After Burner Online Slot

After Burner


Soar as high as you dare with Afterburner. Will you parachute to safety before you hit the danger zone?

  • 97.30RTP

After Burner – Casino Game Overview

The objective of After Burner game is to cash out before the JETcrashes or reaches a maximum of 10,000x the amount staked. Players can place a bet before the JET takes off. Once airborne the Jet will continue to fly higher and the multiplier in middle of the screen continues to grow. At each increment, there is a probability that the JET will crash. If the player fails to collect before the JET crashes, the bet is lost, and the game round is over.

How To Play After Burner

  • Setting ‘BET’: When player enters the game, a default bet is set. Player can change the bet value by clicking the increasing or decreasing buttons in bet panel.
  • Players can place two simultaneous bets by clicking ‘PLACE YOUR BET’. For UK players, single bet option would be available.
  • Player can type BET amounts manually in both BET areas. BET amounts entered manually will be adjusted according to max bet amount allowed including both BET1 and BET2.
  • Once airborne, clicking on the ‘Collect’ button wins the amount staked (bet) times by the amount shown by the multiplier.
  • Winnings will be added to the balance if the Collect button is pressed before the JET crashes or reaches the maximum of 10,000x.
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