How to Become the Best Croupier a Casino Has Ever Seen

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You think of classic films like The Hustler, Croupier, or modern films like Uncut Gems and The Card Counter. You immediately picture the croupier – the debonair casino staff who manage tables with easy charm.

Croupiers run casino table games and deliver an entertaining casino experience. Being a croupier requires intelligence, effective communication and attentiveness.

If skilled and professional croupiers at casinos or on the big screen inspire you and you want to join the ranks of the most talented casino croupiers, we’re here to help you get there. 

What is a croupier?

A croupier (the French word for dealer) is a casino staff member who assists players in games like blackjack, roulette, keno and craps. 

Croupiers are genius multitaskers. They are responsible for calculating odds and payouts, interacting with and assisting players, explaining casino card game rules, and ensuring bets are placed. They also monitor players to ensure casino rules are enforced.

The journey to becoming a casino croupier

After reading that job description, you’re convinced that this role was made for you. But how do you get there? 

There is no clear-cut way to become a casino croupier. However, before moving ahead you’ll have to make a vital decision: do you want to pursue tertiary education as a casino dealer or not? 

Whatever you decide, look at the following career roadmap for guidance. 

Getting a degree

It is estimated that 55.2% of croupiers have a bachelor’s degree. A degree can make your application stand out. Some world-class casinos prefer hiring trainees with degrees in hospitality, customer service and similar casino-related fields. 

If a full degree seems like a big commitment, consider a two-year degree or a technical school certificate to improve your resume. 

Skipping the degree

You can still become a successful croupier with a high school diploma or a GED. The first step is to get hired to work in a casino. Because croupier roles require experience, you will have to start in a lesser position within the casino. But this won’t be wasted time. This is when you will learn the trade, see how games operate and observe croupiers at work. 

If you’re struggling to find work at a casino, look for valuable work experience while you apply. Roles where you deal with clients and work with numbers (such as those of cashiers and bartenders) can supplement your resume with math and customer service skills. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you leave with a glowing recommendation. 

Work experience and training

You’re in – you’ve been hired by a casino. Now what? Working at a casino allows you to take advantage of in-house training. When you train and work with a casino, you get an in-depth and practical learning experience. 

Once you’ve studied the relevant laws and rules, you can start working under supervision at low-stakes tables. This will demonstrate to your employers that you have the customer service skills and game knowledge to go further. You may also get a croupier license or certificate if it is required. With a license and the right experience, you’ll be ready to work at higher-stakes tables independently. 

Skills and attributes needed for casino croupiers

These are the top skills casinos are looking for when they hire croupiers or dealers. 

Math skills

Before hiring you as a trainee, a casino will first test your math abilities. Croupiers will need to do constant and quick mental calculations to work out bets and winnings at the table. 

Customer service

Customer service is a crucial part of croupier training. Croupiers are essentially the face of the casino to customers playing live dealer casino games at home or in casinos.

As customer service experts, croupiers deal with clients professionally and cordially. Moreover, they should be able to anticipate a client’s needs. An experienced croupier understands the differences between a blackjack player and a poker player and their unique needs. 

Fast learner

Croupier training involves absorbing a lot of information. You’ll have to memorize the rules for a long list of casino games. You’ll need to learn casino rules and different regulations in the gaming industry. A skilled croupier develops a deep understanding of the dynamics of all the various casino games they lead. 


As a casino dealer, you’ll have to be trustworthy beyond any doubt. Not only do dealers handle large sums of money, but they’re responsible for monitoring and reporting any suspicious behavior or cheating. If you have a criminal record of any kind, casinos won’t be likely to hire you to handle their clients’ money. 

Focus and attention to detail

Working at a casino means maintaining the same level of focus at the end of your shift as you did at the beginning. If you lose focus, you may make miscalculations or allow players to cheat the casino.

Sharp memory

A sharp memory will help croupiers at busy gambling tables track which players placed a bet and for how much. 

A people person

The finest dealers are personable people who enjoy interacting with clients. Learn how to converse professionally with clients in a light-hearted manner. This is how you create an unrivaled betting experience for everyone at your table. Friendly croupiers are part of what makes live games the most engaging casino games to play online.

Bonus skills to set you apart

So now you know how to become a decent croupier – but how do you become an excellent croupier? Here are some bonus skills to build that will help you stand out and get the job.


The most successful croupiers can handle any type of client with the same level-headed professionalism. The goal is to master calmness in challenging situations. If you succeed, you’ll be that much more likely to shine when casinos test how you deal with unhappy or difficult clients during your dealer auditions.


Some casinos have many foreign visitors. Learning a foreign language or two is an excellent way to stand out as a croupier. You may even get hired by exclusive casinos to work with high-profile clients. If you’re interested in working at a live casino online, this could be your foot in the door. Online games like live blackjack offer games in different languages. 


As a croupier, you will have to stand for hours. A healthy body means this won’t put too much strain on your back and posture. Also, aesthetics are highly regarded in casinos. A fit physique will always work in your favor. 

Game specialization

A successful dealer matches their professionalism and precision with passion. Being a jack of all trades is necessary for the industry. But why not take it a step further and master a game you truly enjoy? Some people might believe robots will replace croupiers, but a robot can’t replicate passion and commitment. 

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