How Casinos Are Reducing Carbon Footprint

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BetMGM Jun 15, 2023, 2:48 AM

The conversation on the urgent need for everybody, in their personal and professional capacities, to reduce their carbon footprint has been topical in recent years. This pressing matter has resulted in many industries looking for ways to operate in more environmentally friendly ways, including the gambling industry. One of the most prominent ways casinos are playing their part is through the growing popularity of online casino games, which is a step in the right direction toward more environmentally aware operations.

Casinos have long been associated with glitz, glamor and extravagance, which requires various stakeholders and supply chains. The impact of this is far-reaching, but in recent years, casinos have proven to be more mindful of their operations. Not only are some casinos pursuing greener alternatives and moving online, but they are also incorporating eco-friendly products into their land-based operations.

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is one’s cumulative emission of greenhouse gasses, with carbon dioxide being the most prominent. Daily activities and business operations contribute to this global pollution and have an adverse impact on the climate and the atmosphere. Because of how severe things have become in recent years, now more than ever, the need to actively work toward reducing carbon footprint has become urgent.

How Casinos Have Contributed to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Although casinos, specifically land-based casinos, aren’t typically among the major contributors to carbon emissions, they do have some impact. The need for electricity to keep operating is one prime example, but a commitment to reducing carbon emissions appears to be something that casinos are acting upon.

Below are just some of the ways in which casinos are becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing carbon emissions.

1. Eco-Friendly Building Designs

Modern casinos focus on sustainable design principles when building, while some old casinos that have the resources and means to are making the necessary improvements in that direction. The need for eco-friendly buildings that are energy-efficient and constructed from materials that align with reducing carbon emissions has never been more important than now. Another sustainable building trend on the rise is the inclusion of passive solar design, which relates to the strategic placement of windows (natural lighting and ventilation) to improve insulation for better overall efficiency.

2. Waste Management

Establishments like land-based casinos make use of a variety of materials in their day-to-day operations. Previously, not much attention was paid to how it affected the environment and a lot of waste was dumped in landfills — but that’s no longer the case. Casinos have started to introduce various recycling methods and initiatives to ensure that the likes of plastic and paper waste are recycled and not as harmful to the environment.

3. Reducing Electricity Consumption

One only needs to take a walk down any Las Vegas street at night to see just how much electricity can go into lighting up the gambling capital of the world. Fortunately, there are ways around it. Many casinos are now choosing to switch to LEDs, which consume less energy, as well as power alternatives such as solar and other forms of renewable energy.

4. Educating Casino Enthusiasts

When it comes to being more environmentally friendly, not much can be done by casinos without the buy-in from their various stakeholders. This includes gamblers who frequent casino establishments and platforms. In addition to recycling initiatives, casinos have also introduced ways of educating both staff and patrons on sustainable behavior.

Some gamblers could even take it a step further and incorporate the teachings and awareness into their own personal lives. Mental fortitude is a key part of being a successful gambler. That means adopting a healthy lifestyle in terms of the food you consume is often recommended. Going green is something that a lot of gamblers are pursuing to improve their mental and physical health.

5. Going Online

This is perhaps one of the most prominent ways in which casinos are reducing their carbon emissions. The introduction of online casinos has provided a relatively more environmentally friendly alternative to land-based casinos, considering all the elements that are required to keep physical casinos operational. By creating a virtual environment for gamblers to interact and play in, there are significantly lower carbon emissions and some might argue that it’s the most energy-efficient way to continue with gambling operations. Online casinos have, without a doubt, been key to the evolution of the gambling industry toward being more environmentally aware.

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