Simple Ways to Celebrate Spring

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There are loads of reasons to celebrate spring. The sun comes up early and it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning. Clothes are lighter and brighter. Ice cream’s on the menu again and pretty much everything’s sprouting, blooming, hatching and warming up to the new season. No doubt about it, it’s time to celebrate! You don’t have to get fancy or go overboard either. There are many simple ways to get into the spirit of spring – from making some changes in the garden to starting something new, like learning to play online poker! Get inspired with our list of simple ways to celebrate spring.  

Listen to the sounds of spring

One of the simplest ways to put a spring in your step is by listening to music that puts you in a happy frame of mind. On our playlist this spring is Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO, Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” “April in Paris” by Billie Holiday, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves and “Fly Me To The Moon” by Bobby Womack – a fresh take on the Frank Sinatra classic and the perfect soundtrack to your favorite online casino games.

You could also download sounds of spring collections or record your own. Favorite spring sounds include birds singing and bees buzzing, wind rustling in the trees, spring showers and a tinkling stream.

Have a picnic or camp in your backyard

If you’ve missed packing a hamper and heading out for a picnic, spring is about to reward the wait. Load up some yummy snacks, a cold drink or a bottle of bubbly, leash up your dog and head to your local park. Spread a blanket, open the hamper, pour yourself a drink and take a deep breath. If you need a break, go alone or with a loved one. If you’d like company, invite friends and family to join you on a “first day of spring” picnic.

Another great way to celebrate spring is to dig out the camping equipment and set up camp in the backyard. Get out the grill or light the fire pit, sing songs, tell ghost stories and toast some s’mores, then sit back and enjoy the stars.

Watch a movie outdoors

Head for the drive-in. Remember to pack some snacks and take a cozy blanket for a super-romantic date night. Or, if you prefer to stay home, get your hands on a white screen, projector and sound system. String some lights across the yard and scatter comfy cushions and blankets on the grass. Make it a night for two, or invite the neighbors to get into a spring mood.

It’s time to play!

Set out snacks, put up colorful umbrellas, haul all your board games out to the yard and serve a selection of spring-inspired cocktails. You could also set up a friendly neighborhood poker game, but make sure you impress by getting some practice in with a few live poker games that are set up in an online casino-inspired studio and allow you to interact with a real-life dealer and chat with other players. Another great games-day idea is for you and your friends to sign up to play poker tournaments online – there are plenty of daily games and variants to choose from.

Capture the colors and tastes of spring

Organize an “art under the stars” spring event for your friends. Subscribe to an online painting tutorial or set up a YouTube video. Place all your painting paraphernalia outside on easels or a table, supply plenty of snacks and beverages and get creative under the stars.

Clean up

While spring cleaning may not be a particularly exciting activity, it is a great way to get rid of the cobwebs, sort through the junk and let in cleansing breezes and positive spring vibes. Why not organize a garage sale and earn a few bucks while getting rid of the clutter?

Remember to spring clean outdoors as well as inside. Pay special attention to birdbaths and bird feeders this time of year, which is northern migration time for the birds. If you haven’t set up birdhouses before, pick some up at the supermarket or hardware store and get the whole family involved in painting them in bright, spring colors.

Say hello to Mother Nature

There are so many ways to celebrate the rebirth of nature and the refreshing of all things! Take a walk around your neighborhood to see nature’s new colors on display, or set out on a hike with a group to explore a new trail. If you’ve never tried a spring equinox walk, many local groups and organizations arrange them at this time of year. The spring equinox is the day when the sun crosses directly over Earth’s equator and day and night are an equal length.

Another great way to say hello to Mother Nature is to invite your partner or friends to “happy hour” by the water. There’s something special about enjoying delicious snacks and beverages at a lake, pond or bay, or by the ocean if you live at the coast.  

Walk dogs at your local shelter

Most neighborhoods have an animal shelter, and spring is the perfect time to give these deserving pooches some TLC. Organizations always need volunteers to get the dogs out of their kennels for a walk and bring a bit of joy to their lives. You’ll not only be rewarded with wagging tails and sloppy kisses, it’s also a great way to get in exercise and make some friends – human and canine.

Get inspired at a farmer’s market

Pay a visit to a farmer’s market for the freshest local produce. This is a fun way to find good deals on in-season fruit and vegetables while also supporting local businesses. Before setting out, download a selection of spring-inspired recipes that appeal to you, then shop for the ingredients at the farmer’s market. Think artichokes, asparagus, beets, carrots, Fava beans, new potatoes, apricots, rhubarb, apples, and strawberries, of course. You’ll have all the items you’ll need to bake and cook up a storm for at least a week.

Spring is also the best time to get out into the garden and plant veggies that will always be cheaper to grow and a good deal fresher from your garden to the plate. It’s also incredibly satisfying to see how fruit, veg and edible plants attract birds, bees and other creatures that are so beneficial to the environment. And, of course, it’s still the best way to teach kids about where their food comes from.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a garden, you could volunteer this spring at a local community garden. This would give you the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and get your hands in the dirt while giving back to your neighborhood.

We’re celebrating spring at BetMGM

Spring showers and cool nights are two of our favorite things; they’re also a great time to play poker online. Simply register to get in on all the action this spring! Whether you’re new to the game and want to learn from scratch at our best online poker site, or you’ve been playing for a while and are looking for a variety of exciting online poker tournaments – BetMGM has something for everyone.

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