The Ultimate Gift Guide for Casino Fans

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If you have a relative, friend, colleague or acquaintance who’s a fan of online casino games, you’ll likely want some ideas up your sleeve for those big and small occasions. 

Luckily, there’s a whole range of gifts for gamblers and casino lovers. Whether they’re passionate about online roulette or simply like to spin the reels of slot machines, there are casino-themed gifts for every individual.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or perhaps a simple treat to give your host when you arrive at a party, you’re bound to find something to pique your interest and suit your budget in our A-Z guide.

Check out these gambler gift ideas.


Casino fans can wear their hearts on their sleeves with casino-themed accessories. Choose the gift based on their personality and your budget – you can go loud ’n proud or subtle and sophisticated. Popular choices for high rollers include slot machine cufflinks crafted from sterling silver or a silk tie embossed with spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. Or choose from neckties, face masks, socks, bow ties and purse ornaments that sport the person’s favorite casino table games or online gambling emblems or symbols. And don’t forget about lucky charm accessories! 

Board Games

The latest board game releases make great host or hostess gifts for casino fans to enjoy during a rainy day at home or at a casino-themed party with friends and family. You might need some insider information to make sure it isn’t already part of their collection, though! Or you could even go one step further and personalize their favorite board game by embossing it with their name or initials.


From t-shirts to hoodies, the sky’s the limit when it comes to gifting casino-themed clothing. You have three options: You can order from a stockist that carries these items; buy branded clothes from your local casino; or have an image of your choice printed onto an unbranded item of clothing. However you do it, if you’ve got the concept spot on, it’ll be a winner when the recipient unwraps it!


It’s possible to buy or commission almost any décor item you can think of to delight a gambling enthusiast. Wine glasses etched with playing cards make a sophisticated gift, for example; but really the only limit here is your imagination (and your available budget, of course!) Look out for slot machine pillows or cushions for fans of online slots, a Las Vegas breadboard for those who love to cook as much as gamble, casino-themed bedding or shower curtains, or even roulette or wheel-of-fortune clocks… Go as zany as you like, as long as it’s up their street!

Experience Outings

To show your love and appreciation on those big occasions, nothing says “you mean the world to me” better than an opportunity to make memories. So, book one-on-one poker or blackjack lessons with a croupier or surprise them with a cocktail masterclass at a casino bar! You’ll have so much fun planning the experience and the memories it will create are there for keeps.

Fortune’s Formula

Purchase a book (or e-book) from a bestseller or timeless classics list such as “Fortune’s Formula: The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System that Beat the Casinos and Wall Street” – also available as an audiobook. This cracking book by William Poundstone spans both bestseller and classics categories and is based on the story of two Bell Labs scientists who supposedly found the scientific formula for making as much money as fast as possible. An absorbing read!

Good Luck Charm

Whether your gift recipient prefers to visit land-based or online casinos, every gambler could do with a bit of luck. There are a variety of good-luck charms you could choose – from charming four-leaf clovers to gold or platinum mini roulette wheels that just might put a smile on Lady Luck’s dial! Maybe steer clear of the rabbit’s foot, though! 

If you’re looking for something that will add to the ambiance and oxygen levels, consider indoor plants like the money plant, jade plant or rubber plant that are said to bring luck to a home.

Host a Casino Night

Looking for fresh inspiration – something that’ll have the neighborhood buzzing? Fondues – whether they’re cheese or chocolate – are back from the 1970s, while BBQs, of course, never went out of fashion. Host a casino party at your home and combine it with the lunch or dinner of your choice. Not sure where to start? Look online for businesses that offer DIY casino party packages that can be delivered to your door with everything you’ll need for a night of fun!

Inspirational Gambling Quotes

“There are two great pleasures in gambling: that of winning and that of losing.” This anonymous proverb is an example of an inspirational gambling quote. Find the one that best suits the person you’d like to treat (they might already have a maxim that you know they always keep in mind,) then get it engraved, printed or embossed on any of the gift ideas on this list.


Few gifts produce as many smiles as a carefully-selected piece of jewelry. This remains an all-time popular gift because you can usually find something to suit every pocket. The best jewelry gifts are not just about the price tag, though – they have to really match the recipient’s personality. You’ll want to pick an item that somehow has special meaning for them, such as dice earrings, a playing card or roulette pendant, or perhaps a charm bracelet that can be added to over time. It’s the thought that counts!


