How to Create the Perfect Road Trip Playlist

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It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, music makes the process much more enjoyable, whether you’re working on a DIY project or blasting through reps at the gym. There have been numerous studies conducted by researchers and scientists that back the benefits of music as it’s proven to reduce stress and increase concentration.

Here we’ll be looking at different methods that you can use to create the perfect playlist for your next road trip. The same principles can be used to create one to listen to when playing your favorite online casino games

The best genres

When it comes to the best genres of music it can be quite subjective as we all have different tastes and we’ll be taking different trips. However, the popular music streaming service Spotify has revealed the most popular music genres for road trips.

  • Classic Rock – 19.0%
  • Pop  18.0% 
  • Hip-Hop 13.9%
  • Alternative Rock 12.6%
  • Country 8.0%
  • EDM 7.5%
  • Rock 6.5%
  • R&B 6.3%
  • Folk 3.6%
  • Pop Rock 3.5%
  • Other 1.1%

Basic principles of choosing a song

Below are some of the basics that you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect songs for your playlist. These are important as they can prevent you from hitting the “skip” button. 

The theme matters

Where are you going? What route will you take? Your surroundings are important to consider as you won’t want to be listening to something that doesn’t tie in with your trip. For example, if you’re making your way to Las Vegas to play casino games, there’s a high chance of you traveling down a desert highway. Depending on your taste in music, slow, sad love songs probably won’t be fitting for a long stretch of open road in the midday sun.

Choose music that will tie in with your surroundings such as country or folk. This will, in turn,  make your surroundings more enjoyable. If you’re heading on a trip that will take you down the coast, indie pop or EDM (electronic dance music) will get you in the right mood. 

Don’t try and control the music for the entire trip

It can be very difficult to accommodate the musical tastes of your passengers as everyone has preferences – just as they do for online casino games. It’s a good idea to let everyone take a turn to control the music for a few songs. This could also be a great way to experience different genres and artists. You may even find your new favorite song.

A good way to add their preferences to the list is to ask each passenger to send you five artists that they like. Add these to the playlist and the trip becomes much more enjoyable for everyone. 

Look up local artists

Going on a road trip allows you to see and experience new things, and this can begin the minute you start the engine. Why not look up artists that are from the area you’re heading to? Add their music to the playlist, pay attention to the lyrics and see if you can spot anything that’s mentioned in the songs.

Slow down the pace

Like most things in life, everything should be done in moderation, whether it’s playing casino table games or eating chocolate. The same can be said of music you can only listen to Skrillex for so long before you start to lose your mind. This is where songs with a slow tempo come in handy as it gives everyone a chance to breathe and collect the thoughts that were lost after hours of headbanging. This might also give your passengers the time to play at the best online casino in the USA – BetMGM. 

Go offline

Like playing online slots on the go has taught us, you won’t always have the best internet connection. Relying on a music streaming service while you’re on a road trip isn’t the best decision as there are areas that don’t have great reception and even trying to make a call is a challenge. Downloading your playlist onto your phone is a great way to ensure that your music is uninterrupted. 

Silence is golden

It’s important to take breaks from music. It can become a bit too much to handle, especially after a long time driving. Switching to the radio or talking with your passengers is a great alternative if you’re not comfortable with silence. If you’re not the one driving and you have a decent internet connection then you can try some of the live dealer casino games offered by BetMGM. 

The perfect gaming combo with BetMGM

Regardless of where you are, BetMGM can be enjoyed online in many US states and this is a great way to pass the time when you’re at a gas station or if you’re waiting for your order at a restaurant. If you’re heading to Nevada then you can stop by one of our casinos and experience casino table games much as you’ll find in the movies. Sign up with BetMGM before your road trip and gain access to the best casino games, such as table games, poker, and online slot machines.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.