What Exactly Does a Casino Pit Boss Do?

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Have you ever wondered what the term “pit boss” refers to? Perhaps you already understand the role but have questions about becoming one. 

How much does a pit boss earn? What skills are required to do the job? Does the pit boss casino management role exist at online casino sites? Whatever it is that’s piqued your interest, this article will answer your questions on the subject.

What Is a Pit Boss in a Casino?

First things first, a definition is required. A “pit” is the area inside a specific section of the gaming floor. 

Imagine two rows of table games, such as roulette or blackjack, in a brick-and-mortar casino. Players are free to walk around the outside and take a seat at a table. But they don’t have access to the area walled in behind those games — the pit — which is exclusively reserved for staff.

Role and Responsibilities of the Pit Boss

There are many different jobs in the casino, all of which fit into a neat hierarchy. Dealers are overseen by floor supervisors, who in turn are managed by the pit boss. However, that’s actually quite an old-fashioned term for this common casino career. These days, they tend to be referred to as pit supervisors, floor managers, or gaming supervisors.

The best way to understand the responsibilities involved with this role is to view a real-life pit boss job description. Although every individual casino is slightly different, a glance through the many employment and recruitment websites reveals some common themes.

Staff Management

Perhaps the most important element of the job is to manage the rest of the gaming floor staff. Not only does that entail supervising them as they go about their daily tasks to ensure errors aren’t being made, but it also means handling the roster and positioning the right people at the right tables.

More than likely, being a pit supervisor will also involve some elements of hiring and firing, performance reviews, disciplinary measures, and professional development of the team.

Compliance and Admin

There’s an awful lot of paperwork involved in running a casino, and the pit boss will handle much of it. They will complete various legal and financial documents that are required to ensure the casino is compliant with the terms of its license. This covers everything from reporting the handle (the amount wagered during a given time) to monitoring responsible gambling incidents like self-exclusions.

Customer Service

Pit bosses will be called upon to resolve conflicts and disputes. They have the final say on the enforcement of the casino’s rules, for instance. What’s more, they may have to deal with any tricky questions from customers that dealers or other members of staff cannot answer. Although that’s by no means the main aspect of the role, it’s a necessary and vital one.

What About Online Casinos? 

Since the pit is a physical area within a land-based casino, does the role exist at an online casino, too? In short, the answer is yes. Casinos have changed a lot since the birth of the internet, but the various jobs within them have also evolved. 

Online casino table games may use random number generators and animations these days, but the administrative aspect still exists. Who handles rule disputes and complaints from customers? What about self-exclusions and compliance issues? Someone still needs to check that the financial transactions tally and that fraud isn’t taking place.

These tasks are often handled by specialist teams at an online gambling site nowadays. But they still need to report to a casino gaming manager, which is essentially an online pit boss. Think of them as the captain of the online casino ship, steering a course through any unforeseen issues toward an efficiently run business.

Live Dealer

Traditional pit boss careers still exist within the online world, too, thanks to the emergence of live dealer casinos. These games are often streamed from one single studio, which is basically a mini-casino. There will be craps, roulette wheels, and many other table games, including baccarat, blackjack, and casino poker. There are even games based on online slots, lotteries, and television shows.

Not only does the studio need a complete team of croupiers and presenters to handle these games, but someone has to manage them. Similar security risks exist, and some of the same problems can arise. A day in the life of a casino dealer, floor manager, or pit supervisor is exactly like that of their counterparts in a brick-and-mortar casino.

How To Become a Pit Boss

Aside from contacting your local casinos and scouring online job postings, you can always work with a specialist gambling industry recruitment agency if you wish to become a pit boss. Make sure your resume is up to date and that you have at least a high school diploma. Alternatively, plenty of previous experience working in a casino environment will serve you well.

Some of the skills required to make a good pit supervisor include:

  • Eye for detail: Casinos can be large, loud, and hectic. You’ll need to watch over a wide area to ensure there’s no cheating and that proper protocols are being followed.
  • People skills: Since a large part of the job is about building and managing a team, people skills are vital. You’ll also have to deal with the public fairly often.
  • Problem-solving abilities: The responsibilities of a pit boss are diverse, so you’ll be kept on your toes. Conflict resolution, critical thinking, and grace under pressure are essential.

Salary and Hours

Working in a casino isn’t the easiest of jobs due to the unsociable hours. Many casinos are open around the clock and, therefore, need staff at the weekends and late at night. However, since the pit boss is quite a senior role, the compensation can be pretty good. 

Depending on the casino, it’s possible to earn between $45,000 and $75,000 per year as a pit supervisor. Naturally, the exact salary would depend upon several factors, including experience and where you are located within the country.

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