How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Casinos?

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We exist in a world where everything from your phone to your home makes use of some form of artificial intelligence. It could be your phone’s facial recognition function picking your friends out in a crowd, or Amazon’s Alexa who is always listening and willing to help. Many industries see an AI-focused future, but what does it mean for the future of online gambling?

Teaching Machines

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is taught mainly by the way you behave when you interact with it. Data is collected from AI systems, analyzed, and the data then feeds back into what it knows about you and allows the AI to learn and act upon the discoveries it makes within that data. Facial recognition is a good example: with every new face scanned by the AI, it learns more about the intricacies of facial features and structure, and can then use that information to scan faces at a higher rate of complexity. When it comes to gambling, artificial intelligence can make far more accurate predictions based on statistical analysis and probability, allowing it to create the right scenario for a massive upset in a game of poker that would have been incalculable by a human player. There are positive and negative effects that artificial intelligence can have on online gambling, and it is important to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible about how it will affect your game.

User Experience

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As with all online services, user experience is an incredibly important focus area for online gaming developers. Brick-and-mortar casinos have done extensive research into the layout of their casino floors, focusing on which features are likely to draw customers in and how to get players to stay longer and spend more money. AI can do exactly this for online casinos. For example, an AI could learn from what types of games you typically play, and customize your homepage with games that appeal to you personally. This means you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of games to find one that interests you and gets you playing. It could also track information about how long you typically play for and how long you stay with a game before moving on, allowing it to recommend games to you that will keep you engaged for longer. Another way that online casinos can use AI to enhance their user experience is through the support and customer-service feature. A sophisticated AI system can handle queries and issues with an almost human-like response, meaning that any issues that you may be having with your experience can be swiftly resolved.

Cheaters and Frauds

Nobody likes a cheater at the table, and artificial intelligence can play a big role here. One of the most powerful tools in an AI’s capability, is recognizing and analyzing patterns in behavior. It might be difficult for a human to recognize the behavioral patterns of a cheater, but for a sophisticated artificial intelligence program it’s a walk in the park. This offers security to the casino operators, as well as the players, by allowing the AI to quickly determine if someone is cheating so that the appropriate actions can be taken to prevent it. This isn’t to say that casino operators are the only ones with access to artificial intelligence systems. There are plenty of people out there that have acquired their own AI software, and could use it to bypass any cheat-detection that a site’s AI may have. This means that a user’s AI and a casino’s AI could find themselves trying to catch each other out, something that could pose a massive problem should the user succeed. Artificial intelligence systems can also very easily detect fraudulent payment information, because as we all should know, credit card fraud is unfortunately a serious and widespread issue in the world of online gambling. If your profile on a gambling site typically plays low-cost slot machines, for example, and all of a sudden starts making massive bets at a poker table, this behavior can mean that someone else is using your information. As soon as the AI system learns of and reports such unusual behavior, these activities can be shut down.

Don’t Panic

While the significant impact of artificial intelligence on the future of online gambling can seem intimidating, it is worth noting that the systems put in place are there to protect you and the casino, and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your online gambling. If you would like to try your luck at the casino, the poker table or sports betting and do so with fairness, security and in the spirit of fun, then look no further than BetMGM Sports Betting.