European Roulette Pro is brought to you by Play’n GO. This high-class casino game, like other Play’n GO online casino games, is enjoyable to play, has a straightforward interface, and offers hours of entertainment for players of all levels.


The key to a successful online roulette game is a seamless transition from the casino floor into an online format. Play’n GO has proved once again that they are masters at this craft. 


If you are a casino table games regular, then you’ll know that the European roulette wheel offers slightly better odds than the American equivalent. It contains 37 pockets, numbered 1 to 36, which alternate between red and black. There is also a single zero pocket, which is green. 


The game features a tutorial, special bets, pre-set bets, and a stats graph for you to get a closer look at your gameplay.


How to Play European Roulette Pro


  1. At this roulette online table, you play on a zero roulette wheel with 36 numbered pockets. The expected betting options of European Pro Roulette are 1-18 and 19-36, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pocket 12’s, Evens and Odds, and Red and Black bets.


  1. Simply select your chip size from the selector (from 1-100) then click on one of the predetermined bet boxes or on any number from 0-36 on the table. Then click the SPIN button to drop the ball. If it lands on your chosen number, you win.


  1. The payout for betting on one number is 35:1. It is possible to reduce your risk by putting your chip on the wall between two numbers (a Split) or on the corner of four numbers (a Corner). Remember that this might reduce your risk, but it will also reduce your return to 11:1 for a Split and 8:1 for a Corner.


  1. You could also choose 50/50 bet boxes like 1-18 or 19-36, Red or Black, and Even or Odds. This reduces your risk hugely, but the same can be said for your returns, as they drop down to 1:1.


  1. If you’re not sure about your betting strategy and would like the game to do the work for you, then simply click on one of the following predetermined bets, which can be found at the top of the betting area:


  • Tiers du cylindre
  • Orphelins a cheval
  • Voisins du zero
  • Jeu 0
  • Neighbours


Start Playing European Roulette Pro


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European Roulette Pro is a simple yet splendidly entertaining game for beginners and pros alike. Register with BetMGM to play online roulette games and more.