How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

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The capsule wardrobe is what fashion aficionados are advising to trim down your wardrobe and make dressing simple and easy while retaining style and flair. In the same way that we always return to a few favorite online casino games despite the smorgasbord of games and titles available at online casinos, we also tend to wear just a fraction of our closet while many items hang around unworn. Just like when playing at an online casino, it’s important to focus on specifics. Without this focus, you’ll likely find that your look, and your gameplay, remain average.

Here’s how to make a capsule wardrobe.

A fashion trend with deep roots

It may surprise you that while the minimalist closet is on-trend, it isn’t a new concept. Just as the latest live dealer games have their roots in classic casino games like roulette, poker and blackjack, so the versatile closet, or mix-and-match movement, started way back in the 1970s. One major influencer was a London shop called Wardrobe, conceptualized by Susie Faux. She showcased how a handful of clothing items could be worn together in different combinations to give the impression of an extensive wardrobe.

With women entering the workplace in greater numbers and the need for a more budget-friendly, easy-to-assemble wardrobe, mix-and-match was here to stay! Now the capsule closet is taking this concept to a whole new level. 

What is a wardrobe capsule?

A capsule wardrobe or capsule closet is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. It is similar to the decluttering trend that had you throw out all the items that were lost at the back of the closet. The end result is highly organized and efficient spaces with labeled containers into which everything is neatly sorted, packed and stacked for easier, uncluttered living.

Now the trend is to apply this principle to your wardrobe, reducing the number of clothing items to free up precious space and make getting dressed in the morning, or for any occasion, quicker and easier. 

Advantages of a capsule wardrobe

Similarly to choosing to play online casino games rather than at a land-based casino, there are many benefits that come with opting for a capsule wardrobe. Firstly, it puts less strain on your bank account and allows you to purchase higher-quality goods. You’ll save money because you won’t purchase a pretty blouse with just a vague idea of when you might wear it and what you might pair it with. This will reduce waste since you won’t end up throwing out something you’ve barely ever worn, so you’re also doing your bit for the environment!

Moreover, with limited choice comes minimal time spent pondering your outfits. You’ll be surprised by how much time you save over the course of a month. This also helps eradicate the unforeseen stresses and anxieties of too many choices.

Overview of the process

  1. Pare down your closet to 35 items.
  2. Keep those 35 items in rotation for three months.
  3. Hold yourself back from shopping during the (weather) season.
  4. During the last two weeks of the season, shop for your next capsule. 

Create your capsule wardrobe

When you’re ready to curate your own capsule wardrobe, here’s what you need to do.

1. The sort

A capsule wardrobe starts with sorting. Empty your closet, placing each clothing item in a pile from left to right. The first pile will have items that you wear more than once a week. The second pile is for those items that you wear less than once a week. The third pile is for clothes you wear occasionally and the fourth pile is for items you’ve worn just once or twice or never at all (we all have those, don’t we?)

If you’re not sure how often you wear certain items, keep a wardrobe diary and note what you wear each day for 30 days.

2. Keep or discard

This is the most difficult part of the exercise for most of us. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. One great way to do this is to keep in mind your lifestyle and main activities. Do you spend most weekdays in the office? Do you enjoy hiking or mostly outdoor activities in your leisure time or are clubs and the party scene your thing? Do you like a night out at a brick-and-mortar casino, where casino-style fashion is important or do you prefer to play casino games online at home?

Take your most-worn pile and separate it into new piles, with one pile for each regular activity you’re involved in. If most of your time is spent in the office during the week and hiking at weekends, and you find you have a pile of cocktail dresses you wear once in a blue moon, whittle down this pile first until you’re left with just one or two items. You’ll apply the same thinking to your shoes.

If you’re finding it really hard to part with anything, making up a box for your local charity is a great way to put your discarded clothing to good use. You’re bound to feel better when you consider how these items can benefit others.

3. Arrange and organize

The good news is that you’ve done the hardest part and now it’s time to build your capsule wardrobe!

Apply a two-step process. Think about the versatility of each piece and how often you wear it, then fit it into the bigger picture by noting how it pairs with the other popular items you’ve chosen to keep. If you find that there are a couple of items that simply do not go with anything else in your closet, get rid of them. Make sure that you can incorporate each item into at least three outfits with your existing pieces. Take into account color, style and season.

Give classic, timeless pieces (like black pants, jeans, a trench coat and t-shirts in neutral colors) pride of place and steer clear of trendy pieces that date quickly.

As you add items to your wardrobe each season, you might want to invest in high-quality clothing that will stand the test of time and save money in the long run. For some added interest, include a few patterned items that won’t date if they’re in classic colors, so pick a taupe animal print instead of shiny purple. You’ll soon get the hang of it!

You can apply this mentality to online gambling sites too. Games such as online slots and poker have many variations, each with its own way of rules and bonuses. By downscaling the number of variations you play, you can become more attuned and skilled when deciding to bet at an online casino.

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