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Have you completely exhausted the traditional “dinner and a movie” date night setup? Are you looking for some fresh date ideas to impress your significant other and up the romance? Then how about a glitzy and glamorous date night at your nearest casino or perhaps planning a night in, where you enjoy a variety of different online casino games together? Whether you’re heading out or staying in, here are some great tips for making your casino-themed date an evening to remember.

Heading Out

Grab the Opportunity To Dress Up

While dressing formally might not be a necessity to gain entry into most casinos these days, there’s nothing stopping you from glamming it up and making the evening extra special. Encourage your partner to go “all out” and don a stunning evening dress or a classy suit — and make sure that you put in just as much effort to match. Remember to pay attention to footwear choices, too. No sandals or dirty sneakers allowed, especially for a casino date.

Start Out With Drinks and a Bite To Eat

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It might be tempting to jump straight onto the casino floor and get started playing your favorite slots and casino table games, but it’s always a good idea to start the evening with some romance and treat your partner to a few celebratory drinks and a delicious meal beforehand. Not only will it set the mood for the night, but you’ll also be able to fill your bellies with plenty of good food to give you the energy and brainpower to play at your best and ooze a sense of confidence to gain that “edge” over your opponents.

Have a Plan

It’s a great idea to have a chat with your partner beforehand about how they want to approach the casino evening so you don’t have to spend any time on your date figuring out the details. Perhaps talk about setting a specific bankroll — also known as a gambler’s budget — and about what types of casino slot games and table games they want to spend the most time playing. This will help to prevent you from walking around the casino floor aimlessly or arguing about what to play next. If your partner is new to the world of gambling, this will also be the perfect time to explain the rules of gameplay and the many different strategies that they can try out.

Wrap Up a Fabulous Evening With a Live Show

Once you’ve enjoyed a few hours of playing out on the casino floor, why not wrap up the evening and wind down with some extra entertainment in the form of a live show? Most land-based casinos are situated close to popular theaters and some even have exclusive theaters onsite. You’ll also usually have your pick between a lively musical, a side-splitting stand-up comedy or something more dramatic, depending on your preferences.

Other Great Tips for Your Night Out

Put the Phones Away

Make an effort to part with your smartphone for the duration of your casino-themed date. Some casinos even have a policy in place regarding using any technology while on the casino floor.

Tipping Is a Must

Tip your dealer, your bartender and your waitron. Good manners go a long way (and will probably impress your date more than your poker skills.)

Check on Your Date

Remember, this is still a date night, so even if you’re out and having a great time at the casino, your date should still be your number one focus. Check in with your date regularly, especially if they’re still getting to know the workings of the games. This will help them to feel more comfortable asking questions if they’re finding the experience confusing at any point.

Staying In

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Dress the Part

Unless an evening of playing the best online casino games in your PJs sounds appealing (we don’t blame you,) you can still go the extra mile to dress up and set the tone for your casino-themed date night idea if you wish. Doing so will ensure that the perfect date won’t feel like your average lazy evening at home but rather something a little more extraordinary.

Cook Together or Order In

Nobody wants to place their bets on an empty stomach, so be sure to fill up before you get stuck in. Couples who love to cook can embrace the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and whip up something tasty, while those who would prefer to save their energy for casino games and other romantic activities can opt to pick up the phone and order in a suitable date-night dinner.

Cuddle Up and Play Your Favorite Casino Games

Once you’re full and have enjoyed a good chat about how you’d like to approach your evening at the digital casino of your choice, it’s time to buckle down and get started. As with a night out, don’t forget to set a realistic budget if you’re playing at an online casino for real money. If you’d prefer to play a few “friendly” games of poker or blackjack instead, simply grab a deck of cards and some beans or marbles and savor every moment of each other’s company without having to worry about whether you win or lose.

Other Great Tips

Jazz It Up

Amp up the ambiance with some casino-themed decor, decorations and props that turn your home into a glamorous den of excitement.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Plan, plan, plan. Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time so you don’t have to dash out during the evening or skip something that you were both looking forward to because it somehow slipped through the cracks.

Give Your Date Your Full Attention

Just like your night out, don’t get too “razzled and dazzled” by the awesome casino games and forget you’re on a date. Your partner should be your number one focus for the evening.

Play Casino Games Online at BetMGM

Are you looking for the ideal online casino at which to host your at-home casino game night? BetMGM has got you covered, making it possible for you and your partner to play hundreds of different online slots and casino table games. Remember to register in advance via the convenient mobile portal to ensure that you’re able to get started immediately when it’s time to let the games begin. Have fun.

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