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BetMGM Sep 11, 2023, 8:50 AM

The evolution of the online casino, combined with the growing accessibility of mobile betting apps, has made gaming on the go a seamless experience. Over the past decade, the gambling landscape has undergone a profound online migration. This shift in the gaming environment coincides with a society that has become extremely reliant on phones. Nowadays, digital devices are used for everything, from shopping and reading to gambling and messaging, because a large percentage of the global population uses smartphones.

With live dealer casino games and virtual reality making waves in the industry, digital casinos are offering a truly authentic experience. Additionally, the ease, accessibility, and high-quality graphics of mobile gaming have caused many to ask, “What’s the point of visiting offline casinos?” This blog post discusses the growing mobile gaming trend and what it means for the future of the gambling industry. 

Where Is Online Gambling Going?

So, what does mobile gaming mean for the future of casino games? The rising popularity of online gambling has caused hundreds of casinos to set up online platforms to adapt to changing consumer demands and in order to grow their market share in the industry. Gambling isn’t the first industry to be revolutionized by technology and to have its customer base practically redefined by it. This phenomenon is also seen in the movie industry, where streaming sites became the new DVDs, and major corporations like Blockbuster soon filed for bankruptcy when new technologies were available to the public.

In addition to accessibility, another benefit gamblers are experiencing as a result of this wholesale online migration is the number of bonuses and promotions on offer. In an attempt to build and maintain their customer base, most casinos offer sign-up, deposit, and game-specific bonuses. This can range from “Deposit $10, and BetMGM will match it” to “Collect 20 Free Spins” bonuses.

With many offline casinos having had to close their doors, the substantial rise in online gamblers was further boosted during the COVID-19 pandemic when millions of players had no choice but to play casino online. 

The resulting competition in the online industry has done wonders for the quality of gaming. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from competitors, establishments are constantly introducing new technologies, games, and first-rate graphics.

For gamblers, it means a wider range of variety games, high-quality visuals, and the luxury of accessible gaming. A casino online app allows gamblers to play on the go, whether on the bus, during a lunch break, or in between meetings. In contrast, brick-and-mortar casinos often have the same range of games for years, and visiting one usually entails additional costs, like travel, accommodation, food, and drink. 

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of gambling online. For instance, if you only have a few moments to spare, you can join a poker, roulette, or blackjack game in a matter of seconds and have the luxury of leaving anytime. 

The number of casinos online grew exponentially after the Supreme Court hearing in 2018, which authorized states to legalize digital casinos. Since then, dozens of states, including Michigan and New York, have opened their doors to casino operators. 

As mentioned, compared to offline casinos, the variety of games on offer is astonishing. Most digital establishments offer hundreds of games, from the traditional (poker, bingo, slots) to unique games, like Mahjong and Pitching Pennies. 

Introducing themed games like Viking-themed slots and Christmas-themed bingo has added additional excitement to the online gambling sphere. 

But there’s still room to grow, and perhaps the industry can learn from the experience of digital art. Offering an excellent case study for how an industry and its consumers can evolve, Web3 has seen many artists move away from traditional galleries and towards NFTs and digital art, a move which has allowed them to set up shop and avoid the often exorbitant commissions and fees charged by galleries. The art world is in limbo as many buyers and creatives have moved their businesses online, leaving traditional establishments to seek other ways to remain relevant. 

Is Gambling Online Safe?

While the online gaming environment is in the process of establishing itself, the act of having to provide personal and banking information has caused many to question the safety of betting online. 

Most sites already have embedded encryption technology, like Transport Layer Security and firewall software security, meaning they’re fully tamper-proof, which makes it almost impossible for hackers to access information.

The Benefits of Smart Home Systems

Then there’s the parallel phenomenon of smart home systems revolutionizing modern living. With the capacity to analyze the energy consumption of lights and appliances, homeowners are becoming more mindful of where they’re using the most electricity, helping them to be more energy efficient. 

But smart homes are not just about convenience; they’re also an excellent example of the way in which technological advances and increased security go hand in hand. With motion sensors and cameras that alert homeowners every time someone sets foot within its perimeters, security has improved tremendously thanks to intelligent systems. 

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.