Play Infinite Blackjack at BetMGM

by Evolution

An online game that merges live dealer immersion with digital cards, accommodating an unlimited number of players

  • 99.51RTP

Play Infinite Blackjack at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

Infinite Blackjack is an innovative online blackjack game by Evolution, combining live dealer engagement with digital cards, accommodating an unlimited number of players. With immersive gameplay and exciting side bet features, it offers an authentic blackjack experience from the comfort of your device

How To Play Infinite Blackjack at BetMGM

  • Joining the Game: Enter the table and take a seat. As the hand begins, the dealer prompts players to place their bets within a specific time frame.
  • Dealing the Cards: After bets are placed, the dealer deals two cards to each player and themselves, one card facing up and the other facing down.
  • Gameplay Options: Utilize on-screen buttons to make decisions like hitting, standing, or doubling down, aiming to achieve a hand closest to 21 without exceeding it.
  • Side Bet Features:

    • Any Pair Side Bet: Predicts the first two cards dealt to form a pair.
    • 21+3 Side Bet: Uses the first cards dealt to create various poker hands, offering different payouts based on the hand achieved.
    • Hot 3 Side Bet: Payouts for a specific card combination involving your cards and the dealer’s upcard.
    • Bust It Side Bet: Bets on the dealer going bust, with higher payouts for more cards in their hand.
    • Six Card Charlie: Rewards a 2:1 payout for a six-card hand under 21, automatically applied without an additional wager.
  • Additional Features: Access audio/video settings, game rules, and communicate with the dealer via a convenient on-screen menu.
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