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If you enjoy gambling, it’s likely you’ve considered honing your skills to play better. You can do this by reading some of the great books available or enlisting a coach. Podcasts have also become a popular platform for sharing ideas, insights and experiences. They have proven to be particularly effective in the world of online casinos. One of the advantages of this medium is that you can listen to them on the go or while engaging in other activities. 

Read on to discover how the best betting podcasts can be used as valuable learning resources and how they can help you up your game, whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a newcomer. If you’re looking to just chill, take a look at our selection of the best podcasts to listen to right now.

How Podcasts Are Used as Valuable Learning Resources

Podcasts have become massively popular due to their accessibility and versatility. Anybody with a smartphone can download one, and learners can engage with a wide range of topics and experts.

Whether it’s educational content or interviews with industry leaders, podcasts offer a way of absorbing information while multitasking or commuting. 

The informal yet informative nature of podcasts also offers a more relatable learning experience that can enhance understanding and retention.

How Podcasts Can Benefit Gamblers of All Levels

Gambling podcasts are filled with valuable information and tips from experienced gamblers and industry experts. From learning the basics of different live dealer games to understanding the psychology behind gambling, these podcasts cover it all. 

Podcasts also build a community and are becoming a great way for sports bettors and gambling experts to connect and communicate with fellow gamblers, old and new. 

Sports betting podcasts are popular for delivering in-depth analysis of sports events, betting strategies and game predictions, while you can find poker podcasts that offer glimpses into the minds of the world’s top poker players. Gambling podcasts can also teach you how to better manage your bankroll.

Tune In to the Best Gambling Podcasts

Deciding what gambling podcast to listen to can be overwhelming, so below is a list of four of the most popular audio channels to tune into for insightful discussions, strategies, and entertainment on the go.

You can listen to gambling podcasts on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other podcast streaming services. Simply search for your favorite gambling podcast, hit play, and enjoy. 

Behind the Bets

Behind the Bets is an educational and entertaining podcast produced by ESPN gambling expert Doug Kezirian. Here you can learn about the little-known jewels of the Las Vegas gambling scene and get a glimpse behind the curtain. 

The podcast looks into the complexities of the business and offers a distinctive viewpoint on all the major sports and esports books and other types of gambling. 

Kezirian has a rotating cast of industry experts and sports bettors to give listeners quick betting advice before every game. These guests also analyze past games and how their predictions worked out and talk about how they plan to improve their analytics. 

Against All Odds

Against All Odds with Cousin Sal is a well-known online gambling guide and podcast that has content for international audiences. The podcast is fun, witty, and entertaining.

Cousin Sal and his impressive lineup of guests take a lighthearted look at the world of gambling and explore the world of sports betting from a distinctive viewpoint. 

No sports are off limits, not even competitive eating. The show also includes a healthy amount of gaming industry specialists who offer insights and analysis.

You Can Bet on That

This podcast started in 2012 and is a good listen for anybody looking to expand their gambling horizons. Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike, the show’s regular hosts, have a specific focus on poker and go to great depths explaining how to increase your edge. 

Both seasoned gamblers and newcomers will also get vital insights and analyses from the show’s exploration of top trends and betting techniques in sports. The program includes in-depth conversations on a variety of codes, including football, basketball, hockey and baseball.

Gambling With an Edge

This podcast is presented by seasoned gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. With almost 10 years of combined experience, the hosts bring a plethora of knowledge and expertise to the table. As the name suggests, this podcast offers insightful tips and techniques for anyone looking to get an edge and succeed professionally in the gaming industry.

If you’re looking to sharpen up your blackjack strategies or get better at wagering on a particular sport, then this is the podcast for you. Whether you’re planning to visit the best casino resorts in the city or register at an online casino for no-deposit blackjack, the insights on this podcast are helpful for all variations. 

Each episode includes a special guest in the form of a gambling pro or industry specialist who offers their own viewpoint on the gaming industry.

Brush Up With a Podcast and Bet Online

Podcasts like Gambling With An Edge have a strong focus on online gaming. Sharpen your strategy with a gambling podcast and register with BetMGM, the king of sportsbooks, for thousands of sports betting lines, and a wide selection of casino games.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.