Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

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A thriving plant in your home is the ultimate proof that you’re mastering adulthood. But unless you’re a plant expert, you’ve likely killed more plants than you’d like to admit. Well, we think you deserve another shot. We aren’t focussing on lucky plants to plant in your home to help you in your next online poker game. We’re not even looking for the best indoor plants. We’re simply looking at plants that will survive almost anything and let you do the bare minimum. Check out our list of the easiest plants that absolutely anyone, even you, can grow. 

The benefits of indoor plants

So you’ve killed a lot of plants. Why should you add another one to the list? Indoor plants do more than enhance your home’s aesthetics. Plants can actually boost your mental health. Studies have found that caring for plants helps reduce mental fatigue, depressive moods and feelings of anxiety. A houseplant can help alleviate psychological and physiological stress. To top it all off, plants in your home can improve your air quality. Some of the plants on our list can help remove cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. The soil in potted plants can also help clean indoor air. Luckily, you can enjoy these benefits with little effort. Here are our recommendations for easy houseplants to grow. 

8 best houseplants anyone can grow

Not everyone has a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reap the benefits of houseplants. We’ve put together a list of the easiest and most forgiving plants you can grow in your home. 

Devil’s Ivy

Don’t be fooled by the menacing name, this houseplant is not out to get you. The Devil’s Ivy, or pothos, does well in bright, medium and even low light and can survive drying out from time to time. The plant has cute green heart-shaped leaves dotted with gold, cream, silver or white depending on the type. Since it’s a vine, you can have fun growing the plant along poles and trellises. Bare minimum plant owners can also let it hang from a basket. Despite its low maintenance status, the plant does a stellar job of purifying the air in your home. 

When to water: Water once a week in summer and at least once a month in winter. 

Spider Plant

This grass-like plant is so easy to plant that it’s a favorite for kids. The spider plant thrives in bright spots but can tolerate low or medium light and even artificial light. Upkeep is simple and you only need to cut away any dead leaves from time to time and keep your watering consistent. The thick roots store moisture, so it will be fine if you forget to water it here and there. 

When to water: Water about once a week, but check if the soil is dry first. 

Chinese Evergreen

This easy plant is one of the best evergreens to plant in your home. This gorgeous plant has leaves with shades of silver, gray, green and sometimes pink and red, depending on the variety. If your home lacks natural light, this is the plant for you – it’s very forgiving. After all, Chinese evergreens are commonly planted in malls and airports. As a bonus, it can go up to three weeks without moisture or water. So if you like to travel or take trips, you won’t have to find someone to water it while you’re away. 

When to water: Water every five to 10 days depending on the heat and humidity. Always check to see if the soil is dry. 

English Ivy

This beautiful ivy has trailing leaves that liven up any room. But what truly makes it special is its air-purifying abilities. The English ivy is a powerful air filter. It can remove toxic agents like formaldehyde and benzene from the air and make your indoor air easier to breathe. This common house plant is best kept indoors, as it’s an invasive plant in some regions. It does best in bright conditions but it can survive low light too. English ivy can be draped easily, but it can also be supported if you prefer a more upright plant.

When to water: Water every five to seven days. English ivies don’t like wet soil, dry soil is preferable. 

Snake Plant

You couldn’t kill a snake plant even if you tried. The succulent will tolerate low light and low water while maintaining lush upright leaves. Every variety of snake plant will have different leaf shapes and patterns, usually elegant striped designs on long sword-like leaves. Snake plants can store plenty of water in their leaves, so don’t water them too frequently. If kept indoors, the plant can survive weeks without water. 

When to water: Water every two weeks once the soil has completely dried. 


Nobody said being a lazy plant owner meant avoiding all flowering plants. The hoya plant has slender trailing stems with small waxy leaves and blooms occasionally. The wax plant produces fragrant pink flowers that will leave your home smelling amazing. It’s one of the most fragrant houseplants to grow and requires minimal upkeep and watering. 

When to water: Water every two weeks during spring and summer and water every three weeks during colder months.


Kalanchoes reverse expectations for succulents and houseplants with an impressive floral show. The succulent features unique scallop-shaped leaves and bright red, pink, orange or yellow floral clusters that extend above the leaves. Despite its vibrant flowers, kalanchoe thrives in dry conditions and is very easy to grow. Depending on its exposure to light, the plant can bloom for longer periods than other succulents.

When to water: Water kalanchoes every one to two weeks, making sure the soil doesn’t dry out completely before you water again.


This final plant is a bit of an Instagram celebrity and it’s no surprise. The popular houseplant doesn’t blend into the background in the corner of the room; it stands out as a natural work of art. It can grow tall, with wide statement-making lush emerald leaves. Despite its iconic status, the Monstera is surprisingly easy to maintain. The plant thrives indoors and its soil can dry out 75% before being watered again. If you want your leaves to grow fast and wide, place them in bright indirect light. If you have a moment to spare, give the leaves a light dusting to make them shine even more.

When to water: Water every one to two weeks. Water more often in bright light and less often in low light. To level up your plant, water it with filtered water or water that’s been left out overnight.

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