How Music Can Improve Your Online Gambling Game

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BetMGM Jun 13, 2023, 2:59 AM

Studies show that listening to music offers all kinds of benefits. Is it possible that enjoying your favorite tunes could actually improve your performance while playing online casino games? Let’s have a look at the answer to that question in this article.

Can Music Really Help While Gambling?

Here’s the short answer: in the right circumstances, music can definitely benefit you at the tables. Some of the advantages are quite scientific, with multiple studies clearly demonstrating certain improvements, while others are more personal and subjective, simply helping to make the overall experience a more enjoyable one.

However you slice it, listening to music can be a net positive when gambling. Let’s find out why.

Better Memory and Recall

Multiple papers, including a 2015 study by Yalch and Spangenberg, show a clear link between music and short-term memory improvement. Of course, that isn’t really going to help when playing casino games like online slots, which rely entirely on luck. But if you’re playing blackjack and counting cards, for example, a temporary memory boost would be a real boon. 

Poker players can also benefit in several ways. Remembering what a player seated at your table did in similar situations will help to inform your future decisions. But it’s also handy when replaying a hand in your mind to figure out what line an opponent is taking.

Music Improves Focus

A 2007 study entitled “Music, Mind, and Attention” demonstrates that music can increase your attention span and help you to focus. Although this is not true for every style, some genres can give you the extra boost you need if you’re feeling tired. 

This particular research paper showed that baroque, a form of Western classical music, is especially helpful when it comes to concentration. So if you’re in for a long session, listening to this type of music is one of the best gambling tips to consider. Online poker tournaments would be a great time to put this to the test since they frequently last for several hours at a time.

Music Aids Relaxation

The right kind of music can help you to relax. It’s very easy to fall asleep to some ambient instrumental tracks, for instance. Of course, you’d never want to be quite as relaxed as that when playing casino games online! But there are certain situations where you might want to loosen up a little and remove some tension.

Perhaps you’re having a particularly unlucky losing streak and are becoming frustrated. You don’t want to end up “on tilt,” making bad decisions because you’re tense or emotional. A good idea would be to take a short break, put on some chilled-out tunes and return to a more peaceful mindset. Then, when coming back to the table, keep the music on to help you stay in the zone.

Dictate the Tempo

If listening to music can calm you down, it can certainly have the opposite effect, too. Think about how a boxer enters the ring to a specific song to help fire them up. Or when you’re in a sporting arena and the PA booms out tracks to whip up the fans and inspire the players.

Everyone is unique and responds to different things in different ways. But you can apply that psychology to your own world, however, you see fit. If you feel like playing fast and aggressive, some rock music or high-tempo tunes will help get you in the right mood. 

Overall Enjoyment

On a similar note, music can simply add to the overall experience of gambling without necessarily improving cognitive ability. It plays an important role in altering your frame of mind and helping you to have fun. Ultimately, gambling is supposed to be a form of entertainment. We don’t always want to approach the casino with a super-serious mentality. 

If you’re there just to blow off a little steam, regardless of winning or losing, listening to your favorite songs will only add to your enjoyment. There are countless songs inspired by casinos, too, all of which help to set the scene for a great time.

Examples To Try

If you’re looking to add some tracks to your perfect gambling playlist, here are some recommendations. 

  • “The Gambler,” by Kenny Rogers. One of the most famous songs about poker ever written, this is an absolute classic that contains some legendary lyrics.
  • “Viva Las Vegas,” by Elvis Presley. What better song to soundtrack your gambling than the King’s own tribute to Sin City?
  • “Nocturne in E Flat Major,” by Frederic Chopin. Perhaps the most well-known piece by the Polish composer, this type of music is ideal for helping you stay focused at the table.
  • “Ace of Spades,” by Motörhead. Few tracks are likely to fire you up more than this fast-paced rock anthem. You might say it’s the only song you need!

Make Sweet Music at the BetMGM Tables

There’s only one way to find out for yourself if music makes a difference when you play casino games. Register at BetMGM today and try the wide range of slots, table games and online poker tournaments. 

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.