Gambler’s keychains are a welcome gift for both male and female casino fans. Include a four-leaf clover, mini horseshoe, lucky dice or even a Hamsa Hand, and your keychain idea doubles as a good-luck charm! So, it’s a win-win.


Fuel lighters are a sophisticated gift that, in addition to sporting a gambling symbol, can also be engraved with the person’s name, initials, or a favorite quote.


Statement mugs are all the rage! They’re also inexpensive gift items that can be put to practical use every day. There are many stockists that supply mugs with a casino theme, or you can make up your own quote and get it printed on the mug for a particularly personalized gift. Although they are simple, mugs make great gambling gifts.


Traditionally, nuts have been even more common in casinos than slot machines – as a bar counter staple and a snack to keep up the energy. You’ll find florists and gift-basket stockists across the US that deliver to your door, or directly to the person you’re gifting. It’s also fun to make up your own gift basket with spiced, roasted and candied nuts and you can include any item that person’s heart desires, from chocolates, pretzels and candied fruit to a bottle of bubbly! Include a deck of playing cards or another casino-themed item, or a simple casino-themed ribbon. (If the recipient loves poker, they’ll particularly appreciate this gift… because when they’re “holding the nuts” at the felt table, this means they’ve got an unbeatable hand!)


Is your casino buff pal or relative a fan of baccarat? Then give them a game of Oicho-Kabu – it’s similar to baccarat but played with kabufuda cards. Can’t get your hands on the traditional deck? Not a problem! Buy a deck of Western playing cards, then remove the face cards and include instructions for the game, explaining that aces are counted as one, along with the other rules, which you can easily find online. Check out our next casino-themed gifting idea to make this gift even more special!

Playing Cards or Casino Chips With a Difference

Turn any deck of cards into a personalized gift to be treasured by having an image (or even the face of the person you’re gifting, if they have a sense of humor!) printed on the cards. Remember to use clear, high-resolution images for best results. And for the poker fan in your life, order personalized poker chips that are sure to be a talking point on your next group poker night.

Roulette Set

A roulette set is a great gift for a budding roulette player! Sets include everything they’ll need to play this popular casino game in style from the comfort of their home. Larger sets have a wheel size that will lend a genuine Las Vegas casino feel to their next game. This would be a particularly welcome gift for a person who loves to throw casino-themed house parties – just make sure you’re invited! 

Slot Machine

Did you know that you can buy a slot machine for that special person in your life who can’t get enough of casino jackpot slots games? You can purchase a full-size machine or a smaller, fully functional version for hours of fun in the comfort of your home. Try Amazon or eBay for stockists.

Tickets to Las Vegas

If your budget allows, gift a casino aficionado a ticket to the City of Lights. Of course, if you’re gifting your partner, you’ll need to turn this into a vacation for two! There are endless packages and deals that include flights, hotel accommodation and casino gift cards for an unforgettable Las Vegas experience. If money isn’t an issue, raise the stakes with a trip to the biggest casino in the world in Macau in China or enjoy the high life in Monte Carlo, James Bond style!

USB Drive

A USB drive shaped like a poker chip or playing card is the perfect gift for online casino buffs and the additional storage on the go will no doubt be welcome.

Visit a Roadside Attraction or Gambling Museum

What’s more American than a road trip? Well, how about hitting the highway with your experiential gift recipient? You could plan a series of stops at roadside venues, museums and places of interest that have relevance for one reason or another. Examples include The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, which features a collection of signs from old casinos, and riverboat cruises along the Mississippi.

Wrist Watches

If you’re willing to splurge a little, or a lot, a casino-themed wristwatch is a gift that will stand the test of time and keep on impressing. These special watches can cost anything from $45 to $620,000.

Match the Gift To theOccasion

While the above is a pretty comprehensive list of gift ideas for the casino lover in your life, it’s always a good idea to try and match the type of gift you give with the occasion that warrants it.

Have a look at some of the best gaming gifts for Valentine’s Day if you’re after something a little more romantic for a loved one, or choose from some of the excellent casino gifts that celebrate the holiday season.

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