How Podcasts Influence Storytelling and Knowledge Sharing

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Oral storytelling has been a part of worldwide human culture throughout history. Your ancestors would tell stories around fires, myths, and legends were created, recipes for tinctures were passed from generation to generation, and so much more. 

You’ll find many of these stories have made it to the modern world and have been adapted as themes in online slots, are the background to novels, and are the premise for blockbuster movies. 

Thanks to storytelling podcasts, there’s a global platform and reach. More brands, companies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals are starting to realize the powerful potential of podcasts, an industry that’s growing rapidly.

Take a look at why podcasts are effective and their impressive benefits for storytelling and knowledge sharing.

Why Are Podcasts So Effective?

The influence of digital art on modern society has been astounding, with AI getting the most attention. However, the top podcasts have also profoundly impacted the art of storytelling and knowledge sharing. Here’s why podcasts are important and the benefits of using them.

They’re Convenient

For anything to be effective in today’s society, it has to be as convenient as possible. This has been seen in the rise of online casino games and how players choose the convenience of an online casino over traveling to a traditional one. 

Podcasts are the most convenient form of storytelling; people can listen to them wherever they are, whether they’re listening on their headphones while out on a walk or on public transport. They can also put it on speakers and listen to a podcast while cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or in the car. The convenience of podcasts is a huge driver of their popularity.

Global Reach

People all over the globe can listen to their podcasts of choice thanks to new and innovative technologies. Apps like Apple Music and Spotify are available worldwide, and everything from the best podcasts with the largest audiences to smaller, lesser-known podcasts have global reach.

This means that they can reach even the farthest-flung audience members and gain popularity somewhere that it simply wasn’t possible before.

The Variety of Topics

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that there’s such a wide variety of topics that there’s a little something for everyone out there. There are social impact podcasts, true crime podcasts, fitness and health podcasts, and so much more. 

They Foster Community and Trust

It’s always surprising what an intimate experience it can be to listen to a podcast. It’s normally just the speaker and the listener, and it seems like a direct conversation. This can make podcasts feel very personal and help to create a sense of community and trust with listeners.

Personalization is a huge aspect of brand success in the current consumer climate, and brands that use podcasts to connect with their listeners and create a community around their podcasts will be more successful.

The Audience Is Highly Engaged

Modern society is renowned for its short attention span, and brands know that they must capture an audience immediately to ensure success. This is true of almost every form of storytelling. Yet, podcasts have captivated audiences. Signal Hill Insights and Cumulus Media did a weekly survey on podcast listeners and found that 81% of them paid close attention throughout the podcast.

This plays an important role in opportunities for advertising and education. Engaged listeners are more likely to pay attention to messages within the podcast, which is essential for social impact or educational podcasts. They’re also more likely to trust and remember any advertisements placed within the podcast.

They’re Affordable to Create

Podcasts are easy to make, and the equipment to create one is much cheaper than an Instagram influencer or YouTube star would need. The affordability and creation ease of podcasts allows everyone an opportunity to have their voice heard. Platforms like Spotify easily allow people to publish their podcasts as long as they’re not offensive.

The cost-effectiveness of ebooks has had a huge impact on the publishing industry, and podcasts have had a similar effect on storytelling and knowledge sharing. With more people able to get their voices out there, there are more options for listeners to find what they are truly interested in without having to break the bank.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.