How Music Has Impacted The Online Gaming Industry

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“If music be the food of love, play on,” said William Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night.” This is surely one of the most famous lines in English literature. It’s also as applicable today as it was in the early 1600s. For most people, music is indispensable in their day-to-day lives, which is why it’s an important part of the gaming experience, whether it’s playing your best online casino games, video games or during an esports event. In fact, Gen Z gamers, states an article by Deloitte, have a particularly strong relationship with music, whether it’s the music they hear in games or discover while watching game streamers share their gameplay with other players. 

What is it about music and games, and how exactly does music enhance the gaming experience? Read on to discover the answers.

Setting the Mood

If you listen to a wide variety of music genres, you’ll know that the impact of music can vary a lot. Think of an action-based game. Would a soothing soundtrack keep you going? Probably not. However, if you’re playing a complicated strategy game that requires total focus, you wouldn’t want a fast-paced soundtrack. Music needs to complement a player’s emotions and set the mood for different types of games. When it comes to online slot machines, for example, the music that accompanies gameplay can make or break the love of that particular slot. 

Problem Solving

The impact of music on the brain can be profound. A study conducted in the 1990s showed that listening to classical music, particularly Mozart’s music, can improve spatial reasoning scores. This is called The Mozart Effect. Even though there’s debate about whether classical music does, in fact, make you smarter, it’s still an intriguing study. Also, think about how many online games require spatial reasoning. 


The best music can inspire and uplift. Many esports and online casinos include great soundtracks to keep players engaged in the game. In fact, if you’re feeling down or a little blue, the right kind of music can help to transform your mood and keep you playing for longer. 

When it comes to music and games, what kind of music do you think is the most inspiring? It seems that an intense film score or cinematic music can be particularly adept at lifting one’s spirits. 

Influencing Behavior

Online players may not even be aware of the impact of music on their behavior. If you’re winning, the music is likely to be upbeat, and that’ll make you feel even more positive and excited. You’ll want to continue playing. Music with a fast tempo tends to be more energizing than slower-paced music. A losing game is likely to be accompanied by a disappointing tune, which has been created to encourage you to try again. 

Music for Gambling

Gambling has a long tradition in the U.S. Think of songs that are part of popular culture, like “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga or “Luck Be a Lady” by Frank Sinatra. But did you know that gambling music — music specifically curated for players — can help you? Research shows that songs with lyrics can be a distraction when you’re trying to concentrate. Also, natural sounds, like waves crashing or the sound of a babbling brook, tend to help with concentration. More disharmonious noises, like bird calls, tend to be distracting. Here are three ways the right music can help when you play:

  • Short-term memory: This is really beneficial when playing live dealer online casino games like poker. It’s certainly useful to remember your competitors’ hands. 
  • Focus: During long sessions, music can help with maintaining concentration. When you’re using music to help you focus, it’s probably best to listen to songs without lyrics. 
  • Relaxation: The impact of music on the brain can include a reduction in stress. Slow-beat jazz, for example, can signal to your central nervous system to lower your respiratory rate and blood pressure. This will help keep you calm.

The bottom line is that music for gambling can be beneficial under the right circumstances. It’s probably best to experiment and see which kinds of music best boost your gambling performance. 

Lastly, it’s also interesting to see how online games have helped musicians get noticed. If an artist has a soundtrack added to an online game, people are much more likely to hear it, and that can help launch an artist’s career. It’s clear music plays a pivotal role in complementing gaming; musicians are also reaching new audiences through online gaming. 

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