the night away. Spearhead offers everything you need to let loose and have a good time, not to mention the great craft beers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Signature brews like the Hawaiian Style Pale Ale and Moroccan Brown Ale have made Spearhead famous, while newer beers like Big Kahuna Imperial IPA and Queen of Wheat demonstrate the company’s dedication to its mantra of “beer without boundaries.” With a constant stream of new beers to try, this is one brewery you don’t want to miss.

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