Can Casino Colors Affect Your Gaming Mood?

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Think of a gray winter sky. How does it make you feel? Now, think of a blue summer sky. What emotions does that bring up? The two most likely create distinctly different moods and emotions within you, and that’s when you just think about them.

You see, the psychology of color is everywhere. It’s in nature where red-capped mushrooms and brightly colored frogs warn us of their toxicity. It’s in big red “stop” signs, green “safe-to-go” lights, and much more.

The casino industry also uses color. Casino colors generally invoke a sense of excitement and anticipation. Online casino games are designed to appeal to players, and colors play a massive role in this. 

Take a look at some of the ways that online casinos use colors on their websites and how designers use the psychology of color in games like online slots to appeal to their audience.

Color Fundamentals

Before getting into the casino industry specifics, it’s important to understand how colors impact moods, feelings, and behaviors. 

There is a human color spectrum that we can see goes from red, which has the longest wavelength, to violet, which has the shortest wavelength. There are many different colors in between, but to human eyes, you’ll find orange, red, yellow, green, and blue between the two.

The red side of the spectrum is said to be more stimulating and exciting, while the blue and violet side is more soothing. Warmer colors (red, orange, and yellow) stand out more and are associated with strength, warning, passion, and other intense emotions. Cooler colors (green, blue, and violet) are quieter colors that are associated with calm, peace, or sadness.

How Casinos Use the Psychology of Color

Now that you know the fundamentals of the color spectrum and their associations, it’s time to take a closer look at the role that they play in the psychology of casino design

The Most Common Colors Used in Online Casinos

The next time you visit a land-based casino, have a look around and try to take note of some of the design elements, such as a low roof, maze-like setup, the hugely colorful slot machines, and, of course, the ugly carpet.

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos don’t have the physical space to use to attract players to certain games. So, they rely on their own website design and the use of colors in games like jackpot slots to grab players’ attention.

The most commonly used colors in online casino games, particularly slots, are red, yellow, and green. You’ve probably noticed that these are the colors that are used in traffic lights, although the yellow is probably a bit more orange. 

These colors are used in casino games for the same reason that they are utilized in traffic lights — for their effect. It also helps that your brain has been programmed to respond to these colors in specific ways.

  • Red: This is usually a stop message. It makes you linger on something, and a game with red on the title screen is going to make you stop and pause.
  • Yellow: Yellow is one of the brightest colors and has the same effect as red. It grabs your attention. The red makes you stop, and the yellow makes you interested.
  • Green: Green is often the sign for “good to go,” and it can increase the likelihood of you clicking on a game as you see it as a sign to continue. 

So, the first two colors are used to grab your attention, and green is used to tempt you into picking a game or pressing a button.

What About Other Colors?

Of course, there are plenty of other colors used within the games themselves, but red, blue, and yellow are undoubtedly the most popular casino color schemes. Some of the other ways colors are used include:

  • Award amount in blue: When you win, the amount is often displayed in blue. This is because blue is a calming, safe color that assures you that you’ll be paid.
  • Buttons in orange or yellow: The spin button or other important buttons are usually in orange or yellow, as their bright color grabs your attention and gets you to press them.
  • Golden winning screens: Gold is something we haven’t mentioned yet, but it’s often used to indicate wins as it’s a luxurious color and makes people feel special.

One thing is for sure, you’re unlikely to see dull colors like gray in an online casino.

Can Colors Lead to Irresponsible Gambling?

Colors have a big influence on a game’s design, and sometimes that isn’t always in a positive manner.

For example, red isn’t an inherently bad color. It stops us and makes us take notice of things. However, it’s also been proven to lead to more aggressive risk-taking behaviors. It has been shown, in some cases, to improve athletic performance but decrease mental performance. What this means is that too much red can lead players to use a more aggressive gameplay strategy, with a diminished mental capacity to responsibly manage their bankroll. 

So, while casinos are businesses and need to make a profit, the safety of players is critical, and everything needs to pass stringent requirements to ensure that it doesn’t overtly encourage damaging behaviors.

The best online casinos only use the most experienced, trusted game developers and site designers to ensure that they find the right balance between attracting players with exciting colors while encouraging responsible gambling.

Can Colors Really Affect Your Gaming Mood?

The above-mentioned are very simple examples of what is a complicated psychological aspect of human nature. Online casinos undoubtedly use color to attract and elicit certain emotions from players. However, they need to be aware of the possible negative effects colors can have, too.

Colors can excite you and build anticipation. They can also calm you and make you feel more relaxed. So, they can undoubtedly have an impact on your mood in some manner. At the end of the day, however, colors are not magical, and while they encourage you to take certain actions, it’s you who decides whether to take them or not. 

BetMGM always encourages responsible gambling and to step away from the game if you feel your mood slipping or you’re starting to chase losses.

Play Responsibly With BetMGM

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