Feng Shui for Gamblers: Can Your Environment Affect Your Luck?

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Practicing the traditional Chinese art of feng shui can provide a sense of harmony between yourself and the surrounding environment. Some gamblers incorporate elements of feng shui into their game, hoping to create good fortune.

Whether playing at a brick-and-mortar establishment or at a live dealer online casino table, feng shui basics can be applied. Take a look into the principles of feng shui and how they are often applied to casino and gambling room design.

What Is Feng Shui?

How many times have you found yourself tapping on wood or crossing your fingers for good luck? Maybe you avoid walking under ladders or become nervous if you accidentally break a mirror? After all, these acts are said to bring misfortune. For many, adhering to such superstitions can help bring a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world. 

Likewise, in the gambling universe, many players believe that by incorporating basic feng shui principles, gamblers can receive good luck. This literal translation of feng shui is “wind water,” which hails from ancient Chinese customs. It is believed that through the practice of feng shui, energy forces within the environment can be manipulated to create harmony. 

This not only applies to physical spaces but also to the well-being of humans. With a harmonious sense of being comes a clearer mindset and the ability to make better decisions. So it’s easy to understand why an increasing number of gamblers are incorporating feng shui good luck practices into their play. 

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

When considering the basic principles, remember it’s not only gamblers who turn to feng shui for luck but also householders and businesses. Factors such as color, layout or the arrangement of objects can be incorporated into designing spaces for better work and play

Clean Space

To improve gambling luck, feng shui considers the space around you to be equally important as the game you are playing. For instance, placing your chair so that it faces the door welcomes all good energy to flow as it enters the room. Keeping your gambling area free of clutter allows energy to move freely, with no obstacles in its way.

Another helpful practice is to sit near a window so that energy and light permeate your space. These basic principles can be applied to both the gambling space at home or within a land-based casino.  

Enhancing Good Energy

In Chinese culture, there are numerous symbols and items that are considered to bring good fortune. These include various numbers, colors, water, crystals, buddha statues, dragons and bamboo. For instance, hanging crystals in a window can help the flow of positive energy through the transmission of light into darker areas.

Some use feng shui mirror placement for good luck. The idea is that the mirror helps reflect the positive energy throughout the room. Water is also an essential ingredient for feng shui practice; a small fountain or aquarium can help with this. The sound of water gently splashing helps to calm the mind and bring a peaceful energy to the room.

According to feng shui, the turtle and dragon are said to bring great fortune and prosperity. Land formation behind your building symbolizes the turtle and a hill to the left of your structure depicts a dragon. However, if there are no hills nearby, the careful placement of a dragon statue or figurine can produce good fortune instead. 

A dragon figurine should be placed at the furthest end of your building, away from the entrance. Positive energy enters your building from the front, so your entrance and hallway should be clear of all obstacles. Thorny shrubs, trees or flowers are considered bad luck plants in feng shui. These should be removed from the entrance to allow for positive energy flow.

Significance of Color

Colors in feng shui practice are symbolic and help to harmonize a setting by providing balance and supportive energies. Some of the world’s best casino designs are based on the principles of feng shui. For instance, the use of jade carvings or art, plush red decor and rounded shapes are said to attract good luck and prosperity.

It is believed that red is associated with emotion and passion, which encourages players to engage more with their games. Other significant colors include:

  • Blue: Stable and calming, this color relates to the growth and flow of money
  • White: A strong and crisp color that provides a supportive energy
  • Green: A color of nature, which brings a healthy balance to family, work and play
  • Yellow: Encourages creativity, happiness and positive energy

These colors may be used in the design of your gambling space to allow the respective energies to flow. However, some gamblers believe that wearing certain items of color can also help, such as a jade ring or lucky red clothing. 

Money Counting

Counting your bankroll while gambling is an absolute no-no when practicing feng shui. It is thought to be unlucky as it stops the flow of positive energy. The philosophy is that your attention is drawn to exact amounts as opposed to welcoming any money values. This also applies to the counting of money belonging to other players.

Symbolism of Numbers

Numbers are also influential in the practice of feng shui, with each digit from one to nine symbolizing a different concept. It’s believed that numbers can have an effect on your gambling environment and actions. Here’s an overview of each digit’s element and concept:

  • Zero – infinity: Symbolizes eternity and unlimited potential
  • One – water: Relates to one’s career or life journey
  • Two – earth: Inspires growth in relationships
  • Three – hard wood: Creates new beginnings and strengthens families
  • Four – soft wood: Inspires fortune and wealth
  • Five – earth: Stabilizes mental and physical health
  • Six – hard metal: Symbolizes helpful people and travel
  • Seven – soft metal: Inspires joy and productivity
  • Eight – mountains: The foundation of knowledge
  • Nine – fire: Illuminates one’s strengths.

It is thought that the use of all numbers brings about perfect harmony. Therefore, a gaming machine that includes all 10 numbers would improve gambling luck under feng shui philosophy. 

Create Your Lucky Space With BetMGM

Through the use of feng shui, there are multiple theories on how to improve gambling luck. However, for some players, the practice of age-old superstitions and quirky little rituals will always prevail. 

It’s not uncommon to see gamblers perch lucky charms on their table or blow the dice before rolling them. Many players will avoid wagering on or sitting at the number 13, while others will stack their chips in a certain pattern. 

Now that you have a better understanding of positive energy flow, it’s time to register with BetMGM for the best online casino experience. Play wearing your favorite colors, rearrange your furniture and use as many lucky charms as you wish — all while enjoying your favorite games.

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