How Technology Has Changed the Way You Travel

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From booking and packing to planning an itinerary, technology has transformed the way we travel. Although airports have become little cities in themselves, pre-flight logistics are more efficient, transparent and seamless. Instead of having to print a whole lot of documents, your smartphone now holds your ticket, itinerary, maps and reservations. All you have to remember is your passport. 

For online casino enthusiasts, you’ll never regret taking the leap and flying to an iconic gambling destination such as Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s great to remind yourself now and then of the electric and dynamic atmosphere that the best casinos in the world are famous for. Who knows, you may discover an exciting casino game to play online back home. In this blog, we dive into the innovative world of technology and travel.  

How Has Technology Revolutionized Trip Planning?

As space travel is gradually being introduced, it’s clear to see that technology in the tourism industry has indeed come a long way. But, here, we’re looking at an altitude of 33,000-42,000 feet (rather than space) where travelers have never been more connected to the world because of the way technology is thriving. Simply put, if you have the financial means, you can travel to any corner of the globe, any day of the week and book your own tickets online – which allows you to compare prices of several airlines to get the best deal. All this in a matter of minutes. 

Even airports have begun to integrate AI more extensively. In a bid to improve the passenger flow through one of the world’s busiest airports, London Heathrow has replaced humans with electronic border control checks that scan your passport and face. Closer to home, technology has also revolutionized trip planning. 

Reviews and Websites

Unless you’d been there before, booking a hotel in the 80s was a potluck. Fast forward to the present, and travelers have more information available at their fingertips than they could possibly digest, such as the establishment’s own website and star-rating reviews from previous customers. 

On the website, you can find out what amenities are on offer and how this compares to other establishments in the same price range; learn more about the hotel’s surrounding area – for instance, are you within easy distance from the airport, the beach or your favorite casino, details which are important when you’re one of those travelers who like to plan their days well in advance.  

Reviews are another brilliant tool for helping you pick the perfect destination. They offer first-hand accounts from individuals who had stayed at the establishment and used their facilities and who, much like you may intend to, have explored the surrounding area and are therefore well placed to recommend good restaurants or other outdoor and indoor activities not mentioned on the establishment’s own website. 

Tailored Holidays

Whether you’re an avid gambler, cyclist, hiker or surfer, technology innovations now make it possible for you to search for holiday locations tailored to your passions. And, just in case you have many possible options to choose from, the internet offers an almost endless number of blogs, articles, videos and reviews on each option to help you decide. For instance, beginner surfers may enjoy the consistent calm and gentle waves of Sri Lanka rather than the heavy and unforgiving Indonesian breaks.


Technological advances make it possible for travelers to search, plan and book everything on the go. Whether it’s last minute or months in advance, the online world makes it possible to find the best flight and accommodation deals and book from the comfort of your home or even on the go. Flight search tools such as Google Flights, for instance, allow travelers to work out when is the best time to book flights.

The introduction of e-tickets is another blessing as it eliminates the process of printing endless booking confirmations, making the whole process less tedious and more environmentally friendly. 


Packing has also been transformed by technology. Smartly designed suitcases offering several clever compartments designed for specific kinds of technology (Kindle and laptop) eradicate the need to take heavy and space-hoarding items such as books, which means you can pack more efficiently and return home with more gifts for family and friends! 

Best Vacation spots for Casino Lovers

Regarding top vacation spots for casino lovers, don’t worry; there’s certainly no shortage. While the most famous and iconic gambling hotspot remains Las Vegas, Nevada, there are other cities and hidden gems worth visiting.

While luxurious locations such as Monte Carlo, Monaco and Singapore host some of the most exclusive casino table games, there’s also the impressive Macau, China, nicknamed the Las Vegas of Asia. Other great destinations include Atlantic City, New Jersey, Paris and London.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.