American Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino table games in any casino. It differs from some other online roulette games in that there are 38 separately numbered slots on the roulette wheel. The slots numbered 1 to 36 are (in equal proportions) red and black, and then there are two green slots: 0 and 00.


If you play roulette online, then you’ll know that the aim of the game is to correctly predict which number the ball will settle on when the wheel comes to a stop. 


There are a number of betting options available in American Roulette: Inside Bets, which are placed on the numbered section of the table, such as straight-up, corner, split and street bets; and Outside Bets, which are made on the other areas, such as column, dozen, even/odds, high/low and color bets.


The graphics in this game are incredibly realistic and will make you feel as if you’re sitting at a real-life roulette table in any casino across the USA. The American flag is the prominent theme here, with red, white and blue colors seen throughout the game.


How to Play American Roulette Online


  1. To place a bet, all you need to do is select a chip value from the slider.
  2. Click directly on the number you want to place your bet on.
  3. You can increase the number of chips you wish to bet with extra clicks.
  4. Right-click on a chip to remove it.
  5. If you wish to remove all your chips from the table, click the CLEAR button.
  6. Remember that all bets must be placed before the time runs out.
  7. Once you’ve clicked SPIN, the wheel will spin automatically and any winning bets will be paid out if the ball lands on your chosen selection.


Favorite bets


This game also has a FAVORITE BETS feature, allowing you to save up to three of your bet configurations and place them automatically. To save your favorite bets, place all your bets on the table. Open the favorite bets menu, enter a name and click save.

To use a favorite bet option, open the favorite bets menu and select a bet from your list. 


Payout and Return to Player


The RTP of American Roulette is 94.74%. You can expect the following payouts.


Bet Covers Payout
Straight Up 1 number 35:1
Split 2 numbers 17:1
Street 3 numbers 11:1
Corner 4 numbers 8:1
First Five 5 numbers 6:1
Line 6 numbers 5:1
Column/Dozen 12 numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 numbers 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 numbers 1:1


Start Playing American Roulette


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