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If you have a friend or loved one who enjoys gambling, whether it’s offline or online casino games, they are very likely to appreciate a gambling-themed gift for their birthday, holiday event or any other gift-giving occasion. But what should you get them? Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for gamblers to make your gift shopping a little bit easier.

A Casino Games Table

Starting price: $200

If the person you’re buying a gift for has a games room, you may want to consider getting them a portable or fixed casino games table, such as a blackjack, poker or roulette gaming table (depending, of course, on what they like to play). This will undoubtedly be a great gift for someone who likes to host game nights and recreate the atmosphere of a casino without having to leave the house. If you’re looking for an entry-level table, you may find something on Amazon, but if you’re interested in professional, casino-quality tables, you’ll need to reach out to a casino games manufacturer. 

A High-End Poker Set

Starting price: $100

Yes, while it’s entirely possible to get a set of poker chips for between $10 and $20 and a set of playing cards for $5, there are few things a serious poker player will love more than a luxury poker set. A high-quality set will often come with two decks of cards, 200 or more poker chips, buttons for the dealer, small and big blind, and other accessories you need to enjoy a great game of poker (including a nice carry case that will make the owner appear like a poker pro) and possibly even other card games. 

Automatic Card Shuffler

Starting price: $15

Do you need to buy a gift for someone who loves playing card games such as poker and blackjack? An automatic card shuffler is an ideal present that takes some of the work out of playing these and other card games by automatically shuffling your cards between rounds. Also, if the gift is needed for someone who plays with a competitive group, it will ensure that no arguments occur about people potentially cheating since automatic card shufflers always randomize the order of the cards. When you look for one of these, make sure to pick one that matches the number of decks you use when you play and that it has a good reputation for not jamming when shuffling.

Bringing Down the House

Starting price: $13 (paperback) or $17 (hardcover)

“Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich is based on the true story of a group of ridiculously smart MIT students and their former professor who took blackjack to a whole other level. They perfected the art of card counting and developed a system to take casino blackjack tables for everything they could. Even though they weren’t cheating, the amounts they were winning meant it didn’t take long for this young crew to get noticed by all the wrong people and for their fairy tale to suddenly have very real consequences.

All blackjack fanatics, even those who just enjoy a good thriller, will love “Bringing Down the House.”

A custom Casino or Poker Chip

Starting price: $4 per chip

What says good luck better than a custom casino or poker chip that you’ve had specially made for someone? If your friend is an avid gambler and you want to get them a nice little memento or good luck charm to hold on to, you can get them a custom poker chip created with an image or phrase that’s important to them. Most companies produce these in bulk, but it is possible to find print stores and other casino goods shops that will create an individualized chip for you.

Gambling-Themed Art

Starting price: $8

A great piece of art can really liven up a room and be a great conversation starter, especially if it’s a piece of gambling-themed art in a games room. Here, you’re spoilt for choice, with prints of “A Friend in Need” (the classic painting of dogs playing poker) or photos of classic Vegas locations now available for a few dollars. If you have deeper pockets, you can even invest in a piece of custom-commissioned art that you can have specifically created as a gift. You can also frame any of these pieces to really add that final classy touch.  

Gambling-Themed Jewelry

Starting price: $5

Another great gift that can start small and go as large as your bank account will allow is gambling-themed jewelry. From simple playing card earrings to rings with playing card symbols on them and unique roulette wheel watches, there’s a vast range of choices out there (including some Valentine’s themed items that an online casino gamer will love) to suit all sorts of budgets. The sheer number of options means you’ll probably spend a while just looking through everything, so be sure to plan ahead if this gift idea sounds appealing.

Luxury Playing Cards

Starting price: $13

The last item on our list of casino lover gift ideas is a deck of luxury playing cards. Some stores offer everything from Avengers-themed playing cards to Harry Potter-themed cards to custom, limited edition cards that are incredible collectors items. This is another gift idea that offers an incredible amount of variety, so you’re bound to find the perfect present for your friend or loved one.

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