Does Your Star Sign Affect Your Luck? A Look At Gambling Horoscopes

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The outcome of most online casino games is determined, at least in part and sometimes entirely, by luck. Many people believe that luck isn’t completely random and how lucky a person is at any given time is determined by various innate and external factors.

Some people think that your karma may have a significant impact on your luck, while others are of the opinion that you’re luckiest at certain times of the month based on moon cycles. Then there are those who are certain astrology plays a role.

So, can your star sign influence how lucky you are the next time you’re playing an old or new casino game? Maybe. But it’s safer to assume that your star sign has an effect on your personality, which could dictate which casino games you’re likely to excel at. Here’s what you need to know about gambling luck astrology and what the fuss is all about. 


As an Aries, confidence comes naturally to you. You’re the type of gambler who isn’t afraid to take risks and you’re not intimidated to go up against opponents with more experience. You’re fiercely passionate and it always comes out strongly when you’re doing something you love.

The best casino game for you: Poker. You’ll have no issue going all in or keeping your “poker face” even under pressure.


Taureans are stubborn and like to be in control. This means you’re rarely happy to leave any outcome up to fate. You also feel more comfortable in a one-on-one situation as opposed to socializing with or playing in a group.

The best casino game for you: Blackjack. While there are certainly elements of luck at play in blackjack, it’s a game that also requires strategic thinking  – plus, it’s just you against the dealer, which makes it easier for you to maintain your focus.


Geminis are intelligent, social creatures who always manage to find their way into the center of the action. You also probably suffer from intense FOMO (Fear of Missing Out,) which might make you jump from game to game while you figure out where your strength lies. 

The best casino game for you: Any casino table game, and the faster-paced, the better. Craps is a great casino dice game for quick-thinking Gemini – and the craps table is usually one of the liveliest spots on the floor.


If you’re a Cancerian, you’re a deep thinker and quite emotional, although you’ve gotten very good at keeping these aspects of your personality under wraps when necessary. You’re extremely intuitive and tend to steer clear of over-stimulation, which is why you probably prefer gambling online as opposed to at land-based casinos.

The best casino game for you: Sports betting. Your predictions are almost always right on the money, so you’ll likely enjoy the thrill of betting on your favorite players and sports teams. Not big on traditional sports? Then be sure to give esports betting a try.


Nothing can put a damper on Leo’s confidence. Your fiery personality has you vying for the limelight and the title of “king of the casino.” You enjoy the social aspect of gambling but more than anything else, you love challenging yourself, learning from your mistakes and coming out on top. Your confidence can definitely influence your gambling luck.

The best casino game for you: Poker. You’ll love the thrill of dominating in a poker tournament and walking away with a worthy win.


Virgos are rational thinkers and innately analytical. You’re not keen on taking risks unless you’re fairly certain the risks will pay off. This makes you an unlikely gambler (with your own money, at least!) until you’ve worked hard on mastering the game of your choice.

The best casino game for you: If you’re a Virgo who happens to enjoy online casino games, you may not be too keen to part with your cash when you first get started. As such, you’ll probably enjoy playing free games, such as free online slots.


If you’re a Libra, you’re a social butterfly and adore the social aspect of the casino. You love meeting new people and reveling in the glitz and glamor of your surroundings, but you often have trouble making decisions as it takes you far too much time to weigh up the odds.

The best casino game for you: Libras should avoid fast-paced casino games where quick decisions are key, such as poker. Instead, try a luck-based game, with bingo at the top of the list. You’ll love chatting with the other players while simply sitting back and letting fate determine the outcome of your session!


Scorpios are passionate, highly analytical beings who spend much of thier time thinking. You’re mysterious and quietly confident, so you’re often good at making fast, accurate decisions in the heat of the moment.

The best casino game for you: Roulette. The large jackpot, fast pace and higher house edge will certainly intrigue you.


You’re always on the go and never shy away from an adventure or the opportunity to tackle a new challenge. Having said that, most Sagittarians also firmly believe that simpler is better.

The best casino game for you: Keno. The rules are straightforward and it doesn’t take long to complete a game, allowing you to move on to your next mission as quickly as needed.


Stable, practical and dependable. As a Capricorn, you always think before you act. Because of this, you’ll be particularly picky about how you hedge your bets – and you definitely don’t believe in luck.

The best casino game for you: You’re only comfortable playing skill-based casino games, which is why, for you, it doesn’t get better than good old-fashioned poker. Be sure to try out live dealer casino games for an extra thrill!


Another social member of the zodiac with an impulsive streak, Aquarius is a natural gambler who enjoys the casino vibe. You’re unpredictable and fearless, never worrying too much about the outcome as long as you enjoy the ride!

The best casino game for you: Real online slots. Test your zodiac luck as every spin is exciting – and you’re bound to have fun exploring the many different slot themes on offer.


Intellectual but easily influenced by others’ emotions and playing styles, Pisces must carefully choose their casino games. As a Piscean, you struggle to conceal your feelings and tend to take everything seriously, including your gambling.

The best casino game for you: Slingo. It’s just you against your PC when you sit down to a game of Slingo, so it will be easier for you to make decisions without any emotional influence.

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