How to Decorate Your Home for the Festive Season

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There are only a few times in the year when you can go all-out, or even a bit over the top, to decorate your home with holiday cheer, so why hold back? We aren’t going to give you tips or advice in this blog because festive season decorating isn’t about channeling your inner interior designer or even the latest trends. Decorating your home for the holidays is more about creating a unique combination of family traditions and the sights, sounds, and aromas that have personal meaning for you.

We’ll have a look at all the aspects of festive season home décor that inspire us and that will help you create an ambiance that puts a smile on your face, cheer in your heart, and a warm fuzzy feeling in your belly. Let’s get inspired!

Have fun!

Our first inspiration for decorating your home this festive season is the fun of it all. While this seems like an obvious thing to say, far too many people feel close to breaking down at this time of year. The pressure to live up to certain standards, meet the expectations of friends and family, and deliver a seamless Christmas experience can put extreme pressure on us as individuals.

What may help is to think about the way you feel when you take time out of your day to play casino games. As you know, it isn’t about winning a jackpot or playing the perfect hand. Your online casino games experience is all about relaxation, excitement, and taking some time out from the stress of the day. Use the same principles when decorating your home. Put aside time to enjoy the experience, relax, and have fun.

It’s your taste that matters

The festive season is a great opportunity to channel your inner child no matter what your age. Don’t feel self-conscious about your use of color or how you choose to decorate your Christmas tree. You know what you like so go with the hues and decorations that please you the most.

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To make the most of your chosen décor, take a look at the space you have available. Avoid placing anything in walkways, near radiators, or an open fire. And of course, if you’re buying a fresh tree, you’ll want it to fit into the space you’ve allocated. Also, keep in mind that if you’re expecting friends and family over the holidays, you’ll want to leave extra room for everyone to move around without taking out the Christmas tree or getting tangled in the tinsel.

Family traditions

The festive season is always a walk down memory lane. You’ll unpack your boxes of decorations and find the set of tree ornaments your mother gave you when you moved into your first home, or the paper mache holly and berries that your son made at age five. Items like these might not be the best interior design choices, but they will make decorating your home this festive season uniquely meaningful to you.

If you still have young children at home, find ideas online for DIY decorations and put some time aside to make your own creations. In a few years, when they’re all grown up, some of these items will be treasured festive season heirlooms.

If you prefer a theme and a cohesive aesthetic, that’s okay too. Simply group these items by color or texture, or place one object among your carefully chosen pieces as a nod to family and past Christmases.

Always be inspired by family traditions that make Christmas special and bring your loved ones, and memories, closer to you.

Shine like a domestic god(ess)!

If you enjoy the challenge of transforming your domestic space into a magical wonderland, then this is the time of year when you can indulge your inner interior decorator.

Have you been doing something similar every year? Change things up by picking a theme to guide your décor choices and ideas. This could be ‘celestial’ – so a silver, gold, and pastel palette with lots of shine and sparkle. Or a rustic, Scandinavian theme that includes plenty of white, wood elements, and pine-tree cuttings. For a touch of glamour, add gold geometric candle holders, tiny sparkling lights, tastefully carved raw-wood reindeer, and other figurines.

If you start decorating your home around Thanksgiving, your decor choices will be with you for at least five weeks so make sure you and your family can comfortably live with them, and that your carefully-placed decorations will not interfere with your favorite activities. Especially if you like to kick back over the holidays with your feet up and a warm drink in your hand while you catch festive season football. Remember, you can indulge in online sports betting throughout the festive season at BetMGM, where the action never stops, not even for the holidays.

Outdoor décor inspiration

Don’t forget to decorate the yard too. If you’re a Christmas lights enthusiast, now’s your time to shine. If not, just a few well-placed decorations can fill your heart, and your visitor’s, with festive cheer, even before reaching the front door. If you already have evergreen trees like Burford Holly, pine, spruce, or fir – you’re halfway there already! But even leafless trees can turn your garden into a winter wonderland with dazzling displays of outdoor string lights. Hang horizontal branches with tree baubles or tie red bows to shrubs and container plants.

Don’t have a yard? Not to worry! You can ‘festivize’ your balcony or even a flower box outside your window. Just keep the weather in mind and opt for plastic decorations that are well-secured and won’t blow away in the wind.

A super festive season at BetMGM online casino

We hope you’ve been inspired to start decorating your home for the festive season, keeping in mind that it’s all about fun, family, and relaxation. We’re open throughout the festive season so hop online anytime to spin the slots or indulge in your favorite casino table games with blackjack, roulette, online poker, and many more on offer. If you haven’t signed up already, it’s simple and easy to register with us, to access a world of games and sports betting this festive season!

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