Fun and Easy Hobbies You Can Start and Stick With

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There’s something so satisfying about starting a hobby, especially when you know that it will benefit you either physically, emotionally or both. Unfortunately, whether related to time or financial constraints or simply due to waning interest, research shows that the average “shelf life” of a new hobby is just one year and four months.

Are you hoping to find a hobby that you can enjoy for much longer than that? Then here are a few new hobby ideas for pastimes that are fun and easy to start and stick with, from stone skipping to playing online casino games and everything in between. 

Go stone skipping with a friend

This is a slightly quirky hobby idea and is sure to be one of the lowest-cost pastimes out there! Often called “stone skimming,” this refers to the art of throwing a stone in such a way that it skims or bounces across the surface of a body of water. When you get into it, you’ll realize there’s a technique to the throw that involves a side-swipe of the wrist to get the object skimming nicely, and choosing your next stone is all part of it. Stone-skipping hobbyists usually compete to see who can skip their pebble the furthest before it finally sinks. The current record holder managed a staggering 88 skips! Now there’s something spectacular to work towards. 

What you’ll need to get started: A body of water – the calmer the better – and a smooth, flat, preferably triangular-shaped stone. The stone should be around the same size as your palm and its weight similar to that of a standard tennis ball (although smaller ones can work okay, too.)

Learning new things

Why not endeavor to broaden your mind and maximize your knowledge at every possible opportunity? This is a fantastic idea for a hobby that will improve your life dramatically in the long term. People who embrace this pastime aim to learn skills or study new subjects by completing and enrolling in online and college courses – and doing lots of research and reading. Once finished, they move on to the next one with the goal of never stopping their journey in the pursuit of knowledge. It might sound costly, but in reality, there are countless free courses available out there if you know where to look (start online but also look in your local community for what’s out there.) Be sure to take advantage of these resources and, of course, always be on the lookout for discounts on those paid-for courses that really capture your interest and are worth saving up for.

What you’ll need to get started: Nothing in particular, but a computer and a strong sense of curiosity will certainly come in handy. You could also visit your local library or delve into your own collection of books lying around the home, perhaps even read a few of those classics that you may have been putting off until now. 

Play casino games from home – or the park

Millions of people around the globe enjoy online casino games on a regular basis. It’s a popular pastime that comes with a number of benefits, not least something that you can do from anywhere, any time. For example, online poker encourages players to use skill, strategy, and logic to increase their chances of winning – although there’s a lot of luck involved too, of course. Playing this card game also encourages long-term focus and helps develop the ability to “read” other people, which can come in handy in everyday life.  

What you’ll need to get started: A computer or mobile device, a reliable internet connection, and a form of payment (if you’ll be playing for real money, although many online casinos provide free-to-play titles, too.)


Minimalism is at the very core of camping, which means you won’t need much to get going. It’s a wonderful hobby to try out as it encourages you to get out into nature and soak up its many benefits. Camping is a good way to ease stress, escape from screens and simply enjoy some much-needed fresh air, and peace and quiet. It’s also a chance to explore a new destination and learn a variety of helpful skills, such as basic first aid, starting a fire without a lighter, and how to identify certain plants and animals. You don’t have to go into full survival mode and set off into the wilderness, though – start with what you feel comfortable with.

What you’ll need to get started: A small tent and a sleeping bag. You can build up your collection of camping equipment and accessories as you go.

Tips for sticking to your new hobby

Unfortunately, enthusiasm is only going to get you so far when it comes to making your hobby stick. Here are a few quick tips for successfully turning your hobby into a habit:

  • Rope in a few friends or relatives to join in on the fun. Studies have shown that a person is more likely to stick to something when they engage in the activity alongside another person.
  • Set goals for yourself. You’ll be sure to spend more time enjoying your hobby when you’re working towards a specific accomplishment. Remember to set a timescale too (for example, I want to camp in three new places before the end of the year,) and keep your goals realistic.
  • Let go of the pressure. While goals are important, a hobby shouldn’t revolve around achieving perfection. The essence should always be entertainment, enjoyment and stress relief.
  • Start slow. Try to avoid throwing yourself into the new pastime full force right from the beginning as this could have you quickly feeling overwhelmed and throwing in the towel prematurely as a result. Take your time and ask for support and guidance whenever you need it.
  • Find a mentor. It helps to have someone with plenty of experience in your corner to help keep you on the right track throughout the hobby’s learning curve and beyond.

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