What Type of Casino Gamer Are You?

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BetMGM Sep 16, 2021, 7:51 AM

When you walk into a traditional casino or join the chat rooms at an online casino, you’ll soon realize that you are surrounded by all different types of gamblers. But while everyone might seem to be quite different at first, their game tactics and betting strategies will soon reveal what type of player they are.

Once you know more about the different types of gambler, whether you’re at a brick and mortar casino or in the chat at an online casino, you’ll be able to spot each one much faster – you might even be able to improve your own game. Read on below to find out about the different types of gambler and take our test to see which category you fall into.

Take the test

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Read over the seven points below and choose the option that most closely resembles your gambling habits. Treat them as quick-fire questions rather than mulling over each one. Going with your gut – as you do when you’re considering the casino odds in real life – will give you the most accurate outcome at the end. Whether you’re the quiet type who never moves from their seat at the slots or the boisterous better who or chats with everyone at the table, finding out what kind of gambler you are could help you to improve your game at traditional casinos and when you play online casino games, too. 

Why do you go to casinos?

1.   This is what I do, I play to make money.

2.   I go when I feel my luck coming on, or if I get a sign.

3.   I am just excited to be here and to try out some new casino games.

4.   The casino is classy, sophisticated, and glamorous.

5.   Gambling is a regular activity for me, I just want to play.

How do you manage your bankroll?

1.   My bankroll is clearly defined and I have a strict betting strategy based on the casino odds.

2.   If I get a good feeling from a bet, or I like the numbers, I’m in.

3.   I’m not too sure of how much I spend, I just kind of wing it.

4.   There’s no point in making small bets if you want to win big.

5.   I often spend more than I’d planned to, just in case I hit my streak.

What do you do first when you arrive?

1.   Scope out the competition and the tables to spot opportunities for profit.

2.   Make sure I get my lucky seat and that I have my lucky numbers with me.

3.   I take a walk around and try to find something that looks fun to play.

4.   First thing I do is grab a drink, say hi to the floor staff, and get a big bet in.

5.   I make sure nobody is sitting at my machine.

Do you have strategies for the games you play?

1.   My strategies can’t be explained easily or in one sentence.

2.   I’m guided by my luck and my instinct.

3.   I’ve heard doubling up is good, but I don’t really have a plan.

4.   If big bets aren’t working, I’ll try another table.

5.   I’ve tried everything, but nothing really works for me.

How do you feel when you win?

1.   Emotion doesn’t factor into it, winning is what I do.

2.   I knew my luck would pay off; it always does.

3.   I’m sure everyone around is happy for me, I still can’t believe I won!

4.   Big wins are why you bet big! This round is on me.

5.   I’m not too bothered, just going through the motions.

How do you react to a loss?

1.   Indifferent, as long as my decision was calculated and I can learn from it.

2.   I guess my luck just ran out, better find a new lucky seat.

3.   Losing isn’t great, but this is all so exciting!

4.   I lost? Who cares, I’ll just have to bet bigger to win it back.

5.   I don’t really think about it anymore.

When you leave the casino you feel...

1.   Satisfied that I played to my strategies and made wise bets.

2.   I’ll be even luckier next time, I hope.

3.   This has been an exciting experience.

4.   I was the best at the tables, nobody bet as much as me tonight.

5.   I’ll be back tomorrow, in the same seat at the same time.

Get your results

Closeup of a vintage slot machine reels showing a winning combination

Now that you’ve answered all the questions, it’s time to find out which of the five gambling personalities is most like your own. Check all your answers again, and whichever number you choose most often will determine the type of gambler you are most similar to.

Ready to find out who you are when you walk out onto the floor?

1. The professional

If you aren’t one already, you probably aspire to be a professional gambler. You know your stuff when it comes to betting smart and managing your bankroll, which puts you in a good position to capitalize on everything you’ve learned about the games you play.

Your decisions in games are calculated and made with accuracy. Rather than jackpot slots in the casino, skilled games like poker and blackjack are more your style. There’s no room for carelessness in your betting, and emotion very rarely sways your hand.

2. The chosen one

You probably have a lucky set of numbers, a lucky seat at the table, or even a lucky pair of pants that guide your decision-making when you place a bet. Your numbers are simply destined to win if your luck and the planets are aligned.

You couldn’t care less about learning the game and winning strategies, but you aren’t oblivious either – you’re simply taking a shot at some lucky bets and hoping they pay off. The benefit here is that if you do win it’s incredible and exciting, but if you lose you aren’t devastated by it and can carry on trying to be lucky.

3. The new guy

Being new to casino games doesn’t mean that it’s your first time on the floor, just that the casino is still a novel experience for you. Unlike the professional, who is drawn to games with complex odds, you’re likely lured by the excitement of the jackpot slots in the casino.

As you’re just starting out, you probably enjoy trying a little bit of everything – whether that’s at a live casino, online casino or in a casino games app. Table games probably seem intimidating, but you might stick around and watch a few hands to see how it works. Your bets are likely conservative, and a win will get your heart racing. But will it be enough to keep you coming back for more?

4. The big show

Where the pros have their strategies and the newbies are just excited to be here, you’re far more relaxed about your gambling than anyone else in the room. It doesn’t matter whether you’re winning or losing, you’re likely having a great time. No bet is too big, and you certainly wouldn’t be caught dead making taking some small shots at the tables.

Online gambling doesn’t quite do it for you either. Your games are ideally fast, loud and very much in view of the rest of the punters. Your favorite casinos are the ones with a little extra class, and you make sure to greet everyone who looks like they have it too. If the game is getting a bit boring, you’ll likely go all in on a crazy bet just to spice things up.

5. The problem

If you answered most of the questions in the quiz with a ‘5’, you may be a problem gambler. You likely spend too much time in the casino, regardless of whether you’re chasing the highs of a winning streak or trying to come back from your losses.

While gambling addictions are quite serious, there are fortunately plenty of resources available to help you change your habits and get back onto the right path. If you are a problem gambler, or you feel that you might be becoming one, you’ve already taken the most difficult step: recognising your problem. Next is seeking professional help.

At BetMGM, the safety and security of our customers, both online and in our land-based casinos, is our top priority. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMER immediately.

Discover your true gambler identity at BetMGM

There are many different gamblers and gambling personalities out there. From the professional to the newbie and the big show, there’s an online casino game to suit everybody’s unique style. Whether it’s online slots, poker, blackjack, or our live dealer games and casino games app, you’ll find a bet to get excited about at BetMGM.

Register with us today to start your journey to discover what type of gambler you really are.  

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.