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How Smartphones Changed the Online Gambling Industry

Smartphones help us plan our lives, get to where we need to be, keep us entertained, connect us with the people we love, allow us to work, and do pretty much everything in between! But how have they influenced the way we gamble at online casinos? Find out here.

three coins representing cryptocurrency sit on a keyboard next to a pair of dice and some playing cards.

Crypto Gambling: Bursting Bubble or Bright Future?

It’s been many years since blockchain technology and cryptocurrency was introduced to the world, with some online casinos adopting the new technology. However, we’re still no closer to knowing whether this technology will boom or bust. Find out here.

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New Online Casino Games

Discover the latest releases in online casino games and slots available to play at BetMGM and Borgata Online.

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The Evolution of Playing Cards

Certainly, everyone has encountered playing cards at some time in their lives. There’s so much that you can do with a pack of cards, from magic tricks to poker and bridge. Let’s take a look at the evolution of playing cards.

Professional croupier shuffling cards on a green felt casino table.

Live Dealer Blackjack or Live Dealer Poker – Which Should You Play?

With so many choices for live dealer games at online casinos these days, it can be hard to pick a favorite or even one to try for your first live dealer game. Here we’ll focus on the differences between live blackjack and live poker games to help you decide which would be best for you.

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What Type of Casino Gamer Are You?

When you walk onto the casino floor, you probably notice the diverse mix of players; each one playing for their own reasons and with their own strategy. From regulars to professionals, and even a few newbies, it takes all kinds to fill a casino. But what type of gambler are you? Let’s find out.

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Win 100 Free Spins Every Week in Our Twitter Giveaway

If you’re interested in standing a chance to win 100 Free Spins, BetMGM is running a promotion between November 23 and December 27 2020 where you can do just that! Find out more about the competition and how you can enter here.

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Casino Game Review: Book of Myth

Keen on taking a trip to ancient Egypt in search of hidden treasure? Book of Myth is a slot from Spadegaming that has kept up the high standards that we’ve come accustomed to them producing. In this article, we’re going to look at the Book of Myth slot game and what makes it such a joy to play.

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Guide to Online Casino Deposits and Withdrawals – BetMGM

Online casinos are great, you can play anytime you want, on any device that suits you, from your desktop computer to your tablet, to your smartphone. You also get more chances to win real money and it’s easy to play. Here’s a guide to getting started with a deposit and how to withdraw when the winnings come in.

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Understanding Random Number Generators at Casinos

Random number generators are there to ensure that the outcome in online gambling games is completely random. This only applies if you are playing at trustworthy sites. Also known as RNGs, this is great software to learn about if you were asking the question, “are online casinos rigged?”

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The Technologies Online Casinos are Using to Protect You

It’s safer than ever to enjoy online sports betting and casino games. Legitimate online casinos are using advanced encryption technology to keep their customers’ information safe from data thieves, as well as software and processes that help them promote fair and responsible gambling.

A couple play Nintendo Switch games together on the couch.

Top 6 Casino Games for Nintendo Fans

If you love to play games on Nintendo consoles, you may be wondering what casino games you’re able to play on different devices. We take a look at our top six gambling games that you can play on a few of Nintendo’s machines.

A 3D render of a black and gold slot reel, with a golden die next to it.

Moon Dancer Slot Review

There are many different genres of online slots, including games with an Asian or Chinese influence. If you enjoy these slots with a Far Eastern theme, you’ll be pleased to know that Moon Dancer is another great title for you to enjoy. Find out why in our review.

Woman wears virtual reality glasses.

Technologies That Have Influenced Online Casino Games

Technology has always driven the casino industry to improve the customer experience by making online casino games that are more fun, safe, and convenient to play. Advances in software, hardware, graphics, audio, payment mechanisms, and security all combine to make things better.

Online casino games illustration showing slot machines, casino chips and dice.

Six Casino Games you Should Try at Least Once

We describe 6 of the best online casino games at BetMGM that are easy for beginners to learn but will also appeal to experienced players. Discover games that are fun to play, including online slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Dream Catcher.

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Easy Tips to Improve Your Laptop’s Performance

As computer software becomes more advanced and makes more demands on your laptop, it can affect its performance. With a few minor and cost-effective tweaks, you can improve the general performance of your PC, and get the most out of work and playing your favorite online casino games.