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The growing popularity of online casino games may create the impression that gambling enthusiasts are reclusive, lonely and anti-social. However, that isn’t entirely true. In fact, many gamblers play casino games online because they seek community and a platform to interact with people who share their interests. While there are several social media and online platforms that you can turn to if you’re looking to connect with people like you, very few compare to Reddit.

Reddit gained prominence as a platform that encourages discourse, allows people to share their opinions on topics of interest and is the perfect platform to filter out the noise and only engage with topics you care about. Here’s a curated list of the best Reddit gambling communities (subreddits) that you can turn to for strategy discussions, sharing of personal experiences, as well as the latest or most relevant gambling news.

Redding Gambling Communities

There are many gambling-related communities that you can follow, but not all of them will be of value to you. Depending on the games you frequently play and your experience level, you’ll be able to pick the best online gambling Reddit communities for you.

1. Reddit Gambling (r/gambling)

Regardless of whether you love to play casino games online or in person, this is a great community to join as a source of information. This subreddit is suitable for gamblers at any level as it allows for the exchange of knowledge and expertise among novice and experienced gamblers. If you’re someone who dabbles in a wide range of games, then this is the ideal subreddit for you. Whether you’re looking to connect with the best poker influencers or blackjack greats, this subreddit offers a bit of everything.

2. Reddit Poker (r/poker)

With poker being one of the most-loved casino games around, something which has remained true for generations, the creation of this subreddit comes as no surprise. This is one of the busiest and most active subreddits on the platform — understandably so. While there’s no better place to discover poker players who are worth their salt, it’s also important to be cautious of listening to players who are chancers. This subreddit is a mix of experienced and novice players, knowledgeable and speculative players (as well as spectators who are solely there for recreation and leisure purposes.)

3. Reddit Blackjack (r/blackjack)

Also considered one of the most-loved games in casino history, blackjack is worthy of having its own subreddit. Here, lovers of this classic game share strategy tips and personal experiences. Although there’s no guarantee in gambling, paying attention to what others have experienced could prove to be to your advantage.

4. Reddit Roulette (r/roulette)

The roulette wheel is one of the most easily recognized casino elements, making roulette a prominent casino game. This subreddit may not be as popular as some of its other counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t derive any value from it. People typically share their stories and experiences wagering on the roulette wheel, which you can keep at the back of your mind next time you’re playing.

5. Reddit Video Poker (r/videopoker)

This subreddit is great for people with a keen interest in traditional or online slots. This is because video poker is a modern variation of classic slots, given that it’s played on slot-like machines. Many find it somewhat nostalgic and reminiscent of the earlier years of casinos. With video poker still on the rise, it’s understandable that this subreddit is relatively small. The nature of video poker and how it’s played also plays a role, as people mostly come here to share their stories, wins and losses, rather than any strategies that might improve your chances of winning.

6. Reddit Problem Gambling (r/problemgambling)

This is possibly one of the most important and life-changing live or online casino Reddit communities. Here, people assist each other with their gambling-related problems, especially because of how addictive gambling can be if you don’t practice it responsibly. It’s easy to get carried away and lost in the excitement of it all, but responsible gambling is what BetMGM champions. This community provides a platform for people to seek help and the necessary tools to guide them and put them back on the right path. Helpline numbers, professional help options, as well as some sort of support structure is what you can expect to find in this subreddit.

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Whether you prefer playing casino games at land-based or online casinos, one thing’s for sure, the thrill and excitement don’t change. Countless other people around the world share the same enjoyment, evidenced by the Reddit gambling communities that exist. If you’re looking to try your hand at some of the most popular casino games, register at BetMGM to discover what all the hype is about.

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