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Meditation provides so many benefits for our overall health. In these stressful times and the fast pace that life can sometimes reach, it is always good to take time out to mindfully relax and reflect on where you are. You can incorporate meditation into your travels by visiting some of the ultimate meditation destinations. 

Whether you want to travel far or find something closer to home, you are bound to find a great meditation retreat that will provide you with the space and time for ultimate relaxation and mental rejuvenation. Of course, taking the time to meditate can also help your online casino games skill and mentally prepare you for online poker tournaments and blackjack strategies. Let’s take a look at the benefits of meditation and the destinations to visit for the ultimate meditation retreats.

The benefits of meditation

Creating time to meditate will help relieve you from daily stress. It has been practiced for thousands of years. In fact, meditation was used to help deepen the understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. In today’s bustle, meditation is most commonly used for stress reduction and relaxation. When you meditate, it can provide a sense of calm, peace and balance. This can be felt in your overall health and your emotional well-being. Here are some ways that you can feel the impact of meditation:

  •     Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  •     Building healthy skills to manage your stress
  •     Focusing on the present
  •     Increasing imagination and creativity
  •     Increasing patience and tolerance
  •     Lowering resting heart rate
  •     Lowering resting blood pressure
  •     Improving sleep patterns.

Let’s look at the ideal places to visit for your wellness.


In addition to the best online casinos in Canada, you will also find some sensational meditation retreats. Take advantage of the stunning scenery and views, from the shores of the ocean to the beautiful mountains. Here are some meditation retreats that you should visit.

Sparkling Hill Resort – Vernon, BC

At Sparkling Hill Resort, you’ll get to escape to luxury and disconnect from the world. Reconnect with yourself as you watch the sun peek over the Monashee Mountains from the Mountain View Room. Sparkling Hill Resort is the best place for pure relaxation. There are complimentary amenities and treatment rooms for the spa and wellness services. Have a wonderful swim at the KurSpa’s outdoor infinity pool and take in the incredible views. 

For an ultimate British Columbia getaway, Sparkling Hill Resort offers a variety of wellness packages such as the 5-Night Whole-body Wellness Retreat, 7-Night Stay Young & Healthy and 2-Night Introductory Wellness Retreat. 

Grail Springs – Ontario

Nestled in Bancroft, Grail Springs is a private holistic and wellness sanctuary that is surrounded by the therapeutic spring-fed Chalice Lake. You’ll find an abundance of wildlife, hundreds of acres of lush emerald forest, exciting hiking trails and meditation gardens. 

Grail Springs provides the ultimate nature-based sanctuary for you to cleanse, rest, restore and heal your mind, body and spirit. It is a multi-award-winning retreat dedicated to personal growth and transformation for people. You can enjoy healthy plant-based meals, an outdoor thermal meditation circuit, sound meditation, yoga and equine therapy. 

Costa Rica

If you’re looking to incorporate wellness into your travel, Costa Rica is a great place to visit. It is a great destination for rejuvenation and recharging your body and mind. If you want to play casino table games online, you’ll need focus and a clear mind. That’s why meditation destinations are great for ensuring that you get that special time in while travelling to new regions. Go ahead and escape the daily grind and reconnect with nature at these exquisite places.

Parador Resort and Spa – Manuel Antonio

You’ll find this hidden gem nestled around Manuel Antonio National Park. Parador Resort and Spa treats you to the pleasures of the national park, which include secluded beaches, a monkey-laden jungle and beautiful hiking trails. You won’t have to leave the resort to see tropical birds or monkeys. 

The extensive spa and fitness facilities set this place apart from other wellness resorts in Costa Rica. As you get your dose of fitness and run on the treadmill, you can look out the floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal the lush jungle beyond. 

Parador Resort and Spa boasts a herbal steam room, plunge pool, yoga space and wonderful massage therapists. With treatments such as cappuccino scrubs and volcanic mud wraps, you are sure to head home feeling renewed and ready to win at your favourite casino games.

Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat

Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat is an eco-friendly, ocean-front hotel nestled in Playa Santa Teresa. This is the ideal destination for travellers who love to surf as it is situated near prime surf spots. When you’re not hitting the waves, you can enjoy Pranamar’s signature yoga classes or retreats. 

This is the ideal destination to absorb nature and head on out to the white sand beaches where you can continue your meditation practice. The health-conscious restaurant also adds to your overall well-being during your stay.

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