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BetMGM Sep 16, 2021, 9:50 AM
  The online gaming industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade. At the moment, this growth seems exponential thanks to the improvements in internet connectivity, gaming technology, and mobile connectivity. This has meant that the online gaming community has grown into a global force. Platforms like Twitch showcase millions of gamers who form communities around games and players. Games like Fortnite and Rocket League showed the size of the online gaming community. In much the same way, online poker is forming its own online gaming community. As the game grows in popularity and becomes increasingly legalized across the world, you can expect to find an international community of people who play poker online. As it happens, these communities are already thriving. These days you can share in the enjoyment and understanding of online poker through online clubs, communities, forums, and social media platforms. You can find answers to questions for beginners, tips to improve your strategy, new friends to play poker online with and different versions of the game that you might be unfamiliar with. Here is a list of the top online poker sites that you can join in with others.


Poker, like most games, is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. While it’s not for everyone, those who enjoy it will often play regularly. This is similar to how a football fan will support a team, or join a local side to play regularly. If you go to your local casino over the course of a few weeks, you might see familiar faces. As a result, societies or clubs form in areas so that like-minded players who enjoy poker tournaments or poker games online can meet together. These societies are often based on location. Most universities have their own society that organizes poker tournaments. The best thing to do is to search for a society in your area. Almost all have an online presence and will direct you to some like-minded individuals. Some examples are: Bluff Bath Poker Society, Woman’s Poker Association and the American Gaming Association. While societies and clubs are often for in-person poker, the rise of live poker online and the platform improvements means that many are starting to branch out to schedule online poker tournaments.

Online communities

Betting services on Internet While societies are often based on location, online communities are based on culture or personal approaches to online poker. Societies will have a website predominantly as a space to send out meeting information; online communities have their engagement and interactions on the website itself. While communities for online poker players have existed since the late 90s, they drastically grew in popularity after 2003. The main contributing factor was Chris Moneymaker, who won the WSOP main event. What made this special was that he qualified for the event through playing online poker tournaments. People realized that being the best online poker player could lead you to become world champion. It immediately gave credibility to online poker and the top online poker sites. Chris Moneymaker also drew more attention to the game, and many more people tried out poker games online. For many players, this was their first experience of poker and others simply wanted to emulate Chris Moneymaker. A need was born for online poker communities to help players learn how to improve their game and develop their strategy. Here are some of the best communities online.


colored gambling chips and news sign on green table. PokerNews releases updates of the latest news, live reporting from poker tournaments and multimedia content like videos and podcasts about poker and the industry. It’s a great place to dive into the game and discover what the latest developments internationally are.


ReplayPoker is an internationally focussed community site where players can enjoy playing online for free. One of the interesting offerings from ReplayPoker is that you can play in a choice of eight different languages, whereas most online communities default to English. There are also Player Reps who will offer guidance on strategy when requested.


YourPokerDream is an online community that focuses on sending members information about the best tournaments, deals, and promotions. They also offer support members who have questions or problems. They have been running for over a decade.


Forums are a great way to learn from other players from across the world. With the developments to Google’s search algorithms, any player can ask questions when they are stuck and be redirected to an active online poker forum that has answered the same question. In this way, many players have helped teach thousands of others about various rules and strategies. Forums are also a great way to interact with people on a regular basis who share an interest with you. Many forums organize meetups or have facilitated new friendships between people who would otherwise not have met. Here are some of the best forums online.


TwoPlusTwo has facilitated conversations that have helped countless players understand the game in finer detail. It is perhaps the biggest poker forum in the world. There are easy ways to find the types of discussions that you’re looking for and the layout is intuitive. Chances are, if you’ve ever Googled a question about poker, you would have been taken to this site.


PokerStrategy also draws on years of discussions to help players improve their game. There are thousands of threads to explore that cover every nuance of poker. They also house discussions outside of poker, giving the community an opportunity to express themselves more and get to know each other.


Beasts of Poker has an in depth forum page that houses discussions based on various categories. These include categories with discussions on learning about poker, hand histories, general discussions, gambler’s diary and lifestyle. There are also discussions on recent online poker tournaments and the best online poker moments.

Social media

Set of blue gradient web icons or signs Social media is centered around communication between remote-based individuals. It’s no surprise that many of the most active online communities are on social media. Here are some of the best places to find communities and forums for those who play poker online.


Facebook is perhaps obvious, but not all people know how much you can find there. There are countless international Pages and Groups that are either region specific or internationally focused. Not only that, but there are many apps where you can play poker for free through Facebook. With the social nature of the platform, it’s a great way to make friends with other players.


Reddit is another excellent way to discuss all things poker. You can do so semi-anonymously which helps to encourage asking questions without feeling stupid. There are subreddits for almost any aspect of Poker, especially current events. It’s a great place to learn from others and contribute.


YouTube logotype YouTube first started out as a video hosting platform but now is a legitimate career path for people. Part of the reason for this is the ability to subscribe to channels. Many people enjoy watching the best online poker players explaining concepts and strategy tips for poker, or even just playing live poker online. It’s also a great way to answer questions by watching a tutorial on how to play or what to do in certain scenarios.

Building your community

Traditionally, poker is not a single player game. It is best enjoyed with others. It makes sense to enjoy who you play with. Finding the best communities and forums is one thing, but always make sure to play on the top online poker sites. Register with BetMGM for an excellent online poker experience with great opponents.
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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.