The Most Expensive Casino Memorabilia in History

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From iconic poker chips to Marilyn Monroe’s craps table, casino memorabilia sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. With prestigious casinos all over the world, gambling has become a favorite pastime among the rich and famous, generating historical memorabilia that are widely sought after.

Given the increasing popularity of online casino games, gambling enthusiasts look to furnish their homes with museum-worthy items from land-based casinos while they still can. Read on to get a glimpse of gambling’s most expensive memorabilia. 

Factors Influencing High Value

Regardless of the industry, several factors contribute to the value of collector items.


Usually, the rarer the item, the more valuable it is. From a collector’s perspective, there are few more desirable memorabilia than limited edition items, meaning one-of-a-kind items, like Elvis Presley’s slot machine (which sold for $300,000.) 

Simply put, gambling fanatics who collect gambling memorabilia seek the most exciting pieces with limited availability, including things like an exclusive poker table.

Historical Significance

Some argue that memorabilia’s historical significance is the biggest factor that determines the value of an object. Anyone can produce a limited range of items, but no one can replicate the historical significance of collectibles. 

Traditionally, items that have the most historical significance include authentic poker chips associated with acclaimed casinos, iconic signs that belonged to renowned casinos and personal casino pieces of the famous. 

Celebrity Associations

Memorabilia associated with celebrities have high value and over the past century there’s been no shortage of megastars who’ve liked casino table games, including craps, roulette and poker.

Casino Memorabilia That Have Fetched High Prices

For those who want to start collecting, various avenues exist to search for sought-after casino items like online and land-based auction houses, private sales and online marketplaces including eBay. Keep a lookout when you find yourself in popular casino destinations, pawn shops and thrift stores — it’s astonishing what you can find in random places, especially in the era of online gambling when the significance of memorabilia has become less well known. 

The Golden Nugget’s $5 Poker Chip

Casino chip collectors are some of the most prevalent collectors in the memorabilia scene and when it comes to poker chips, the casino it’s associated with has the most significant influence on price. In this case, The Golden Nugget opened its doors in 1946 and attracted a wealthy and famous clientele. 

The Golden Nugget $5 Poker Chip sold for a mouth-watering $75,000, making it one of the world’s most expensive chips. Other notable chips include the De Ville Casino Poker Chip, which sold for $39,000.

Marilyn Monroe’s Craps Table

There are few more iconic individuals than Marilyn Monroe, which explains why her craps table, engraved with her initials, sold for an astounding $1.3 million.

Elvis Presley’s Slot Machine

Speaking about superstars, Elvis Presley’s slot machine sold for $300,000 — after all, who doesn’t want a collector’s item from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

The Casino de Monte-Carlo Roulette Wheel

Regarded as one of the most luxurious gambling destinations, Casino de Monte-Carlo has had no shortage of royals, celebrities and the rich walk through its doors. The combination of an elegant venue and the individuals who’ve gambled there played a significant role in the casino’s long-serving roulette wheel selling for $480,000.

The Dunes Hotel & Casino Neon Sign

Situated in the heart of Las Vegas since 1955, the Dunes Hotel & Casino is another famous establishment that fascinates collectors. So, when their neon sign — which once lit up part of the main strip — went up for auction, it attracted many collectors. The eventual winner took it home for $355,000. 

The Caesars Palace Casino Table

Even for non-gamblers, there are few more iconic and well-known places in Las Vegas than Caesars Palace. With a reputation of being a high-stakes table enjoyed by celebrities and high rollers, the Caesars Palace casino table sold for a staggering $461,000.

Gamble Online on BetMGM

For those who gamble on an online casino, there’s no better place to hang up or place your memorabilia than in the background of the room you’re playing in. Not only are they great conversation starters for meeting other gamblers online, but they’re great for motivation when you’ve experienced a few back-to-back losses.

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