Cannon Cove Casino Game Review

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Cannon Cove online slot game logo in turquoise and white. The background shows a silhouette of a ship under the sea. There is a large octopus with piercing eyes above the logo.
BetMGM Jun 27, 2024, 4:28 PM
  • Thrilling base-defense video gaming experience
  • Shoot pirate ships to win up to 250x the bet
  • Free spins slot bonus that award up to 25,000x

Defend your base against marauding pirates in Cannon Cove, a ground-breaking online slot from High 5 Games. Power your cannons up by firing them at the enemy fleet to win prizes, and scan the horizon for the giant tentacle, which can award a bonus booty worth up to 25,000x the bet. Get all the details in this comprehensive online slot game review.

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Cannon Cove Game Highlights

Cannon Cove stands out from other treasure-themed online slots because:

  • It offers a totally unique video game-style experience.
  • High-value pirate ships offer booty up to 250x the bet.
  • The multi-level slot bonus carries prizes up to 25,000x the bet.

Cannon Cove Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider High 5 Games
RTP 96.2%
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Type Fixed
Reels 6
Max Wager $40
Max Win 25,000x

Does Cannon Cove Pay Real Money?

To play online slots for real money, you have to physically play from one of the states where BetMGM Casino is legally active, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or West Virginia.

How To Play Cannon Cove

Getting started with the Cannon Cove slot is easy. Simply set your stake by clicking the “Left” or “Right” buttons alongside the bet button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Before deciding on your stake, you may want to click the “+” button in the top right-hand corner, which provides access to the game rules. As you do this, always keep in mind the importance of bankroll management. Once you’re ready, click the big golden spin button on the far right, or cue up your preferred number of pre-selected spins using the autoplay button below it.

Cannon Cove Game Features

The Cannon Cove slot features an innovative set of rules that makes for a unique gaming experience similar to a video game. There are six reels in play, ordered vertically, from 1 at the bottom to 6 at the top. Appearing on reel 1 are your cannons — single, double, triple, quadruple, and mega — which you use to shoot at various targets appearing on the remaining reels.

Single, double, triple, and quadruple cannons fire one, two, three, or four shots, respectively, taking out one target per shot. A shot from a mega cannon will destroy all targets in front of it.

Targets include barrels, clusters of barrels, as well as red, purple, blue, and green pirate ships, horizontal mines, and 3×3 mines.

When hit, targets do the following: 

  • Barrels are destroyed and award either red TNT or blue power bars.
  • Clusters of barrels are transformed into barrels and award either red TNT or blue power bars.
  • Red, purple, blue, or green pirate ships are destroyed and award their paytable values.

Collecting blue power bars fills the spin-crease meter, which upgrades cannons when it’s full.

If you collect 10 red TNTs, two random power up symbols are placed on the reels. These can include triple shot power up, multiplier power up with values between 2x and 10x, horizontal mines, and 3×3 mines.

Triple shot power up and multiplier power up symbols are randomly placed on reel 1, while horizontal mines appear randomly on the middle three columns of reels 3, 4, or 5, and 3×3 mines can appear anywhere on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Power up symbols stay in place until a cannon lands on them, while mines stay fixed until destroyed.

A triple power up enables a single, double, or quadruple cannon to fire shots in adjacent columns, while a mega cannon on a triple power up will destroy all targets in adjacent columns.

A multiplier power up will boost all wins made by the cannon that it powers up.

Horizontal mines destroy all horizontally adjacent targets, awarding their respective values, while 3×3 mines destroy all targets on the same reel.

Cannon Cove Bonuses and Jackpots

The Cannon Cove slot features an innovative multi-level slot bonus with a progressive multiplier. Look out for a giant tentacle appearing in the sea above reel 6, either above the leftmost or the rightmost column. When you hit this target, you’re awarded a round of 10 free spins. One random power up symbol is placed on the reels at the start of every odd-numbered spin. If a single, double, triple, or quadruple cannon fires a shot that passes reel 6, you can get an extra free spin (up to a maximum of 10.) If a mega cannon appears on reel 1, you automatically get an extra free spin.

In addition to free spins, the Cannon Cove bonus gives you a chance to rise through six different bonus levels. Level 1 starts with a tentacle above column 3. Destroy that tentacle to advance to level 2, which has tentacles above columns 2 and 4. Levels 3, 4, and 5 add tentacles on columns 3, 4, and 5, respectively, while level 6 has tentacles on all columns, same as level 5.

The bonus levels award the following prizes when completed:

  • Level 1: 10x total bet
  • Level 2: 20x total bet
  • Level 3: 50x total bet
  • Level 4: 250x total bet
  • Level 5: 2,500x total bet
  • Level 6: 25,000x total bet

The feature ends when you run out of free spins or complete level 6.

How To Win Cannon Cove

The Cannon Cove slot is totally different from any other slot. Instead of matching symbols, you have to destroy targets. The most powerful weapon at your disposal is the mega cannon because it blasts everything in front of it. Single, double, triple, and quadruple cannons will take out one, two, three, and four targets, respectively. To get the bonus, you have to hit the tentacle that appears beyond reel 6. This means the mega cannon is your best shot because the other cannons can be blocked by intervening targets. If your artillery crew performs well, you can blast your way to level 6 of the bonus round and win 25,000x your bet.

Cannon Cove Graphics and Design

A classic base-defense video game experience is what you get when you play this slot online. The action plays out on six horizontal reels. Reel 1 is a rail track along which various cannons appear to fire at the remaining reels, which are transparent and located on the blue waters of Cannon Cove itself. Two tropical islands bracket off the target area. Animations are lively and satisfying, with plenty of explosions to enjoy. Sea-shanty-type music provides a fitting soundtrack.

Cannon Cove Symbols

When it comes to payouts, it’s the pirate ships you want to look out for.

Red and purple pirate ships appear on reels 2–6 and pay 0.5x–1x and 2.5x–5x, respectively.

Blue and green pirate ships appear on reels 3–6. The blue ship awards 10x the bet anywhere it appears, while the green pirate ship pays 25x on reel 3, 25x–50x on reel 4, and 25x–250x on reels 4 and 5.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.