Belt It Out: Discover Philadelphia’s Must-Visit Karaoke Bars

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It’s always a responsible idea to take a break from playing online casino games as it clears your mind and allows you to come back to the online casino refreshed. While there are a ton of activities to get up to during your break, if you’re after something fun in Philly, then you can’t go wrong with a good karaoke night.

Philly karaoke bars are renowned across the U.S. for their outstanding hospitality, variety of themes, food and drink options and feel-good factor. You should definitely add a karaoke bar to your itinerary for a weekend in Philadelphia.

Here are the top karaoke bars to choose from.

Yakitori Boy

Located at the heart of 11th Street, Yakitori Boy is an established Philly institution. This is the most famous karaoke bar in Philadelphia and for good reason. Private rooms can be reserved if you want to sing your heart out in peace away from the crowds, but there’s also a massive main karaoke lounge that’s always buzzing. 

This isn’t just a place to drink and sing, either. The Japas Lounge has some pretty delectable offerings to choose from and you’ll find an extensive menu with yakitori, sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. Good food, reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere make this one of the best karaoke experiences in the city.

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

If it’s a karaoke experience filled to the brim with rich Philly history that you’re looking for while you take a break from online slots, it’s worth checking out Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar. Originally founded in the 1930s, this is an institution in the Philadelphia community and, despite its name, it’s for a lot more than a birthday celebration. 

Ray’s is known for its friendly service, community-feel and affordable drinks menu. This much-loved bar hosts events almost every day of the week, but if it’s karaoke you’re after, then you’ll have to swing by on a Friday night.

Donna’s Bar

Located on Allegheny Avenue, Donna’s Bar is a lively karaoke spot and locals rate it highly for its atmosphere and food menu. Note that it’s cash-only, which is something worth keeping in mind for your visit. 

Donna’s serves up classic American bar food like chicken wings and burgers, but the real gem on the menu is traditional Polish cuisine. The bar has an excellent Polish following because of this and people flock here to indulge in deliciously moreish pierogies. 

Swing by on a Friday night for affordable and fun karaoke.

Lair KTV

Lair KTV is another renowned Arch Street institution and it’s the ideal spot for more low-key karaoke. The bar has a whole range of rooms for hire and you can choose between a number of different sizes or themes. These are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorettes and more.

There’s a large lounge and bar too, where you can grab a few drinks before or after your karaoke.

O’Neals Pub

Philly is known for its vibrant and extensive Irish population and there are few people that love singing more than the Irish. So, if you’re looking for a different vibe than a traditional karaoke bar then be sure to check out O’Neals for a grand evening out. 

This is a super laidback bar and you’ll find typical pub grub on offer, like chicken wings, burgers and various sandwiches. Of course, you’ll also find a wide variety of ales on the menu, too. Karaoke only takes place at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, but you’ll also find quiz nights, dart competitions and more at O’Neals’ throughout the week.

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge is the perfect place for people that love music. Of course, plenty of karaoke is on offer at this South Street establishment, but there are also live music performances regularly.

This isn’t the spot you’re going to want to go to for a full meal, as they only have a couple of snacks on hand. The drinks menu, however, is extensive and you’ll find whatever you’re after.

Voix Karaoke Bar

If you’re wondering what Pennsylvania is famous for, then you’ll be happy to know it has just as much of a sense of community as Philadelphia. Voix Karaoke Bar is a prime example of this community-driven atmosphere. Located on Cottman Avenue, this much-loved establishment provides an excellent karaoke experience, with private rooms for hire, as well as a restaurant, lounge and bar. This spot is worth checking out to get a taste of the local life.

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