Are Entrepreneurs and Gamblers the Same?

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BetMGM Nov 10, 2021, 1:03 AM

Most of the decisions we make in life involve an element of risk. We are more likely to take a risk if we expect to be rewarded in some way. So, whether we play online casino games purely for entertainment or in the hopes of winning at some stage, we risk paying to play because we’re either rewarded with a pleasurable experience or the possibility of a win. 

Nobody knows this better than entrepreneurs, who will risk much to step out on their own, either for the pleasure of seeing their idea come to fruition or in the hopes of making it big financially. So, let’s find out if entrepreneurs and gamblers really are the same.

Taking acceptable risks for reward

Perhaps the biggest similarity between entrepreneurs and gamblers is the willingness to take risks for reward. But we’re not talking about mindlessly feeding coins into a slot machine. To play casino games successfully or to turn a basic concept into a paying business, the person involved must be able to balance risk with reward. While this may sound complicated, it really isn’t.

For example, online casinos these days offer a huge selection of online slots that cater to every taste, and they’re delivered in a virtual format that allows individuals to play from almost anywhere and at any time. A successful gambler knows that they will have to play many games to potentially cash in on a win at some point. A responsible gambler manages risk by setting limits on the money and time they’ll spend playing for reward (either in the form of entertainment or as a possible win). These smaller, controlled risks over time are then worth a possible reward down the line.

In a similar way, successful entrepreneurs will take smaller, calculated risks by turning their idea into a business plan and testing out their product or service on a small scale without giving up their nine-to-five job. They invest minimal amounts of time and funds in their venture in the hopes that there will be a reward in the future. This could be the satisfaction of seeing your idea come to life and being your own boss, or for significant financial gain.

Harnessing knowledge, skills, and experience

There are instances when individuals win big while gambling for the first time, but this is not the norm. Most people play often before they have their first small win. By getting to know more about their game of choice and understanding when they’re in the right frame of mind to play, even games of pure chance turn into more enjoyable experiences. Casino table games in particular, that involve a level of skill, require players to learn all they can before trying out their skills to see what works for them and how they can improve. 

Entrepreneurs must often compete with bigger, more established companies to sell their products or services to a finite customer base. Learning everything they can about their customers, understanding how their offering can improve an individual’s life or solve a problem for them, while also accessing all the bits of data about their industry, increases their chances of success significantly.

Understanding the importance of managing money

It’s no secret that successful gamblers are good at managing their money. Armed with knowledge, skill, experience, and an understanding of acceptable risk and reward, a good gambler knows that small repeated losses can be recouped with a win or reckoned into an entertainment budget.

When you play games like slots or roulette, the casino is always going to have the edge. So, while you may have a win from time to time, in the long run, the house is going to win. Successful gamblers decide how much they will spend on gambling each month and chalk up their losses as an entertainment expense. It’s a bit different with games that involve both luck and skill. Sports betting as well as certain live casino online games like poker can give skilled players an edge and even allow them to make a profit over time.

In a similar way, an entrepreneur must be a good money manager. If an individual spends their life savings on quickly getting their idea off the ground without first understanding their market, being fully in control of the risk factors involved, and risking their money in careful incremental stages, they’re likely to finish up with nothing more than an idea.

The main takeout of our blog is that much of what a gambler and entrepreneur have in common comes down to self-management. It’s easy to get carried away with a personal desire for quick and easy ways to make a fortune, but whether you enjoy playing at an online casino or in the business world, there really are no shortcuts. Self-discipline, knowledge, and clever thinking are your most powerful tools.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.