A List of the Best Casino-Themed Novels

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If you play casino games, whether online or in-person, you’ll know that they’re an exciting and thrilling form of entertainment. Of course, the best casino games have been an inspiration behind some massive Hollywood blockbusters.

Some great novels out there are inspired by casino table games and the lives of the people who take part in them. There are a number of excellent casino-themed novels that fans of online casino games will enjoy.

Why casino-themed novels are so popular

The popularity of casino-themed novels can be attributed to the fact that they are a cross between two favorite pastimes – reading and playing casino games. Such novels remain of interest because they give people who play casino games online and in-person insight from other players’ perspectives. Through reading these novels, players can discover tips, tricks and strategies on how to potentially win big at jackpot slots, online roulette or any of their other favorite casino games.

With the rise of online casinos increasing the accessibility and ease of playing, more people are being exposed to both classic and modern casino games. Both novice and experienced players are constantly looking to gain the upper hand over their opponents, and these novels could help them do just that. Casino-themed novels may improve gameplay because players may have possibly read up on some scenarios that present themselves at a casino, putting them in a better position to think of or recall a winning tactic.

Let’s take a look at some casino-themed books that you should try to get your hands on.

Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom

You’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) Molly’s Game, which is now an award-winning movie starring Jessica Chastain. However, the story first came to light as a novel by Molly Bloom, who wrote about her true story.

At the age of 26, Bloom became a private game runner who organized some of the world’s most renowned high-stakes underground poker tournaments on the East and West Coasts. The book shows what the life of a private runner was like and how Bloom hosted some of Hollywood’s biggest stars at her table.

Of course, no casino story is complete without an unbiased view of both the good and the bad. Bloom showcases both the glamorous and dark sides of gambling and is soon making such waves that she attracts the attention of the FBI.

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Chances are you’ve also seen Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. This high-grossing film was another one that started its days in book form. It’s the first-ever novel written about the suave secret agent, 007. Ian Fleming wrote the book in 1953 and it kickstarted the most iconic spy novel series in history.

While the book doesn’t center on gambling as its main activity, the villain of the story, Le Chiffre, is a banker who rolls the world’s worst terrorists and is currently involved in a high-stakes Texas Hold’em game in Montenegro. It’s up to Bond to enter the game and ensure that Le Chiffre doesn’t win and get even more backing from the world’s bad guys.

It’s a thrilling and adrenaline-fuelled novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Believe it or not, The Gambler isn’t just a beloved Kenny Rogers song! It’s also the title of a remarkable (and unrelated) novel that provides an excellent read between your online casino games. Dostoevsky is the mastermind behind the novel and the author of various classics, including The Idiot and Crime and Punishment.

The main character in The Gambler is Alexei Ivanovich, a man set on solving his monetary issues at the roulette table, which we all know is never a good idea. However, while he’s playing, he meets and falls in love with another gambler named Polina. The rest is up to you to read, but let’s just say that there’s the perfect combination of love, money, status, debauchery and the seedy underworld to ensure that you never want to put the book down.

Comped by Bill Kearney

In the 1980s, Atlantic City was a gambler’s playground and this book by Bill Kearney shows just that. Comped is a novel based on Kearney’s high-roller days in the famous city on the Jersey Shore when the enormous economic crash to come was not even considered.

As with many of the best casino-inspired novels, Comped takes a look at the dark and shady underbelly of organized gambling. This was a time when huge celebrities frequented the establishments in Atlantic City: All kinds of trouble abounded and fast cars, expensive penthouses and life’s excesses were just part and parcel of life here.

All On Zero by Argiro Mantoglou and Don Nielsen

All On Zero is another love story that takes place in a casino, and while love is anything but candid and transparent, the two protagonists have to be extra careful to hide their true emotions during high-stakes games.

Stavros and Dawn meet in a casino and they work together to try and chase big money across a number of different casino games. Of course, not everything goes to plan and things soon start to unravel.

The Professor, The Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig

This book delves a bit into the history of one of Las Vegas’s largest casinos by retelling a true story about the infamous “richest poker game of all time.” Based on the life and times of billionaire Andy Beal, this book reveals the behind-the-scenes of one of the highest-stakes poker games in history, a game to which very few were privy. It details how Beal was able to improve his skills and beat the odds through months of gameplay and practice while using his wealth as an intimidation tactic against his opponents, some of whom were known as poker greats in the world.

The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told by Mark Paul

The title alone is enough to draw you to this novel. Based on real events, this novel explores the dynamic relationships of gambling. Interestingly, it’s centered on sports betting, horse racing to be exact. A racehorse named Winning Colors is at the core of this novel, as well as the gamblers who place their wagers on her with unexpected consequences. This is a tale of an underdog horse in a stallion-dominated industry, which also touches on themes such as betrayal, cartel dealings and more.

Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot by MacIntyre Symms

If you’re looking for strategies and a way around online slot machines, then this is one of your best bets. As the title suggests, it’s centered on equipping you with basic but strategic knowledge of slots to increase your chances of beating the odds.

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