The Strangest Casino Locations in the World

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The city of Macau at night.
BetMGM Mar 24, 2022, 6:50 AM

While many of us enjoy the amazing convenience of online casino games, many people still like to visit traditional brick-and-mortar casinos for all they have to offer. But not every casino is easily accessible, and some can be found in very strange places. We take a look at six of the strangest locations for casinos in the world.

1. Have a cup of tea (and a few bets)

Location: North Cadbury, Somerset, England

You’d easily pass North Cadbury Court, thinking that maybe it was a fancy residence for some old British royal, or maybe even a private school for the rich and famous. But it turns out that this 16th-century country house is actually an incredible entertainment venue in South West England that’s used for weddings, corporate events, family holidays and much more. But wait! What does this have to do with casinos? It turns out that this posh estate is also home to a basement casino, complete with roulette and poker tables – something you’d never expect if you happened to be passing by.

2. Gamblers might have wanted to break into this casino

Location: Nevada State Prison, Carson City

If you were found guilty of a crime in Nevada between 1932 and 1967 and were sentenced to jail, there was a silver lining if you enjoyed gambling. During your imprisonment, you’d have been able to enjoy playing casino games. That’s right, the Nevada State Prison was home to an unofficial casino nicknamed the Bullpen. The entire operation was run by the inmates themselves, and they even used their own currency to play, with convicts wagering with “prison dollars” between 5c and $5. 

The interesting thing about this casino is that it was said to have had a positive impact on prisoner behavior, an intriguing finding considering that casinos are sometimes viewed in a negative light. Unfortunately, the arrival of a new warden saw the end of this informal operation, much to the inmates’ disappointment.

3. Get to your destination and gamble on the way

Location: A particular cab, London, England

Needed to get somewhere in London in 2016 but fancied a few casino games on the way? You were able to call a special taxi that featured a small casino table, a dealer and, of course, a taxi driver. This taxi offered blackjack, a bar, TVs with sports channels and access to online gambling.

4. Sail the seas (or at least the harbor) with the Macau Palace

Location: Somewhere in Macau, an autonomous region of China

The Macau Palace was a casino that was built in the bay in Macau and featured in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Unfortunately, the original Macau Palace was moved from its iconic position in 2007 and was never seen again. 

Or at least, the original water-borne casino isn’t. According to the YouTube channel Macau: City of Cool Streets, a replica of this iconic casino was built and, judging from the footage in the video Macau 2021: Macau Palace (James Bond Casino), Lisboeta, Zipline, Skydiving! Cotai Strip, this seems to be the case. The supposed replica can be seen clearly in the footage, although some changes have been made to it as visitors are now able to zipline onto it from a nearby building.

5. Enjoy gambling in the remote Australian outback

Location: Desert Cave, Hotel, Coober Pedy, South Australia

When you think of Australia, the first things that might come to mind are sunny skies, kangaroos and untouched wilderness. While that undoubtedly sounds appealing, what if you could get to experience the outback down under while you play casino games? That’s exactly what’s on offer at the Desert Cave Hotel, a rather unique hotel that’s been dug into the surrounding sandstone landscape. It offers underground and aboveground rooms, shops, bars and displays of opal, as well as a fun and exciting casino packed with thrilling casino table games and many more gambling experiences.

6. Honorary mention – Bring a parachute to this casino

Location: An imaginary jet, we’re sad to say!

Private jets come in all shapes and sizes, with some of the larger aircraft providing ample room for some interesting interiors. AirJet Designs came up with a concept interior for a Boeing 777 casino which would feature table games, a bar and space for passengers to socialize. While this was purely a design concept, we think it’s an excellent idea and could definitely be a great way to pass the time on a flight!

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.