Smart Gardening: Leveraging Tech for a Greener Home

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With the cost of living rising every year, self-sustainable gardens offer homeowners a way of reducing expenses. Additionally, there are significant health benefits associated with fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly when they’re not chemically treated, that is, when they’re grown organically, as well as the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature and engaging in physical activity. There’s something special and rewarding about eating fresh produce straight from the garden. And when you’ve harvested too much for your own consumption, you have a great opportunity to also provide for your neighbors, friends and family.

However, as great as this is, it’s trickier than it sounds. Simply put, most individuals don’t have the time or energy to be constantly tending their patch, meaning it can possibly cause more headaches than joy. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Similarly to online casinos, gardening has experienced a welcome facelift of innovations over the past few years. From automated gardening systems to innovative devices, we explain the benefits of smart gardening.

The World of Smart Gardening

So, what is smart gardening? Through the use of computerized systems, sensors, or automated garden devices, it’s the act of installing technology devices to grow and nurture your plants, fruits and vegetables. For instance, rather than manually watering your plants every evening, you can install robotic sprinklers to do it for you. Moreover, you can set a timer to activate the sprinklers any time of the day or night. 

Benefits of Smart Gardening

As previously mentioned, most individuals don’t have time to grow a sustainable garden. But here’s why automating your garden could be your saving grace. Whether you’re at work, on holiday, or simply depleted at the end of a long, hard day, these devices will ensure that your garden remains well looked after, seven days a week.

By monitoring soil moisture, temperature and humidity, a great benefit of utilizing garden devices (smart plant monitors) is that they ensure your garden is only watered when needed – a common mistake among beginner gardeners is excessive watering.

As for keeping your garden healthy, strong and growing, sensors provide instantaneous data on soil conditions, lighting and temperature to make sure your plants’ growth remains on track. 

Overall, installing gardening devices offers homes efficient, consistent and knowledgeable devices that substantially improve your chances of having a prosperous and self-sustaining garden. For gambling enthusiasts who opt to play casino table games from home, walking around a garden that basically looks after itself is a great way to refresh your mind (and come to your senses) in moments when you run the risk of tilting. 

The Array of Gardening Devices Available

Those who are not familiar with smart gardening systems will be surprised by how much they can do. Below, some of the best technologies on the market.

Smart Plant Monitors

When it comes to gardening, ensuring optimal levels of lighting, temperature and soil condition is everything. Not only does it enhance the growth of your fruit and vegetables, but it also provides insightful analytics into which plants are best suited to your specific environment.

Smart plant monitors control lighting and measure the conditions of your beds, making sure they’re always providing the best environment. Moreover, the use of smart lighting is multi-purpose since it can also light up your pathway in the evening (to welcome you home or expose unwanted guests) while adapting to what the plant needs.

Smart Lawn Mowers

As gardening goes, mowing the lawn is right up there with the most time-consuming and physically draining activities. Through the use of sensors and safety-optimized systems, smart lawnmowers can attend to your grass, leaving it pristine. And if you’re worried about it slicing through garden objects or hosepipes, fear not; its sensors prevent it from going anywhere near foreign objects.

Smart Sprinklers

As mentioned earlier, you can install and schedule smart sprinklers to water your plants. Additionally, by collecting data and using sensors, they know the exact amount of water each plant needs, meaning waste is never an issue. Moreover, smart sprinklers adjust to the weather forecast, ensuring they’re only used when needed. So, if it’s going to rain all week, it won’t turn on, saving you both water and electricity.

Automated Planters

A good tip to remember is that not all fruit, vegetables and flowers can be planted at the same time of the year – some prefer spring and summer while others only grow in the winter or autumn. Automated planters don’t only plant your seeds at the right moment but also plant them at the precise depth and space apart, so enhancing their chances for optimal growth.

What Plants Should I Grow?

For newbies, even if you’ve installed several gardening automation devices, it’s best to begin with the simple stuff. Easy house plants to grow include Spider Plants, Hoyas and Monsteras, whereas the best all-year evergreen trees to plant are Spruce trees, Junipers and Japanese yews.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.