Cristiano Ronaldo’s Routine for Staying in Perfect Shape

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If you’re a fan of online sports betting – and soccer betting in particular – then you’ve probably found yourself admiring more than just Cristiano Ronaldo’s fancy footwork on the soccer field. You’ve also probably noticed his impeccable physique.

Do you want a mind-blowing six-pack, bulging biceps and calves of steel just like this infamous soccer legend? Ever wondered how he stays in such great shape? Well, the good news is that we’ve got the lowdown on this icon’s unique soccer fitness routine – and it’s one that you can tailor to suit your own goals and workout preferences. Read on for the details.

The basics

In many interviews, Cristiano Ronaldo has stated how he works out at least five days a week, with two days of rest staggered in between. He has also mentioned how he feels it’s important to focus on all muscle groups throughout the body and not just one group, even if it’s only perfect abs or well-muscled thighs you’re after. According to Ronaldo, the best approach is to target a single muscle group per workout. For example, focusing on exercising your legs on Monday, your core on Tuesday, your arms on Wednesday, etc. And, of course, create a balance between both strength- and cardio-focused workouts.

The soccer fitness legend recommends a combination of both strength and cardio every time you hit the gym, starting with at least 30 minutes of cardio followed by a minimum of 30 minutes of strength training. If, like him, you spend a significant amount of time playing sports, you can omit the cardio aspect of your workouts and focus solely on improving your strength and toning your muscles when in the gym.

As most people know, staying in shape revolves around a lot more than just getting in the right amount of exercise. You also need to pay attention to your diet – what you’re eating and how many calories you’re consuming. Ronaldo has stated in a number of interviews that he works with a personal dietician. His diet plan prescribes that he eats six small meals per day every three to four hours to keep his blood sugar stable and to beat cravings. He has also said that he eats plenty of protein, whole grains and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, taking care to limit his sugar intake and avoid processed foods.

CR7 workout tips

Along with dominating the soccer field, Ronaldo owns a fitness chain called CR7 Fitness by Crunch. Around the time of the launch of his fitness chain, there was a rumor that Ronaldo was doing approximately 3,000 sit-ups a day to maintain his perfect abs. The soccer star has since set the record straight, stating that he does at least 200 to 300 sit-ups four to five times a week to maintain his surfboard stomach.

Too busy to make it to the gym? Ronaldo has emphasized that a gym isn’t a necessity for staying fit. He recommends simply squeezing in a bit of exercise during those small gaps of free time, such as the first thing in the morning or right before bed, during busy periods. He also suggests choosing workouts that focus on more than just one muscle group if you don’t have much time on your hands. Some good examples of these types of exercises include planking and lunges.

Are you battling to stay motivated? Apparently, Ronaldo’s secret is continuously mixing things up, regularly changing how and where you exercise to keep things interesting.

Finally, if you ever struggle with sore muscles in the days following your workouts, he advises taking a hot shower or bath to soothe the discomfort. Unless that is,  you can find a gym with a cryotherapy chamber, which is Ronaldo’s actual daily go-to!

Ronaldo’s workout routine

Keen to copy Ronaldo’s workout routine to the last detail? Here’s what you need to know.


Monday is Ronaldo’s leg day, during which he does a combination of five exercises on a circuit, which he completes three times. Following his warm-up, he starts with barbell squats before moving on to box jumps, broad jumps and jumping lunges. He finishes off with lateral bounds.


After an intense workout the day before, Ronaldo rests on Tuesday.


Wednesday is focused on improving and maintaining upper body strength with burpees, pull-ups, bench dips, medicine ball tosses and push presses. These exercises are once again done on a circuit and completed three times.


Thursday focuses on quads and cardio with power cleans and sprinting.


Friday is dedicated to full body exercises, including deadlifts, knee tuck jumps, overhead slams, squats and leg raises.


Saturday is another day of rest.


Finally, Sunday is a day focused solely on cardio when Ronaldo does plenty of rope jumping and resistance sprinting.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.