How Will ChatGPT Affect the Online Gambling Industry?

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BetMGM Jul 16, 2023, 10:15 AM

November 30, 2022, will forever be remembered as a day the world of technology changed. This was the day that a demo version of ChatGPT was released, a new piece of AI-powered software from a company called OpenAI that seemed almost lifelike in the way it communicated through text. 

Immediately after it became accessible to the public, people began to speculate as to what this could mean for the future. And the online gambling industry was no exception, with many wondering what this meant for online casino games and other gambling platforms.

Let’s unpack what ChatGPT is, how it works and how this new technology could affect the future of the online gambling industry.

What is ChatGPT?

The name ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer. describes ChatGPT as “software that allows a user to ask it questions using conversational, or natural, language.” But being able to ask ChatGPT questions using natural language wasn’t the only thing that made ChatGPT special. It was the responses that it provided that made people stop and take notice. 

Unlike other online search tools that would link you to an article that was connected to the question you asked, ChatGPT would respond like a person. It would search for an answer and then present it to you in a conversational manner. And not just that. The way it replied was incredibly human, responding in text even better than some people can. For the first time ever, a piece of computer software was able to pass the Turing Test (the Turing Test is a test that aims to see if a machine can pass as a human based on its replies to a real human being.)

But how was ChatGPT able to do this?

According to the For Dummies article, “What Is ChatGPT and How Does It Work?”, here’s how ChatGPT differs from a typical search engine such as Google or Bing:

“By comparison, ChatGPT generates its own unified answer to your prompt. It doesn’t offer citations or note its sources. You ask; it answers. Easy-peasy, right? No. That task is incredibly hard for AI to do, which is why generative AI is so impressive.

“Generating an original result in response to a prompt is achieved by using either the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) or GPT-4 model to analyze the prompt with context and predict the words that are likely to follow. Both GPT models are extremely powerful large language models capable of processing billions of words per second.”

The main point to take away from this revolutionary technology is that we are definitely one step closer to interacting with machines the way we do with other people. 

How to Use ChatGPT in the Online Gambling Industry

The development of ChatGPT has made many people ask how they can use this incredible tool in the online gambling industry. Here are some of the different ideas that people have come up with.

1. Customer Service Assistants

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages that ChatGPT offers is its ability to communicate using natural language, making it ideal for customer service. Today many companies use chatbots to help guide their customers through different processes, but the way these chatbots work is through pre-generated text, multiple choices and specific resources that may or may not actually help you. 

If the chatbot is able to help you using its limited choices and preloaded resources, then it will end its interaction with you. However, if you have worked through all the options available to the chatbot and you are still not able to resolve your issue, the chatbot will pass you over to a human customer service assistant, who will try to help.

However, with its ability to learn and communicate naturally, a “chatbot” that’s powered by ChatGPT will not need pre-scripted text, options and resources. Due to its advanced understanding of language, it will be able to communicate with you like a person, and thanks to its training in a specific library of knowledge, for example, the way an online gambling platform such as a casino or sportsbook works, it will be able to organically assist, or at least attempt to assist, the same way a human would. 

This makes ChatGPT extremely well-suited to step into the role of a customer service assistant in the future.

2. Virtual Teachers or Coaches

Another role that ChatGPT could be extremely well-suited for is that of the virtual teacher or coach. Imagine that a customer wants to try a new casino game but they have never played it before. Instead of having to read a blog post or watch a YouTube video, a virtual teacher powered by ChatGPT could explain the rules of the game to them. The virtual teacher could even be part of a tutorial that the player engages with at their own pace, allowing them to stop at any time and ask the virtual teacher questions about the game and how it works.

Another way ChatGPT could be used at an even more advanced level is as a virtual coach. If a game is more than just pure luck and the player knows the basics rules of the game, ChatGPT could be used as a virtual coach to help someone improve their level of play by identifying what to do when faced with specific situations. For example, in a game like poker, ChatGPT could be integrated into the poker trainers that exist today to teach a player directly what they should do based on what they have in their hand, the cards that they hold, their position at the table and other important elements of the game.

With the ability to communicate like a real person, it’s only a matter of time before ChatGPT becomes an important part of the teaching landscape.

3. Robotic Live Dealers

While the idea of robotic live dealers may seem like science fiction, the truth is we are probably not far off making robotic casino game hosts a reality. If you look at the abilities of robots from Boston Dynamics, Apptronik and other cutting-edge developers, robots will soon be able to replicate the physical tasks associated with casino games like blackjack and roulette and other popular live dealer games.

But we know there is more to the appeal of live dealer games than just the game, which is where ChatGPT comes in. With the robot being able to understand the text chat that players use to interact with the dealer and each other, the mechanized dealer will be able to do everything a live dealer can, including answering questions, ensuring a safe and friendly site for players and even the odd bit of banter. 

Imagine a robotic dealer that doesn’t need to eat, sleep or take bathroom breaks and who could also remember all your previous interactions. This could truly take the live dealer experience to the next level.

Unbelievable Potential With AI

These are just some of the ideas that have been born as a result of the creation of ChatGPT, but it doesn’t end there. Other AI-powered tools will be able to take on other roles, such as understanding a player’s preferences and offering them bonuses and offers that are tailored to their specific tastes, improved security through AI that’s able to instantly detect whether a deposit is suspicious and even understand how to monitor player behavior to ensure they are gambling responsibly.

AI has unbelievable potential to change the way the casino industry operates, but for now, we’ll just have to wait to see what the future holds.

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