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Nothing brings a celebration to life quite like a themed party. They’re fun, can fit any budget and your unique event will be a talking point long after the party’s over. You never know – it might even kickstart a themed party craze! 

Let’s begin with our favorite list of house party ideas – from casino table games nights and jackpot slots to virtual parties. Find your inspiration here!

1. Virtual Parties With Va-Va-Voom

A virtual party with pink balloons in the foreground as a woman toasts a friend on her computer screen.

There’s no need for virtual parties to go out of fashion now that they aren’t compulsory anymore. They are an excellent way to share a meaningful experience with friends and family who are located in a different city, country or continent. 

Virtual parties needn’t be boring and the technical setup really isn’t that complicated, particularly since online meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, are part of everyday life!

The trick to hosting a virtual party with va-va-voom is to go all out on a theme and make sure your transitions from one part of the event to the next are as smooth as possible. Those awkward pauses are what you’re looking to avoid. But don’t worry too much because if your theme’s strong enough and people are having a good time, they won’t notice any potential hiccups.

When choosing your theme, think about your virtual guests – their ages, personalities and any hobbies that stand out – or introduce your friends to what interests you. Ideas can start with the demure (games and quizzes or perhaps group online casino games for a fresh twist,) get more energetic (for example, mixology masterclasses or cookery workshops) or cater to the rowdy (with virtual escape-room challenges or lip-sync battles.) 

With a little forward planning, you can make the theme really work. Remember that you’ll only have to cater for your own food and drink because everyone else will be doing the same behind their screens, wherever they are! Of course, the fun can include a host of casino games to play that will keep your guests entertained.

2. Outdoor Garden Parties

Outdoor events have always been a blast. They now have the added benefits of unlimited fresh air and lots of elbow room! When planning an outdoor event, allow yourself to be guided by the size of your outdoor space, time of year and your budget. You don’t have to wait for summer to break out the party vibe. 

One great idea for a house party in the fall (or even spring) is a camping theme. If your friends or family haven’t managed to get away on a camping trip lately, bring it to your own backyard. Set up a campsite and fire pits. Pitch tents, tell ghost stories, sing camping songs, eat hotdogs and make ooey gooey s’mores! Of course, you can always tag on a full-on barbecue if you’ve got someone happy to tend the grill all night!

In warmer weather, you could consider throwing a chic, English-style garden party with lawn games like croquet, bocce and cornhole. Set out tables with linen tablecloths and fresh-cut flowers, your best cutlery, flower-themed crockery and sparkling fairy lights to create a magical effect when the sun goes down.

Classic items for the menu include cheddar scones and savory crepes, scones with jam and clotted cream, Victoria sponge and maybe a refreshing cucumber, elderflower, apple and mint spritzer – just marvelous! Oh, and don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches – no crusts and lots of black pepper – for a true taste of English garden-party culinary chic.

3. Dial-Back-the-Decades Party

Whether you’re still hankering for the 1980s or you’ve always admired the 1970s vibe, everybody loves a decade-themed party! Still not sure what decade to shoot for? Pick an aspect that appeals to you. For example, go with a music theme – so 1960s rock ’n’ roll, 1970s disco or 1980s pop. A fashion theme would go something like this: 1960s miniskirts and Nehru jackets; 1970s tie-dye shirts and bell bottoms; or 1980s big hair, shoulder pads and leg warmers. The choices are numerous and varied when you think about it!

Once you have your decade, pick the décor. So, for example, to decorate your 1970s party, hire, borrow or make tie-dye curtains or drapes, mirror disco balls, lava lamps and, instead of table flower arrangements, provide pin-on corsages for your guests. With the décor sorted out, it’s time to think about your menu. Ideas for a 1980s party could include quiches, pot pie, jelly-and-custard finger donuts and ice cream cake. You don’t have to spend a lot if you’re clever with your planning. And you can always ask your guests to bring a themed prop or dish with them if you wish to spread the cost.

4. Travel the World Without Leaving Home

An international-themed party is a great idea! Pick a location you’d love to visit, then bring aspects to your backyard or living room with music, décor, a themed dress code and food.

Themes include Arabian Nights – turn a tent into a Bedouin palace with rich jewel colors and luxurious draped fabrics, potted palms, oversized cushions, baskets and lanterns. Serve spicy wraps and delicious shawarmas. For a Japanese theme, opt for a glittering red, black and silver color palette. Decorate your party zone with voile screens, paper lanterns, parasols, dragon heads and blossoms. Serve a variety of sushi, accompanied by sake (or a non-alcoholic alternative like bubble tea) and amazake. 

A Mexican fiesta party would be filled with lots of color, spice, piñatas and sombreros, while an “Out of Africa” theme could allow guests to put on safari bush gear. You could even stay more local with a New York theme and include American flags, cutouts of skylines and the Statue of Liberty, plus replicas of iconic New York street signs!

Whether you choose to stay local, import the Caribbean vibe or take your cultural cues from further afield, the more detail you include in your themed house party, the more memorable your event will be. Don’t forget to plan carefully beforehand so that when it actually happens, you can really enjoy the party with everyone else – a happy host is an excellent host!

5. Attend Your Favorite Festival at Home

Friends enjoying a casino games party play cards at a felt-covered table.

There’s just something about thousands of people coming together to celebrate an event that takes most festivals to the next level. There are hundreds of different types of festivals all over the world that take place every year. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time, money or staying power to attend as many of these worldwide festivals as they’d like. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your favorite festivals at all! Celebrating the festival of your choice at home is a way to bring the spirit of the event right to your doorstep. The festival you choose will depend on what you like and what age the crowd is.

For younger crowds, something like a Coachella Festival is a great idea. Make sure to send your guests some Instagram-inspired Coachella outfit ideas, hire a couple of food trucks, get a live band or DJ, a face painter or flower crown maker and you’re all set!

6. Host a Casino Games Night

Depending on your guests’ age and budget, you can treat this theme in two ways. For an older, more sophisticated crowd, recreate the glamor of a casino with a red and gold theme. This can include fake Roman pillars, potted palm trees and maybe a “Casino” sign. Set out classic casino table games at felt-covered tables (you can improvise with similar fabrics) so your guests can play a list of the best games for casino-themed nights, like blackjack, poker and roulette. Don’t forget you’ll need at least one complete deck of playing cards for this! Serve lots of bubbly and canapés and play James Bond theme tunes (for example, “The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair” from You Only Live Twice) as your music for the night.

For a younger crowd, hire a few slot machines or set up computer stations (or other internet-enabled devices like tablets) so your guests can gamble and play slots online, in groups or as individuals. Each guest will need to register with a real online casino for a night of fun, games and friendship. Go with Vegas-themed décor and ask guests to dress as a character from their favorite casino-themed movie for the occasion. You could have so much fun with this party idea!

While your guests play their hearts out in live dealer rooms or spin the reels of a few online slots, serve traditional BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza, set up a sandwich station or make sure there are plenty of tacos and soda. However you host it, everyone’s bound to have a great time! This is also a great way to learn how to play casino games surrounded by the comfort of friends.

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